SFX Implementation Work Group

SFX Implementation Work Group will guide the initial implementation of SFX at the Yale Library. Kimberly Parker chairs the Group, with initial target of completion by end of October 2001, or before if possible. The library expects to have the SFX software in August.

The Work Group is charged to:

Under the guidance of the Work Group, SFX will be implemented in conjunction with our migration to Orbis2, but on the accelerated timetable indicated above. The Work Group will deliver the first services supported by next-generation systems software to Yale readers. SFX is part of a larger MetaLib software package that may find many uses at Yale. The Work Group is charged with responsibility for SFX only.

Group members

Kathleen Bauer
Richard Crane
Karen Reardon
Matthew Wilcox
Kimberly Parker, Chair

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