Orbis2 Training Notes

January 23rd, 2002





- review of hands-on training outlines

- discussion of mini-courses

- preparing documentation for NELINET


The Circ, Acq and Cat groups identified what they will need training in from the other modules.  For example, catalogers update Order notes, cat

dept staff re-link items, Acq and Cat need to know how to charge and discharge in order to status track.  Each group will update their hands-on

course outline to include what we identified in the meeting and anything else they can think of. In general, if it's something that you do routinely in the other module then include it in the course outline.  If it's something that is done once in a while by only a couple of people, we

should handle it as local training for just those people. Audrey would like updated outlines by Friday, 25 Jan.


For our next meeting everyone will prepare draft outlines of the mini-courses.  When you are thinking about what to include in these

outlines, think of public services staff and selectors.  What do they need to know from the various clients. You might want to interview some RSC or other public services staff. In general, we are talking about classes about how to read the screens -- how to find information within Circ, Acq and Cat and not how to update data.  These classes will be "hands-on" too -- but they will be 1/2 day classes. 

Remember to include

1) staff searching and

2) how to interpret a MFHD (Marc Holdings Record).  Everyone needs to know these 2 things.


Also begin identifying documentation that we will need to provide NELINET.

Look through your outlines for the 1-day hands-on classes and start identifying documentation that we need to send NELINET.  What kind of stuff are we talking about: lists of codes, e.g., Circ and Acq happening locations, shelving locations, item types, patron groups, pat cat stats;

workflows; notice schedules;, circ policy matrix values; workstation client preferences, etc.

For the next meeting bring a draft list.



- bring draft list of documentation that we need to prepare for NELINET

- share your mini-course outlines with everyone (if possible send to everyone in advance of meeting)


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