General Testing Instructions for Charge Load


Our main goal is to make sure that all items checked-out to our patrons in Orbis are still checked-out to them after the migration to Voyager.



How Charges are Migrated


All current charge transactions are extracted from Orbis and loaded to Voyager as active charge transactions, ready for all standard circulation activities: renewals, fines, bills, overdue reminders, etc.


Data migrated includes:


·        Charge date/time

·        Current due date/time

·        Renewal date/time, if any

·        Number of renewals, if any

·        Number of overdue notices sent, if any

·        Date last notice was sent



Data Review


In order to verify the quality of the Charges load, please compare current check-out/charge information in both item and patron records. 


Please finish your review of the Charges load by 12:30pm today.


  1. Pull up a sample patron with items checked-out in Orbis.


  1. Pull up the same patron in Voyager


  1. Compare the number of items checked-out in Orbis with the number of items checked-out in Voyager. 
    1. I recommend first looking at the ‘1’ Patron Inquiry screen in Orbis to see the total number of items checked out to all of the patron’s Charge Ids, then backing out and viewing ‘11’ Patron Has to see the specific items checked-out. 
    2. The catalog drawer icon in the Voyager Patron record contains a list of the current items checked-out to the patron.  (The total number of items checked-out is listed below the icon in the main Patron screen).
    3. If you click on the ‘Print’ button in the ‘Charged Items’ window, you’ll get a nice printed list of everything that was checked out to your patron as of Friday, July 19. 


  1. Pick a barcode from the list of items checked-out to the patron.  Copy the barcode and look up the item record in Orbis and in Voyager.
    1. Use LCRC Circ, ‘8’ Item Maintenance to look up the item in Orbis.
    2. Use the ‘Item’ icon in Voyager (looks like a pile of books) to pull up the item record in Voyager.  Verify that the ‘Charged to’ information is correct.  You can access the ‘Charged to’ information by clicking on the person icon.  The ‘Charged to’ window provides details about when an item was checked-out and when it will be due.


  1. Make sure that you check the following:


q       Date/Time Checked-out (Voyager Item record – ‘Charged to’ window)

q       Date/Time Due (Voyager Patron record – charged items list)

q       Date Renewed, if any (Voyager Item record – patron ‘charged to’ information)

q       Number of times renewed (Voyager Item record – patron ‘charged to’ information)



Problem Reports


Please send an email to with the Charge ID of the patron record, the barcode of the item record, and a detailed description of the problem.