June 24 July 15


  1. NOTIS X range records are extracted. ALL new NOTIS records of any kind and ALL updates to any NOTIS record must be re-keyed into Voyager cataloging. Keep NOTIS record creation and modification to a minimum. Re-key records within 24 hours.  
  1. All re-keys into Voyager must be completed before the final NOTIS record extracts. (See Acq, Cat and Circ workflow documents).
  1. If a holdings record was added to a NOTIS A-V range record in order to create an OPR, key the holdings record into Voyager BEFORE the order extract. If a bibliographic, holdings, and/or item record was created in order to checkout material key the records into Voyager BEFORE the circulation record extracts. Plan your re-keying around Voyager cataloging down days.
  1. Voyager cataloging will be down:

-         On June 26th for the X-range and unlinked item record load.

-         On June 27-28th for the upgrade to release 2001.1.

-         On July 1st after 4pm for the temporary item type fix.

-         On July 2 for the load of Order records to Voyager.


  1. All Voyager clients will need to be upgraded after the installation of rel. 2001.1.  
  1. The Old Yale call number index will be functional after the installation of rel. 2001.1.  
  1. If you do not have a logon for cataloging see your manager.  
  1. Voyager acquisitions will go live on July 8th provided all data loads are error free. Pay close attention to end-of-year restrictions.  
  1. Voyager circulation and WebVoyage will go live on July 16th provided all data loads are error free.


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