Exploding Notes Used in Notis Holdings Records

Sorted Alphabetically by Code


BIB:CPR          Current issues in Periodical Room.

BIB:LVR          Latest volume in Reference.

BIB:LV2          Latest 2 volumes in Reference.

BIB:LV3          Latest 3 volumes in Reference.

BIB:PRM         Current issues in Periodicals until microform copy received.

BIB:RUM        Current issues in Reference until microform copy received.

BIB:SBC          Subscription cancelled.


CI:AD              For current issues ask at desk.

CI:ADS            Current issues on Anthropology Display Shelves.

CI:ARR            Current issues in Asia Reading Room.

CI:BDS            Current issues on Biology Display Shelves.

CI:BSS            Current issues on B-SS Shelves.

CI:CDS            Current issues on Chemistry Display Shelves.

CI:CL              Current issues in Chemistry Library.

CI:DS              Current issues on Display Shelves.

CI:ESU            Current issues in EGC Stacks Unbound Section.

CI:LA              Current issues in Lounge Area.

CI:NR              Current issues in SML Newspaper Room.

CI:PDS            Current issues on Physics Display Shelves.

CI:PR               Current issues in periodicals.

CI:PR;              Current issues in periodicals.

CI:REF            Current issues in reference.

CI:RES            Current issues on reserve.

CI:RIS1           Current issues in Ref Index Section #1.

CI:RIS2           Current issues in Ref Index Section #2.

CI:RO              Current issues in Rotunda

CI:RR              Current issues on Reading Room display shelves

CI:SEA            Current issues in Southeast Asia Reading Room.

CI:SPR            Current issues in SML Periodical Room.

CI:SPR;           Current issues in SML Periodical Room.

CI:TDS            Current issues on Tabloid Display Shelves.

CIR:AN           For circ info see individual titles in the series.


LE:REF            Latest edition in Reference.

LI:DS               Latest issue on Display Shelves.

LI4:JR              Latest four issues on Journals Reserve.

LV:BS              Latest volume on Bibliography Shelves.

LV:DS             Latest volume on Directory Shelves.

LV:REF           Latest volume in reference.

LV:RR             Latest volume in Reading Room.

LV2:REF         Two latest volumes in reference.

LV3:REF         Three latest volumes in reference.

LV5:REF         Five latest volumes in reference.


MSNG             Reported Missing.

MSNH             Reported Missing.

MSN17           Reported Missing.

MSN18           Reported Missing.


PRUM             Current issues in periodicals until microform copy returned.


RUM               Current issues in Reference until microform copy received.


SAST               Shelved alphabetically under series title.

SAT                 Shelved alphabetically by title.

SC                   Subscription cancelled.

SI                     Sample issue.


WKSTN1        Workstation 1

WKSTN2        Workstation 2

WKSTN3        Workstation 3

WKSTN4        Workstation 4

WKSTN5        Workstation 5

WKSTN6        Workstation 6



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