Cataloging/Authorities Implementation Workgroup



Because we have decided to continue having only one cataloging happening location for YUL we recommend the following for assigning “Operator Profiles”. Adopting this recommendation would allow staff to learn which operator last touched a particular bibliographic or holdings record, and to which unit that operator belonged, by looking in the history tab of a MARC bibliographic and holdings records in the cataloging module.


Go to SysAdmin;  look under “Security”; then under “Operator Profiles”.

SysAdmin dialog boxes allow up to 25 characters for first name, and up to 25 characters for last name. However, SysAdmin will not allow more than 40 characters for first and last name combined.


We would incorporate the operator's last name with first initial, and the operator’s location in the operator profile.


Operator last name: Arts & Sciences

Operator first name: Arakawa S


Operator last name: Slavic & East European

Operator first name: Thurston P


In “traindb” look at the history tab under Bib 47941 "Russia under Khrushchev".


The person doing Global changes might have two operator profiles, as those changes would be reflected in the history tab:

Operator last name: Catalog Management

Operator first name: Theroux M

This operator profile would be attached to a “Catalog Librarian” cataloging profile.


Operator last name: Global Change

Operator first name: Theroux M

This operator profile would be attached to the “Catalog Management Team Librarian” cataloging profile.


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