Circulation Implementation Workgroup

Minutes for November 8, 2001

Present: Marybeth Bean, Susan Burdick, Judy Parker, John Gallagher (Minutes)


Continuing Business

Inbuilding and nocirc NOTIS loan codes:

After much discussion and debate the group decided that it is not feasible to map these loan codes to the same Voyager "nocirc" item type. Currently these functions do serve different purposes. For instance in SML/CCL serials held in the PRR have the loan code "nocirc". These materials may not be charged to carrels within the building, as can serials in other parts of the library with the "Inbuilding" loan code.

LSF request restrictions:

Still testing how this will function in Voyager (specifically LSFR loc. codes). Progress delayed by purging of the test database.

Frequency of Patron Loads by other sites:

Judy will contact Susan Currie at Cornell to inquire how frequently there system does patron loads and to determine what kinds of problems are generated. For instance, what information in the patron record is overlain or lost?


Progress has been made in determining if the Callslip feature in Voyager can be used to manage Eli Express requests. We learned that:

Holds and Recalls:

General consensus was that Holds should be removed as an option for patrons in the OPAC. In the past it appears that at most locations patrons are confused by the terminology of Holds versus Recalls.

Patron Group limits:

To avail of the opportunity to provide patrons with certain service enhancements, the group identified several changes to patron groups and suggested increasing limits:

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