Fine/Fee General Testing Instructions


Our main goal in reviewing the migration of Fine/Fee information is to make sure that all fines associated with a patron have migrated correctly.


To review the Fine/Fee data, you will need the following:




How Fines/Fees are Migrated


1.  Only active Fines/Fees are migrated to Voyager (information about paid fines is not migrated).


2.  All Fines/Fees are associated with a Circulation Happening Location that corresponds to the copy holdings location of the item.  All items with ‘sml’ locations, for example, will be associated with the Circ Happening Location “circACCSML”.



Data Review


Compare the fine/fee information in 10-15 Orbis patron records with the fine/fee information in their corresponding Voyager patron records, making sure that all active fine information has migrated correctly. 


Please finish your review of the Fine/Fee load by 12:00 noon today.


1.  Display one of your Patron records in Orbis.


2.  Display the same Patron record in Voyager. 


3.  Compare the Fine / Fee information in the Orbis Patron record with the Fine/Fee information in a Voyager Patron record.   The Fine/Fee information in a Voyager Patron record is viewed by clicking on the $ button in the patron record.  Make sure that the following information has migrated correctly:


q       Individual Fine/Fee amounts

q       Individual Fine/Fee type (overdue, etc.)

q       Fine/Fee circulation happening location

q       Fine/Fee notes, if any

q       Fine/Fee Total amount


Problem Reports


Please send an e-mail to with the Charge ID of the patron record plus a detailed description of the fine/fee problem.