Fixed Field Displays: NOTIS and Voyager

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NOTIS fixed fields


NOTIS template for 008 always displays above the variable fields of the bibliographic record. To display template for 007 (Physical description control fields) and/or  006 (Additional material characteristics control fields). operator sends a command in the form 007<first letter of format>, e.g. 007h to display the microform template.


NOTIS  displays fixed fields with mnemonics.


NOTIS fixed field values are keyed in by the operator. Value definitions are not stored in NOTIS.


NOTIS displays “No attempt to code” as a question mark.


NOTIS format template is changed by entering the command “fmt - <template code>” , e.g. fmt - s to change a bibliographic record in book format to a bibliographic record in serials format.



LTYL MORE                                                     FPA6522

                                                ORBIS CATALOGING          SVA6

YL FMT B RT a BL m T/C   DT 08/21/01 R/DT 09/11/01 CC   STAT nn E/L


SRC d PLACE vau LANG eng MOD   T/AUD   REPRO s D/CODE s DT/1 2000 DT/2


006 TYP m T/AUD   DF/TYP m GOVT s

007 GMD c SMD o O/R ? COLOR c DIM g SOUND a IBD ??? FF ? QAT ? A/S ? LC ? RQ ?


040:  : |a VA@ |c VA@ |d CtY

050/1: 4: |a NA730.V82 |b A435 2000b

100:1 : |a Lay, K. Edward.

245:14: |a The architecture of Jefferson country |h [computer file]: |b

harlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia / |c K. Edward Lay.

260:  : |a Charlottesville : |b Albemarle County Historical Society ; |b

igital Media Lab at the University of Virginia, |c 2000.

300/1:  : |a 1 computer optical disc ; |c 4 3/4 in.

538/1:  : |a System requirements: PC compatibles: Windows 95/98, NT, 2000;

entium I 166Mhz; 8x CD-ROM drive; 32 Mb RAM; Acrobat reader 4.0; Quicktime 4.0.

538/2:  : |a System requirements: Apple Macintosh: System 8.1 or higher;

owerPc 132Mhz; 8x CD-ROM drive; 32 Mb RAM; Acrobat reader 4.0; Quicktime 4.0.

500/3:  : |a Title from disc label.




Voyager Fixed Fields


Voyager displays 008, 006 and 007 values as character strings above the variable fields display. Templates are opened by clicking on the appropriate TAB.


Voyager displays fixed fields in the templates as labels corresponding to their MARC 21 definitions.


Voyager fixed field values are generally selected from drop down menus. Value definitions are included in the menus..


Voyager menu displays “No attempt to code” as a line bar.


Voyager bibliographic record format is changed by clicking on the Leader Tab and selecting a different Type of Record




Voyager example 1. Fixed fields display as character strings above variable fields.





Voyager example 2.  Dialog box for 008 fixed fields:




Voyager example 3. Menu display for Place of Publication fixed field (008 character position 15-17.



Voyager example 4.  007 display of multiple Tabs for physical description fixed fields of specific formats; Computer File Tab has been selected; Computer File values have been selected. Note that some of the newer fixed fields did not have values entered in NOTIS and are translated as line bars in Voyager, e.g. Image Bit Depth.



Voyager example 5. Menu for Image Bit Depth fixed field displayed.



Voyager example 6. 006 display of multiple Tabs for Additional Material Characteristics  Computer File Tab has been selected; Computer File values have been selected.




Voyager example 7.  Leader Dialog box with Type of  Record menu displayed.



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