What’s Different

Interim Workflow Phase II

5 June – 23 June


When will Voyager cataloging start?

Over the weekend of 1-2 June Endeavor reloaded our database to correct a problem with fixed field data in a portion of our data.  We will review records today. If the data is clean, and if we feel we have conducted an adequate review, SML Cataloging will come up on Voyager on Wednesday, 5 June.  If the data is not clean, or if we feel we need more time to review this second database reload, we will delay the start of Voyager cataloging by a day.


When cataloging comes up, you will all be using the same generic logon.  You will be given a personal logon when the Business Office finishes their data-entry.  The generic logon on will restrict functions (e.g., deleting records) that should not be done during this period.


Interim Workflow II Highlights:

§         All the NOTIS record changes that have been saved on printouts for later updating in Voyager can now be updated.  Your department should have procedures in place for record updating.  Will everyone update the Voyager records?  Will only designated staff complete these updates?



§         Do NOT search for records by OldYale, Film or accession-like call numbers in Voyager to find the records that need to be updated.  The customized OldYale (and “other”) call number index has not been installed.  It will be installed with rel 2001.1 later in June.








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