Orbis2 Location Group


October 26, 2001


Judy Parker, Patricia Thurston, Ellen Cordes and Audrey Novak in attendance.

Ken Crilly, Jim Shelter, Suzanna Lengyel, Susan Burdick, Denise Hersey absent.

Reviewing the mappings Audrey has already drafted for Art, BRBL, BAC, CHEM, CCL, DIV and DRA we made the following decisions about loan code mappings:

1) We will create separate item types for reserve, reference, microforms, software, videos, cd.

2) We will retain other. This loan code is used most frequently when circ desks want to change a loan rule. They update the record giving it an othr loan code and then set the special duedate. Existing records with othr are probably mistakes but since we don't know what the real loan code is we are going to keep the other value. We can clean these up over the next 5 months.

3) We will create jour item types and refjour item types.

When working with your libraries keep the following in mind:

1) If the library is willing to eliminate a location, but the location is being used, they have to tell you what location should be substituted.

2) If the library has a handful of copies or items in a "Librarian's Office" location ask them if the office location can be indicated using a um= note rather than a separate location code. We will generate a list of records using the office location for them.

3) Take the list of locations plus loan codes and review it with the library. I'm finding that a lot of libraries have the majority of their items defined with norm loan codes and then a handful (sometimes as few as 1-2) items with either othr, rstr or bldg. These look like mistakes. Ask them if they are mistakes and can we treat them as if they were norm. We can generate clean-up lists for them if they want, otherwise the conversion will make the change automatically.

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