Orbis2 Imp

Project Start Date: Sun 4/1/01
Project Finish Date: Tue 12/31/02


ID Task_Name Duration Start_Date Finish_Date Predecessors Resource_Names
1Letter of intent1 dayWed 4/4/01Wed 4/4/01 YALE
2VUGM2 daysThu 4/19/01Sat 4/21/01 ATN
3Contract Negotiations66 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 7/2/01 JB,Scott,ATN
4Orientation2 daysWed 4/25/01Thu 4/26/01 EISI,ATN,KS
5Signed Contract 1 dayMon 7/16/01Mon 7/16/013YALE,EISI
6YALE Implementation Team established25 daysMon 6/25/01Fri 7/27/01 YALE
7SYSADMIN AND WEBVOYAGE PROFILING246 daysWed 8/1/01Thu 7/4/02 Imp Team
8Location mapping plan established33 daysWed 8/1/01Fri 9/14/01 Loc subgroup
9Functional training (Imp. Team) 1 session (4 days)23 daysMon 10/1/01Wed 10/31/018Imp Team,EISI
10Location mapping negotiated90 daysMon 10/1/01Thu 1/31/029Loc subgroup
11Draft location/itemtype/etc. mapping table finished1 dayFri 11/2/01Fri 11/2/01 Loc subgroup
12Penultimate location/itemtype/etc. mapping finished1 dayFri 2/1/02Fri 2/1/02 Imp Team
13Final revised mapping file due to Endeavor0 daysFri 5/3/02Fri 5/3/0210YALE
14Fund mapping based on Voyager ledger246 daysWed 8/1/01Thu 7/4/02  
15Establish Voyager ledger(s) plan67 daysWed 8/1/01Wed 10/31/01 Imp Team
16Establish mapping from NOTIS funds to ledger48 daysThu 11/1/01Fri 1/4/0215Roy Bohlander
17Test fund mapping1 dayMon 3/18/02Mon 3/18/0216EISI,YALE
18NOTIS fundcode clean-up. Id funds to no longer needed20 daysTue 3/5/02Fri 3/29/02 LBO
19Production fund conversion3 daysTue 7/2/02Thu 7/4/0217EISI,YALE
20Indexing preferences established45 daysMon 2/4/02Thu 4/4/02 Imp Team
21Operator security established218 daysTue 9/4/01Mon 7/1/02 Imp Team
22Final profiling established1 dayFri 5/3/02Fri 5/3/02 Imp Team
23Test server hardware and operating system ready1 dayMon 7/23/01Mon 7/23/01 ITS
24Project planning at YALE2 daysMon 8/27/01Tue 8/28/01 EISI,Imp Team
25HARDWARE SERVERS191 daysMon 7/23/01Wed 4/10/02  
26Hardware certification24 daysMon 7/23/01Thu 8/23/01  
27Voyager software loaded on test server for certification test database extract 2 daysTue 7/24/01Wed 7/25/01 EISI
28NOTIS data extract and conversion5 daysMon 7/23/01Fri 7/27/01 YALE/EISI
29Preparation for SUN certification test in CA5 daysMon 8/6/01Fri 8/10/01 Mark Wilson
30SUN Hardware Certification tests4 daysMon 8/20/01Thu 8/23/01 DG,EISI
31Review of production server hardware options reviewed and finalized30.67 daysWed 9/19/01Wed 10/31/01 YALE (ITS,LSO,MMG)
32Development server configuration options reviewed and finalized30.67 daysWed 9/19/01Wed 10/31/01 YALE (ITS,LSO,MMG)
33Report writer server configuration reviewed and finalized30.67 daysWed 9/19/01Wed 10/31/01 YALE (ITS,LSO,MMG)
34Test server configuration reviewed and finalized30.67 daysWed 9/19/01Wed 10/31/01 YALE (ITS,LSO,MMG)
35T3 test5 daysMon 12/3/01Fri 12/7/01 SUN.ITS
36Disk subsystem options reviewed and finalized31 daysWed 9/19/01Wed 10/31/01 YALE (ITS,LSO,MMG)
37Tape subsystem reviewed and finalized54 daysWed 9/19/01Fri 11/30/01 YALE (ITS,LSO,MMG)
38Production server configuration signed-off and contract amended23 daysTue 1/1/02Thu 1/31/02 YALE,EISI
39Production, test, development, report writer servers, tape subsystem and disk subsystem ordered1 dayMon 12/10/01Mon 12/10/0131,32,33,34,36,37DG,SUN
40Sun production, development, test, disk and tape hardware delivered5 daysMon 12/31/01Fri 1/4/0239SUN
41Production servers installed, operating system loaded, ORACLE and Voyager loaded15 daysMon 12/31/01Tue 1/22/0240SUN,ITS
42Development server installed, operating system loaded, ORACLE and Voyager installed6 daysFri 1/25/02Fri 2/1/0240ITS,EISI
43Test servers installed, operating system loaded, ORACLE and Voyager installed at Watson10 daysMon 2/4/02Fri 2/15/0240EISI,ITS
44Tape subsystem installed and operating49 daysMon 2/4/02Wed 4/10/02 SUN,ITS
45IMPLEMENT VOYAGER CLIENTS244 daysMon 10/1/01Sat 8/31/02  
46Establish workstation hardware upgrade plan92.2 daysWed 10/24/01Thu 2/28/02 LMC,WSG
47Upgrade/replace workstations93 daysFri 3/1/02Fri 7/5/0246WSG,Med,BRBL,LWL,BAC
48Printing126 daysMon 12/10/01Fri 5/31/02  
49Identify printer needs, purchase and install33 daysWed 4/17/02Fri 5/31/02 WSG,ITS,DBA,Imp Team
50Investigate printing centrally39 daysMon 12/10/01Thu 1/31/02 ITS
51Preliminary Macro Express purchase1 dayMon 10/1/01Mon 10/1/01 WSG
52Identify and implement client distribution mechanism42 daysWed 1/2/02Thu 2/28/02 WSG
53Identify Voyager self-checkout locations19 daysMon 2/4/02Thu 2/28/02 Dept Heads
54Implement Voyager self-checkout locations133 daysMon 3/4/02Sat 8/31/0253WSG
55Distribute Voyager clients to staff 100 daysFri 3/1/02Mon 7/15/0252WSG,Expert Users
56Distribute 3rd party client software (MacroExpress, MSACCESS)100 daysMon 2/11/02Thu 6/27/0251WSG.Expert Users
57Server Operations302 daysMon 7/23/01Tue 9/10/02  
58Technical training on test server0 daysWed 10/10/01Wed 10/10/01 EISI,ITS
59Develop backup/recovery plan143 daysWed 10/10/01Wed 4/24/02 ITS
60Test recovery20 daysThu 4/25/02Wed 5/22/0259ITS
61Test Instant Image and Network Data Replicator75 daysFri 5/31/02Tue 9/10/0243ITS
62Certification 300 training (Chicago)2 daysWed 1/30/02Thu 1/31/02 ITS
63Certification 500 training (at VUGM sometime in April)1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02  
64Batch testing130 daysFri 11/2/01Tue 4/30/02 ITS
65Pre-Bulk130 daysFri 11/2/01Tue 4/30/02 ITS,DBA,PGM
66Bulk bib and authority record loads130 daysFri 11/2/01Tue 4/30/02 ITS,DBA,PGM
67Global Change130 daysFri 11/2/01Tue 4/30/02 ITS,DBA,PGM
68Circ batch job130 daysFri 11/2/01Tue 4/30/02 ITS,DBA,PGM
69Marc record bulk extract130 daysFri 11/2/01Tue 4/30/02 ITS,DBA,PGM
70Bursar transfer130 daysFri 11/2/01Tue 4/30/02 ITS,DBA,PGM
71Patron loads130 daysFri 11/2/01Tue 4/30/02 ITS,PGM,DBA
72URL checker130 daysFri 11/2/01Tue 4/30/02 ITS.PGM,DBA
73Determine Oracle DBA tasks189 daysThu 10/11/01Fri 6/28/02  
74Monitoring DB189 daysThu 10/11/01Fri 6/28/02 ITS
75Optimizing DB189 daysThu 10/11/01Fri 6/28/02 ITS
76Re-org schedule (tables, indexes)189 daysThu 10/11/01Fri 6/28/02 ITS
77Access/security policies189 daysThu 10/11/01Fri 6/28/02 ITS
78Establish chron jobs43 daysWed 5/1/02Fri 6/28/0265,66,67,68,69,70,71ITS
79Security1 dayMon 7/23/01Mon 7/23/01  
80Solaris security policies implemented1 dayMon 7/23/01Mon 7/23/01 ITS
81NT security policies implemented1 dayMon 7/23/01Mon 7/23/01 ITS
82TCP/IP security policies implemented1 dayMon 7/23/01Mon 7/23/01 ITS
83Oracle security policies implemented1 dayMon 7/23/01Mon 7/23/01 ITS
84APIs available - first batch79 daysWed 8/1/01Thu 11/15/01 EISI
85Successful API test implementation15 daysMon 11/26/01Fri 12/14/0184PGM
86APIs available - second batch30 daysMon 12/10/01Fri 1/18/02 EISI
87NOTIS ORBIS DATA CLEAN-UP157 daysFri 6/29/01Thu 1/31/02  
88Deactivate unused circulation funds11 daysMon 7/16/01Mon 7/30/01 SL
89Convert 6xx |4 tags to 69x |4 tags13 daysWed 8/1/01Fri 8/17/01 KS
90Remove 69x |4 curatorial tags121 daysMon 8/20/01Thu 1/31/0289KS
91Convert Obsolete Marc tags134 daysWed 8/1/01Thu 1/31/02 KS
92Fix 245 non-filing indicators (can't be done - DROPPED)43 daysThu 8/2/01Fri 9/28/01 KS
93Convert S/T "P" to " " for annuals13 daysWed 8/1/01Fri 8/17/01 KS
94MATPS record clean-up155 daysTue 7/3/01Thu 1/31/02  
95Add items to matching records80 daysTue 7/3/01Fri 10/19/01 CAT
96Delete MATPS records w/o items76 daysFri 10/19/01Thu 1/31/02 KS
97Suppress remaining Law holdings1 dayFri 6/29/01Fri 6/29/01 CAT
98|k Cleanup recommendation to Bibl Access1 dayFri 7/13/01Fri 7/13/01 MOC
99|k Cleanup110 daysTue 9/4/01Thu 1/31/0298DBA
100S/T 'p' fix for annuals20 daysTue 9/4/01Fri 9/28/01 KS
101cat stat 'x' cleanup110 daysTue 9/4/01Thu 1/31/02 KS
102Convert MISS and BFR Geac notes to item conditions18 daysWed 8/1/01Fri 8/24/01 KS
103"*" in call numbers141 daysMon 7/23/01Thu 1/31/02 KS,MSS/A,MAP
104"Not;Yet;Assigned call#s24 daysWed 8/1/01Mon 9/3/01 CAT
105Remove Geac 035s110 daysTue 9/4/01Thu 1/31/02 KS
106Convert MISSIONS 035s to 650s110 daysTue 9/4/01Thu 1/31/02 KS,DIV
107MHLDs w/o |8 or |a report and analysis110 daysTue 9/4/01Thu 1/31/02 KS,CAT
108Conversion of 949s (part of Endeavor conversion)20 daysTue 9/4/01Fri 9/28/01 KS,CAT
109Identification and possible conversion of sensitive MARC tags (NONE FOUND)20 daysTue 9/4/01Fri 9/28/01 KS,BRBL,MSS/A
110ENDEAVOR DEVELOPMENT462 daysMon 4/2/01Tue 12/31/02  
111Support for non-Roman scripts462 daysMon 4/2/01Tue 12/31/02  
112Initial Unicode task force meeting2 daysMon 8/13/01Tue 8/14/01 ATN,EISI
113Decision about loading Arabic/Hebr vernacular tags1 dayFri 11/2/01Fri 11/2/01 YALE
114PhaseII - database conversion to UTF-8 beta363 daysFri 8/17/01Tue 12/31/02 EISI
115Glyph server continued development233 daysWed 8/15/01Mon 7/1/02 EISI
116RLIN snapshot for CJK records ordered (30days advance?)1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 YALE
117Vernacular fields from RLIN CJK snapshot loaded to Voyager6 daysMon 5/13/02Mon 5/20/02 YALE.EISI
118Test conversion of YUL database to UTF-81 dayMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01 YALE,EISI
119QA database conversion to UTF-81 dayMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01 YALE
120UTF-8 conversion GOLD drop-dead date1 dayMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01 EISI
121Field-level replacements/merge145 daysFri 9/14/01Mon 4/1/02  
122Determine whether specs are required (NO)1 dayFri 9/14/01Fri 9/14/01 YALE,EISI
123Delivered in next release1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 YALE,EISI
124Granular global change capabilities145 daysFri 9/14/01Mon 4/1/02  
125Determine whether specs are required (NO)0 daysFri 9/14/01Fri 9/14/01 YALE,EISI
126Delivered in next release1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 YALE,EISI
127Course Reserves208 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 1/14/02  
128YALE overview 1 dayThu 8/30/01Thu 8/30/01 ATN,Sue C-P
129Endeavor response1 dayThu 10/4/01Thu 10/4/01 ATN,Sue C-P,Mark Sheft
130Conference call 1 dayFri 10/12/01Fri 10/12/01 ATN,Sue C-P,Sheft,Eric
131Endeavor response modification1 dayWed 10/31/01Wed 10/31/01 EISI (Sheft)
132YALE reply to response modification1 dayFri 12/14/01Fri 12/14/01 ATN
133Endeavor response II1 dayMon 1/14/02Mon 1/14/02 (Sheft)
134Spec sign-off1 dayMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01 YALE,EISI
135Delivered1 dayMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01 EISI
136Pseudo patron subnote message208 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 1/14/02  
137Preliminary discussion, YALE overview8 daysWed 8/1/01Fri 8/10/01 ATN,Adriana,Tom Owens
138Endeavor recommendation1 dayThu 12/6/01Thu 12/6/01 EISI (Sheft)
139YALE response1 dayFri 12/14/01Fri 12/14/01 ATN
140Endeavor reply1 dayMon 1/14/02Mon 1/14/02 EISI (Sheft)
141Specs sign-off1 dayMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01 YALE,EISI
142Delivered1 dayMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01 EISI
143Patron Timeout145 daysFri 9/14/01Mon 4/1/02  
144Determine whether specs are required (NO)1 dayFri 9/14/01Fri 9/14/01 YALE,EISI
145Delivered in next release1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 YALE,EISI
146Client to server encryption145 daysFri 9/14/01Mon 4/1/02  
147Determine whether specs are required (NO)1 dayFri 9/14/01Fri 9/14/01 YALE,EISI
148Share encryption algorithm1 dayFri 10/19/01Fri 10/19/01 EISI
149Delivered in next release1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 EISI
150Email shortcut from patron record145 daysFri 9/14/01Mon 4/1/02  
151Determine whether specs are required (NO)1 dayFri 9/14/01Fri 9/14/01 YALE,EISI
152Delivered in next release1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 EISI
153Circulation Client icons include text145 daysFri 9/14/01Mon 4/1/02  
154Determine whether specs are required (NO)1 dayFri 9/14/01Fri 9/14/01 YALE,EISI
155Delivered in next release1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 YALE,EISI
156Authentication and authorization (Kerberos)134 daysFri 9/28/01Mon 4/1/02  
157Yale requirements1 dayFri 9/28/01Fri 9/28/01 Jbarnett
158Conference call0.75 daysTue 11/27/01Tue 11/27/01 ATN,EISI,JB,RL
159Endeavor specs1 dayThu 1/31/02Thu 1/31/02 EISI
160Yale CAS authentication coding41 daysTue 2/5/02Mon 4/1/02 PGM
161Delivered1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 EISI
162Old YALE Classification187 daysFri 6/15/01Thu 2/28/02  
163Draft spec1 dayFri 6/15/01Fri 6/15/01 KS
164Response review14 daysTue 8/14/01Fri 8/31/01 YALE
165Beta install and test20 daysFri 2/1/02Thu 2/28/02 EISI
166Delivered1 dayThu 6/28/01Thu 6/28/01 EISI
167YALE DEVELOPMENT352 daysMon 9/3/01Tue 12/31/02  
168Library Shelving Facility352 daysMon 9/3/01Tue 12/31/02  
169Establish processing workflow111 daysMon 9/3/01Thu 1/31/02 Imp Team,Jbarnett
170Determine location code of item type update needs111 daysMon 9/3/01Thu 1/31/02 Imp Team,Jbarnett
171FTP requests41 daysMon 2/4/02Fri 3/29/02 PGM
172Remove TRAN status on returns41 daysTue 2/5/02Mon 4/1/02 PGM
173Reconciliation133 daysMon 7/1/02Tue 12/31/02 PGM
174Selection reports133 daysMon 7/1/02Tue 12/31/02 PGM
175LC batch matching63 daysTue 2/5/02Wed 5/1/02 PGM
176Bursar transfers63 daysTue 2/5/02Wed 5/1/02 PGM
177Invoice processes63 daysTue 2/5/02Wed 5/1/02 PGM
178Vendor record programs (sync Orbis and Oracle databases)63 daysTue 2/5/02Wed 5/1/02 PGM
179BorrowDirect functions63 daysTue 2/5/02Wed 5/1/02 PGM
180Fund allocation63 daysTue 2/5/02Wed 5/1/02 PGM
181Pancake extract64 daysTue 2/5/02Thu 5/2/02 PGM
182Lost and Missing133 daysMon 7/1/02Tue 12/31/02 PGM
183Ongoing patron load63 daysTue 2/5/02Wed 5/1/02 PGM
184Spine label printing63 daysTue 2/5/02Wed 5/1/02 Roy,Ernie
185MSS/A macro63 daysTue 2/5/02Wed 5/1/02 PGM
186TRAINING432 daysMon 5/14/01Tue 12/31/02  
187Negotiate training contract with 3rd party60.5 daysTue 10/16/01Mon 1/7/02 ATN,Kate Reynolds
188Establish Imp Team training group17 daysFri 11/16/01Mon 12/10/01 MMG,ATN,KR
189Train-the-trainers functional training9 daysTue 12/4/01Fri 12/14/01 EISI,Training group
190Design training program and prepare training documentation42 daysWed 1/2/02Thu 2/28/02 Training group
191Windows skills assessment43 daysTue 12/4/01Thu 1/31/02 KR,KMR,ExpertUsers
192Trainer hired44 daysMon 12/3/01Thu 1/31/02 LHR
193Train-the-trainer refresher2 daysTue 3/26/02Wed 3/27/02 EISI,Training group
194Class schedule established10 daysMon 2/18/02Fri 3/1/02 KR,Trainer
195Class Registration20 daysTue 3/5/02Fri 3/29/02194KR,Trainer
196Train YUL staff (pre-implementation)75 daysTue 4/2/02Fri 7/12/02195,123,126,135,142,145,149,152,155,161,166,251,41NELINET
197Train YUL staff (post-implementation117 daysMon 7/22/02Tue 12/31/02 NELINET,Trainer
198Gary Strawn(?)2 daysMon 5/14/01Tue 5/15/01 Catalogers
199Local Training221 daysThu 11/1/01Fri 8/30/02 Trainer
200Student Training30 daysMon 7/22/02Fri 8/30/02 Trainer,Managers
201Course Reserve Training30 daysMon 7/22/02Fri 8/30/02134Trainer,Imp Team
202LSF processing training23 daysWed 5/1/02Fri 5/31/02169,170,171,172Trainer
203Serials Control Training (by Endeavora????)2 daysWed 5/1/02Thu 5/2/02 EISI
204Patron Registration and proxy patron creation19 daysMon 2/4/02Thu 2/28/02 Prov,Med,DIV
205Printing23 daysMon 6/3/02Tue 7/2/0249,50Trainer,Circ,Acq
206Currency 19 daysMon 2/4/02Thu 2/28/02 Acq Fiscal Support
207Ledger creation67 daysThu 11/1/01Thu 1/31/0215LBO
208Report generation31 daysSun 6/30/02Thu 8/8/02216Trainer
209Publicity 79 daysMon 4/1/02Tue 7/16/02  
210Establish group to create publicity1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 MMG
211Create publicity45 daysTue 4/2/02Mon 6/3/02210Pub Group
212Publicize new system32 daysWed 6/5/02Tue 7/16/02211YUL
213REPORTS65 daysMon 4/1/02Fri 6/28/02  
214Establish reports group1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 Imp Team
215Review Voyager reports23 daysWed 5/1/02Fri 5/31/02214Report Group
216Finalize Initial report cycle20 daysMon 6/3/02Fri 6/28/02215Report Group
217NOTIS ORBIS DATA MIGRATION PREPARATION372 daysTue 6/5/01Wed 10/30/02  
218Semi-colons in call numbers141 daysTue 6/5/01Fri 12/14/01  
219Draft Semi-colons in call numbers conversion spec sent to EISI1 dayTue 6/5/01Tue 6/5/01 KS
220Test27 daysThu 11/8/01Fri 12/14/01 EISI,YALE
221Data Migration Questionnaire80 daysTue 7/17/01Fri 11/2/01  
222Draft Data Migration Questionnaire sent to EISI1 dayTue 7/17/01Tue 7/17/01 KS
223Final Data Migration Questionnaire (pre-MARC record test)1 dayFri 11/2/01Fri 11/2/01 EISI,KS
224Patron extract87 daysFri 10/5/01Fri 2/1/02  
225Extract program finished67 daysFri 10/5/01Fri 1/4/02 PGM
226QA extract program - deliver sample to Endeavor1 dayFri 1/18/02Fri 1/18/02 Data Migration and Circ group
227Patron SIF delivered to EISI for test conversion1 dayFri 2/1/02Fri 2/1/02 YALE
228Appendix J 61 daysThu 11/8/01Thu 1/31/02  
229Tested27 daysThu 11/8/01Fri 12/14/01 EISI
230Bugs re-tested14 daysMon 1/14/02Thu 1/31/02 Data Migration Group
231Closed and Inactive records extracts and conversions216 daysMon 1/7/02Wed 10/30/02  
232Spec39 daysMon 1/7/02Thu 2/28/02 YALE
233Spec sign-off1 dayFri 3/29/02Fri 3/29/02 YALE,EISI
234Test20 daysMon 8/5/02Fri 8/30/02 YALE,EISI
235Production extract and conversion22 daysTue 10/1/02Wed 10/30/02 YALE,EISI
236File Purges5 daysMon 2/4/02Fri 2/8/02  
237Authority files (YL and LC)5 daysMon 2/4/02Fri 2/8/02 ITS,DBA
239Extract MARC records 2 daysThu 11/8/01Sun 11/11/01 EISI
240Convert per YALE DMQ and Appendix J5 daysMon 11/12/01Fri 11/16/01239EISI
241QA MARC records20 daysMon 11/19/01Fri 12/14/01 YALE
242Extract and convert MARC samples as needed to correct problems from pre-test14 daysMon 1/14/02Thu 1/31/02 EISI,YALE
243TEST EXTRACT - ALL FILES, ALL RECORDS49 daysFri 2/1/02Tue 4/9/0241 
244MARC Files18 daysFri 2/1/02Tue 2/26/02  
245Extract MARC files (bibl, auth,mfhd,item) including LC Resource1 dayFri 2/1/02Fri 2/1/02 EISI
246Location mapping due1 dayMon 2/4/02Mon 2/4/02 ATN
247Test load of MARC files1 dayMon 2/18/02Mon 2/18/02 EISI
248Test load of large non-roman script record test file1 dayMon 2/18/02Mon 2/18/02 EISI
249View test load5 daysTue 2/19/02Mon 2/25/02248YALE
250Report results of test load to EISI1 dayTue 2/26/02Tue 2/26/02 YALE
251SysAdmin - Cataloging, security, WebVoyage1 dayTue 2/26/02Tue 2/26/02249YALE
252Acq files18 daysThu 2/28/02Fri 3/22/02  
253Extract of vendor records (test)1 dayThu 2/28/02Thu 2/28/02 EISI
254Fund and location mapping due1 dayThu 2/28/02Thu 2/28/02 ATN
255Vendor load1 dayMon 3/4/02Mon 3/4/02 EISI
256View vendor load1 dayTue 3/5/02Tue 3/5/02255YALE
257Test vendor load acceptance due1 dayWed 3/6/02Wed 3/6/02256YALE
258Load Cornell patterns1 dayWed 3/6/02Wed 3/6/02 EISI
259SysAdmin Acq module8 daysWed 3/6/02Fri 3/15/02 YALE
260Complete backup1 daySun 3/17/02Sun 3/17/02259YALE
261Extract order records1 dayMon 3/18/02Mon 3/18/02 EISI
262Test order and fund mapping load1 dayMon 3/18/02Mon 3/18/02 EISI
263Test order/fund mapping acceptance due1 dayFri 3/22/02Fri 3/22/02 YALE
264Run complete backup1 dayFri 3/22/02Fri 3/22/02 YALE
265Circ files38 daysMon 2/18/02Tue 4/9/02  
266Small patron SIF for analysis due1 dayMon 2/18/02Mon 2/18/02 YALE
267Test patron SIF due1 dayThu 3/14/02Thu 3/14/02 YALE
268Test patron load1 dayThu 3/21/02Thu 3/21/02 EISI
269Test patron load acceptance due1 dayFri 3/22/02Fri 3/22/02268YALE
270SysAdmin-Circulation7 daysMon 3/25/02Tue 4/2/02269YALE
271Extract of Fines and fees (test)1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 EISI
272Extract of charges/transactions (test)1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 EISI
273Extract of holds recalls (test)1 dayMon 4/1/02Mon 4/1/02 EISI
274Test fine and fee load1 dayTue 4/2/02Tue 4/2/02273EISI
275Test fine and fee acceptance due1 dayWed 4/3/02Wed 4/3/02274YALE
276Run circ job on server1 dayWed 4/3/02Wed 4/3/02 YALE
277Test charge/transaction load1 dayThu 4/4/02Thu 4/4/02276EISI
278Test charge/transaction acceptance due1 dayFri 4/5/02Fri 4/5/02277YALE
279Test hold recalls load1 dayMon 4/8/02Mon 4/8/02278EISI
280Test hold recalls acceptance due1 dayTue 4/9/02Tue 4/9/02279YALE
281Review entire TEST conversion24 daysTue 4/9/02Fri 5/10/02 YALE
282Funds encumbered for FY02/03 1 dayTue 5/1/01Tue 5/1/01 YALE
283Recon finished1 dayThu 5/31/01Thu 5/31/01 YALE
284PRODUCTION CONVERSION299 daysWed 6/6/01Mon 7/22/02  
285Stop Cataloging on Notis - Interim workflow procedures in place0 daysFri 5/10/02Fri 5/10/02 YALE
286Marc files18 daysMon 5/13/02Wed 6/5/02  
287Extract MARC files - including LC5 daysMon 5/13/02Fri 5/17/02 EISI
288Merge of non-roman script tags7 daysFri 5/17/02Mon 5/27/02 EISI
289Production MARC files load7 daysFri 5/17/02Mon 5/27/02 EISI
290Review production load1 dayFri 5/31/02Sun 6/2/02288YALE
291Accept Production load1 dayMon 6/3/02Mon 6/3/02290YALE
292SysAdmin - Cat, Security, WebVoyager1 dayTue 6/4/02Tue 6/4/02287YALE
293Create generic logon for cataloging staff1 dayTue 6/4/02Tue 6/4/02 LBO
294Begin creating all staff logons1 dayWed 6/5/02Wed 6/5/02293LBO
295ORBIS2 Cataloging live1 dayWed 6/5/02Wed 6/5/02 YALE
296Acquisitions299 daysWed 6/6/01Mon 7/22/02  
297NOTIS-ORBIS cut-off for payment of GA invoices1 dayWed 6/6/01Wed 6/6/01 YALE
298NOTIS-ORBIS cut-off for payment of GA orders1 dayWed 6/6/01Wed 6/6/01 YALE
299NOTIS-ORBIS Fund Scoop1 dayFri 6/7/02Fri 6/7/02 YALE
300NOTIS-ORBIS EOY Funds available for payment only1 dayThu 6/20/02Thu 6/20/02 YALE
301NOTIS-ORBIS Final date to approve invoices1 dayThu 6/27/02Thu 6/27/02 YALE
302NOTIS-ORBIS stop invoice and order creation1 dayFri 6/28/02Fri 6/28/02310YALE
303NOTIS-ORBIS Fund rollover - Not needed2 daysFri 6/28/02Sun 6/30/02 N/A
304Extract of vendor records (production)1 dayWed 6/12/02Wed 6/12/02 EISI
305Vendor load (production)1 dayWed 6/19/02Wed 6/19/02 EISI
306Accept vendor load 1 dayThu 6/20/02Thu 6/20/02305YALE
307SysAdmin for Acquisitions8 daysFri 6/21/02Mon 7/1/02 YALE
308Complete all ledgers8 daysFri 6/21/02Mon 7/1/02 YALE
309Top-up extract 1 dayMon 6/24/02Mon 6/24/02 YALE,EISI
310Top-up load (Voyager unavailable)2 daysWed 6/26/02Thu 6/27/02 YALE,EISI
311Extraction of order records (Production)1 dayFri 6/28/02Fri 6/28/02301EISI
312Do complete backup (night)1 daySun 6/30/02Sun 6/30/02311YALE
313Order/fund mapping load (production)1 dayTue 7/2/02Tue 7/2/02308EISI
314Accept order load 1 dayFri 7/5/02Fri 7/5/02 YALE
315Voyager Acquisition available for staff1 dayMon 7/8/02Mon 7/8/02314YALE
316ORBIS2 No order creation10 daysMon 7/1/02Fri 7/12/02 YALE
317ORBIS2 No invoice creation15 daysTue 7/2/02Fri 7/19/02307YALE
318ORBIS2 New order may be placed as of1 daySat 7/13/02Sat 7/13/02 YALE
319ORBIS2 Invoices may be approved as of 1 dayMon 7/22/02Mon 7/22/02 YALE
320Circulation13 daysMon 7/1/02Tue 7/16/02  
321Final patron SIF due1 dayMon 7/1/02Mon 7/1/02 YALE
322Patron load (production)1 dayWed 7/3/02Wed 7/3/02 EISI
323Accept patron load1 dayFri 7/5/02Fri 7/5/02 YALE
324First Patron load from Data warehouse1 dayMon 7/8/02Mon 7/8/02323YALE
325Extraction of fines and fees (production)1 dayThu 7/11/02Thu 7/11/02 EISI
326Fine fee load (production)1 dayFri 7/12/02Fri 7/12/02 EISI
327Accept fine fee load1 dayFri 7/12/02Fri 7/12/02 YALE
328Run circ job for fines and fees1 dayFri 7/12/02Fri 7/12/02 YALE
329Extraction of charges/transactions (production)1 daySat 7/13/02Sat 7/13/02 EISI
330Extraction of holds and recalls (production)1 daySat 7/13/02Sat 7/13/02 EISI
331Charges/transactions load (production)1 daySat 7/13/02Sat 7/13/02 EISI
332Accept circ transactions 1 daySat 7/13/02Sat 7/13/02 YALE
333Holds and recalls load (production)1 dayMon 7/15/02Mon 7/15/02 EISI
334Accept holds and recalls load1 dayMon 7/15/02Mon 7/15/02 YALE
335Run Circ daily jobs 121 dayMon 7/15/02Mon 7/15/02 YALE
336Live in all modules1 dayTue 7/16/02Tue 7/16/02 YALE
339MetaLib 1 dayMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01  
340Loading of offline databases0 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01  
341Into support0 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01  
342Software acceptance0 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01  
343To add:0 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01  
344Loading: Extract and Creation of separate databases of closed0 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01  
345inactive fine/fee, order, invoice and fund records0 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01  
346Also to be added:0 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01  
347Modular training, Circulation (2 days)0 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01  
348Modular training, Acquisitions and Serials (3 days)0 daysMon 4/2/01Mon 4/2/01