Yale ~ Voyager

                                                       Circulation Training Agenda (Basic)

                                                              Draft revised: 5/08/02


I.            Introduction

        a.                  Voyager record structure vs. NOTIS

b.                                    MFHD record for monographs (MFHD records are new to all YUL staff)

c.                                     MFHD record for volumes (MFHD records are new to all YUL staff)


II.            Circulation Basics

        a.                  Circulation Login Window – how to login

        b.                  Select a circ desk location

        c.                  Short-cut keys and right mouse clicks for speed.

        d.                  Help

        e.                  Viewing login info

        f.                   Session preferences (make sure auto truncation is set, print options)

        g.                  Exiting circulation


III.            Charging Items ~ variations

        a.            Normal

1.      Charging and Renewing items already barcoded – w/ auto generated           duedate

                        2.      Charging to Proxy patrons


        b.           Variations:

1.      Charging when book not barcoded: Searching for items by headings or keywords – define search options.  Identify best

                         for circ.

2.      Charging when book not barcoded: Adding item to existing bibl record (matching bib found) and complete charge

3.      Charging when book not barcoded: Bib match not found – create new bib and item records, and complete charge

c             Block situations

1.         Charge-on-charge situation (charge item out that is already charged)

2.         Charging item from a different circ policy group

3.         Charging in-building and ILL items

4.         Non-circulating items

5.         Patron blocks


IV.            Discharging Items & Fines

        a.                  Discharging items belonging to this circ policy group

        b.                  Discharging items belonging to another circ policy group

        c.                  Discharging items wanted by another patron

        d.                  Printing discharge slips

        e.                  Collecting fines immediately after discharge


V.        Patron Records

        a.                 Searching for a patron record – All methods. Define what we have in each searchable field

        b.                Viewing a patron record

        c.                 Tabular data – what each tab in patron record shows

        d.                 Patron Charged items index:

        e                  Fines/Fees index : collecting fines/fees after the fact

f                   Recall/Holds/Call slips

g.                 Patron notes – note types

        h.                 Patron counters 

        i.                  Patron statistical info

        j.                  Proxy patrons


VI.       Item Records

        a.                  Searching for an item record

        b.                  Viewing the item record

        c.                  Tabular data – what each tab in item record includes

        d.                  Viewing an item's circulation history

        e.                  Multiple holdings display

        f.                   Multiple items display

        g.                  Viewing an item’s circulation history

        h.                  Viewing an item's outstanding fines

        i.                   Adding/editing an item record

        j.                   View MARC bib record

        k.                  View MARC holdings


VII.      Misc Item Record Topics

        a.                  Placing a request

        b.                  Request Blocks

        c.                  Maintaining item requests

        d.                  Maintaining holds and recalls

        e.                  Call Slip requests and fulfilling call slips

        f.                   Charged to info

        g.                  Item notes

        h.                  Item statuses

        i.                   Assigning a new barcode


VIII.  Using the Call Slip module

a.                                       Printing Call slips (Eli Express, paging, LSF retrievals)

b.                                      Filling Call slip requests

c.                                       Call slips that cannot be filled

d.                                      Special Handling


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