General observations:
Voyager makes available through drop down menus information needed to complete an order where Notis would require going to another file or screen.

Notis allows revisions as you work in the Acquisitions module, while Voyager only allows revisions to the bibliographic record in the Cataloging module.

Notis requires that a bibliographic record exists before an order is created. In Voyager, a purchase order is created first before the bibliographic record. Voyager uses labels for fields while NOTIS uses MARC tags. (i.e., LCCN  vs 010)

Notis requires that a purchase order has to be sent once created.

Purchase orders can be created, saved and then sent in batches in Voyager.
Create an Order    
Bibl. Rec. No. Systems generated, numeric i.e. 24630 Locate or create a Bibl. Record Systems generated, alphanumeric I.e. adk4521
Ord and Rec Unit

Choose and click from dropdown menu. These are referred to as "hppening locations" and consists of the function in small letters "acq" and the name of the unit in capital letters "SSL" i.e. acqSSL

SITE = order generating site
SHIP TO = receiving unit
BILL TO = order unit

Display the Copy Holdings Record
Password/systems generated

Purchase Order no.

Systems generated, independent of Bibl. Rec. no.

Systems generated, bibliographic record no. plus the prefix, i.e. 001adk4521

Vendor Code

Click choice from drop down menu

Search in Vendoweb; copy code to form
Currency Code

Click choice from drop down menu

Consult Orbis record FGP1278: Exchange Rates to University Library

Fund Code

Do an access search

Get from printed list

Fund Code Display

EACGEN Monographs

Physical Medium

Click on Leader; from drop down menu, choose Type of Record

MED = GMD/SMD codes found in MARC formats

Payment Method

TYPE - firm order, approval, contin., gifts, exchange...

XPM coded as a, g, e, etc.

Selectors Initials

Entered in REQUESTER


Pay an Invoice

"Create invoice" can only be done after finding PO and highlighting items to be paid.

System supplied invoice no. is changed to vendor supplied invoice no.

The system sends warnings before the "approve" command is accepted.

CINV can be done independent of the OPR.

System supplied invoice no. cannot be changed.

Vendor invoice no. is added.

Payment is posted on OPR.

"Approve" command is accepted without further warnings.

Memos to Vendors    

Free text allowing for more characters.

We have not recieved v.2: no.1 of this title.
Please send ASAP.

Expolding Codes

sumi=v2.: no.1

"Our records indicate we regularly receive the above title on our subscription. We have not yet received v.2: no.1"



"We are returning this book..."

"We are returning..."