Cat Memo No. 1


This is the first of a series of memos for all Yale staff who perform cataloging functions, or who work in the Voyager Cataloging Module as part of their daily work. Please file the electronic version of this memo in a way that you can easily access it. Or, if you prefer paper, print it out and file it in a notebook for ready access. It includes information that is critical to your work in Voyager. I urge you to practice these new procedures and consult your supervisor if you have any questions about their use. All the procedures listed here will be used by both cataloging and acquisitions staff.


New instructions and information not included in Voyager Cataloging Training


  1. RLIN exported records (change on page 34 of the ORBIS 2 Cataloging Manual)

If you are bringing a record into Voyager from RLIN, you MUST select MARC21 mapping rather that RLIN. This affects character mapping for diacritics and special characters.


Options> Preferences > Mapping > MARC21


Also refer to: and refer to Importing and Editing>Importing OCLC/RLIN Files (Overlay) for more detailed instructions


  1. There are new instructions for Replace and Keep, the Voyager method to derive a record in ORBIS to create another record for a variant edition. The full instructions are at:


  1. The early Voyager Cataloging Training sessions did not include simultaneous searching. Instructions are included at: and refer to Importing and Editing>LCDC Import and Simultaneous Searching

Coming soon are:


        Instructions for assigning item types in Cataloging

        Record Validation

        New staff indexes

        880 Fields


Joan Swanekamp

Chief Catalog Librarian and Head of the Catalog Department