Orbis2 | Change in circ and WebVoyage go-live date



The Orbis2 go live date for Voyager circulation and WebVoyage is moving from July 16th to July 23rd.  We are rescheduling this date due to the complications we are encountering with the order load and the impact these problems are having on the Circ Team's ability to complete their sysadmin work. 


 This new schedule assumes that Endeavor will successfully complete an order load within the next 48 hours. 


Updated Conversion Schedule:


10-18 July      Sysadmin data entry by Circ Team


by 15 July      First Acq units up on Voyager Acquisitions

                     (Order load evening of 7/10 or 7/11)


17 July           Last day to discharge on NOTIS

18 July           At approx. 3AM after last NOTIS circ batch, last bursar transfer and credit, and fine and fee extract from


                      At approx. 4AM after fine and fee extract, circ archival transaction extract.


18 July           Final day to rekey into Voyager records created in NOTIS after 5/12 for circulation.


19-22 July      NOTIS WebOPAC up, NOTIS staff functions down.


19 July           Fine and fee load (review and acceptance)

                     Voy prod cat, acq and WebVoyage up

                     Voy test cat, acq, circ and WebVoyage up


20 July         Circ transactions extract and load

                    (review and acceptance)

                    Archival transaction load to Voyager starts

                    Holds/recalls extract from NOTIS


22 July         Holds/recalls load (review and acceptance)

                   Voy prod acq, cat and WebVoyage up,

                   Voy test acq, cat, circ and WebVoyage up

                   Archival transaction load finished

                   (review and acceptance)


23 July         Update Orbis search forms and canned searches

                    Voy prod cat, acq, circ and WebVoyage up

                    Voy test cat, acq, circ and WebVoyage up



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