1)   When in doubt, ask. Ask your manager, Audrey Novak, Joan Swanekamp, Marcia Romanansky or Sue Crockford-Peters.

2)   But if you have to make a decision on the spot and it requires updating a record in NOTIS, make a printout of the change (label the printout and circle the change), finish what you have to do, and then ask.


3)   Always label your printouts with your initials, dept, date, action that needs to be taken (e.g., update Voyager item record) and circle the change.


4)   This week set up a way to organize your printouts. Keep these printouts in a safe place. If the printouts get lost, the data is lost.


If you will be sending your printouts to Cataloging, set up a procedure for forwarding the printouts. Will you send them daily or weekly? Where does Cataloging want them placed? How does Cataloging want them labeled?


5)   Use flags in material to indicate:

a.     Received after May 12 (and through July 16) - GREEN

b.    X range record - ORANGE

c.     Cataloging completed in NOTIS - PURPLE

d.    Cataloging completed in Voyager YELLOW

Date the flags.