Orbis2 Acquisitions/Serials


21 August 2001

A subgroup met to discuss fund structure (Amelia, Debbie, Jim, Roy & Cindy; Suzanna was on vacation). We looked at how we could map the existing fund structures to Voyager using reporting funds to replace expenditure class codes. This looked fairly straightforward. We came up with 8 ledgers (if we count Beinecke) based on the existing structure: SML (funds by subject); SML Special (other areas such as AOB, etc.); Area Collections (Africa, East Asia, Judaica, Latin America, Near East, Slavic & Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia); Beinecke; Med & EPH; School & Departmental (art, div, classics, drama, music); and Science (chem, engin, forestry, geol, ksl, math, astronomy?). The most difficult to organize will be SML & SML Special.

It was suggested that, before we begin the task of mapping the old funds to the new structure, we find out if there is a way to simplify the existing fund structure. While it seems to work well for selectors, it is very labor-intensive for staff paying the invoices and for the Business Office to have so many funds. (For example, since the GA is gradually being replaced by endowment funds, one endowment fund may now be divided into 10 or 12 subfunds which go to individual selectors. Is there another way that selectors could get the same information without having so many funds? For example, could we use the improved searching capability of Voyager to find expenditure information by searching on subject and selector? ) Debbie will meet with Ann Okerson for a preliminary discussion. We would need to get input from selectors before making any changes.

Other action items:

Cindy & Jim will call other acquisitions librarians who use Voyager to ask about the number of ledgers they use (UPitt, University of Connecticut).