Implementation Work Group

04 October 2001

Present: Ken Crilly, Rick Sarcia, Joan Swanekamp, Manon Theroux, Patricia Thurston (Chair). Absent: Marsha Garman.

  1. We discussed MARC Tag tables and viewed the validation function in theVoyager demo database. Question: Can we create a composite tag table for validation of records saved to the local database? A composite tag table would streamline the validation process for cataloging staff. Otherwise staff would have to be aware of three tables, one each for RLIN, OCLC, and MARC21. Rick Sarcia will look to see if a composite tag table might be possible.
  2. Authority OPAC display: We could possibly load the entire authority file at one time. The advantage to this load would be the instant availability of authority records as they were needed. The authority records would be "turned on" as we used them. We wondered if having so many authority records might confuse some staff. We have also read that suppressed bibliographic records display "half-blind references" to authority records. In other words, a person searching for a name in the database would find that name, but no bibliographic record would appear to be attached, as the suppressed record would be invisible. We agreed we needed to talk to another library that had imported the entire authority file. Patricia and Joan will investigate this as they have time.
  3. Manon presented a document of Authority Control issues and concerns. We began discussing the information in this document, but ran out of time. The group will read the rest of the document and continue the discussion at our next meeting.
  4. Patricia will add an additional security profile for MARC tag table updating to the Voyager database.