Checklist of Yale Documentation for NELINET ORBIS2 Acquisitions Training


Provide policy for:

      Setting Session Defaults

      Setting Session Preferences -


Bibliographic Records:

      Provide searching instructions

      Provide documentation on searching priorities - LTLC, RLIN, OCLC

      Example of required Fixed and Variable Fields for a Provisional Record

      Suppression - situations when a record would be suppressed

      Overlaying a record - situations for overlay

      Comparison of deleting a location in NOTIS vs. Voyager


Purchase Orders - NOTIS vs. Voyager:

      Provide OPR for order types (firm, approval, gifts, standing orders)

      List of Order Units and Receiving Units (ORDUNIT/RECUNIT)

      Adding selector's initials and patron information

      Adding notes to vendors - list of vendor codes

      Fund Code list


Claiming / Returns:

      Examples of NOTIS vs. Voyager for processing claims and returns

      List of Vendor Codes

Invoices / Payments:

      NOTIS vs. Voyager - what's different

      Provide OPR showing commitment and currency fields


Item Record adding a barcode number:

      Provide barcode for status tracking to Review Plaza, Frontlog, and other locations

      Provide documentation on creating an item record

      Relinking an item

      Documentation on retrieving a line item by item number



Revised 02/20/02


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