Circulation Implementation Workgroup

Minutes for November 13, 2001


Attending: Marybeth Bean, Susan Burdick, Judy Parker, Shawn Steidinger

1.  Names of testers for QA'ing NOTIS data extract (specifically, this group will look at item records)

Christopher Killheffer
Larry Martins
Jeanette Murdock

Bev Lett
Duane Mellor
Rick Bean
John Monahan

Expert users in their respective departments will be contacted in order to get Voyager clients loaded on appropriate machines. Kalee Sprague will conduct training on how to QA the data that Endeavor has extracted from NOTIS for loading into the Yale test database.  Members of the Circ Impl. team will be responsible for introducing testers to searching item records using the Circ client.

2. Names of possible candidates for Training sub-group with Circ expertise:

Jeanette Murdock
Rick Bean
Bev Lett

The MMG will be inviting staff to participate in the Voyager implementation and will consider our recommendations, along with other names of folks to join each implementation team. Once new members are chosen, we will need to get them up to speed with the clients, and inform them of the various decisions that have been made by us for setting up Voyager.  These trainers will then break off into their own subgroup and be charged with developing training for library staff.  The actual training will be outsourced.

3. Old issues:

-11/2  "UM=" notes and migration to Voyager -

        For bib recs, these will migrate to Public Note in MFHD record.  Patron record subfield notes are contract issue - Endeavor may re-create pseudo-patron functionality for this.

-10/19 Inbulding use and no circs (esp. getting a data prompt)

        No progress

-10/19 LSF-like request restrictions (e.g., MSS/A material can not be

requested for use anywhere else)

        Do NOT add any MSSA location codes under any Circ Pol Group except MSSA - this should prevent transactions elsewhere

 -10/16 Frequency of patron loads by other sites. Frequency w/ which Sue

wants them to happen, test no-overlay of patron records

        Susan B. and Marybeth are contacting Princeton and Cornell to get their experiences

-10/3 Call slips - call NLM, etc

        Judy will pursue more in-depth response from Laurie Duquette

-10/02 Hold vs. recall

        Will resume testing once loc codes have been entered by Cesar.  Looking into the use of Request Groups to prevent certain patron groups from using Holds. Must determine whether or not holds and call slips are the same function but with different names. If we disable HOLDS, does that mean we can't use call slips?

Meeting ended around 4:30PM.

-Minutes submitted by Shawn Steidinger 11/14/01

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