Recalls/Holds General Testing Instructions


Our two main goals are to verify that:


·  All Recalls, Holds, and Pages have migrated

·  The request queue has been maintained for items requested by multiple patrons



How Recalls/Holds are Migrated


All active Recalls/Holds/Pages will migrate. 

Note that Fulfilled and Lapsed Recalls, Holds, and Pages will not migrate.



Data Review


Compare the Recall/Hold information in several Orbis patron records with the Recall/Hold information in their corresponding Voyager patron records.  In addition, compare Recall/Hold information in several Orbis item records with the item Recall/Hold information in Voyager.


Please finish your review of the Recall/Hold load by 1:30pm today.


1.  Display one of your Patron records in Orbis. Pick #12 ‘Patron WANTS’ to view your patron’s Holds/Recalls.


2.  Display the same Patron record in Voyager.  To display Hold/Recall information:

§         The number of Holds/Recalls is listed under the book-with-hold-slip icon.

§         Click on the Holds/Recalls icon to see the full list of items.


3.  Check to see that the Recall/Hold information is also correctly displaying in the Voyager item record.   Copy down the Item barcode from the Recall/Hold list in the Patron record.  Click on the ‘Item’ Icon in the Circulation client, and enter the barcode.  Item level Recall/Hold information is located in the ‘Request Maintenance’ book-with-wrench icon.  Click on the icon to see a full list of patrons who have requested this item.


4.  Check to make sure that the following information has migrated correctly:


q       Recall/Hold is attached to the right Patron

q       Request Type (‘H’ for Holds and Pages, ‘R’ for Recalls) 

q       Item Requested (Item Barcode)

q       Date Requested

q       Time Requested

q       Request Rank

q       Expiration Date

q       Pickup Location



Problem Reports


Please send an e-mail to with the Patron Barcode plus a detailed description of the recall/hold problem.