November 5, 2001

Activities to date:

(1) Server was ordered, set up and the SFX software installed (in extremely short order)

(2) Entire SFX Implementation group received training from SFX (and a number of interested others in the library attended various of the training sessions)

(3) Tasks were divided up among the group members.

(4) Katie Bauer contacted Ebsco Publishing and ISI to arrange for test accounts on which to implement SFX for review and troubleshooting.

(5) Matt Wilcox contacted OVID and OCLC to arrange for test accounts on which to implement SFX for review and troubleshooting.

(6) Kimberly Parker began the "target" configuration process, activating those targets where we acquire all the fulltext the vendor offers.

(7) Richard Crane set up secure connection environments, took the SFX system through several data updates provided by Ex Libris, and in general

responded to patches and other server and software issues.

(8) Karen revised some item-specific updates supplied by Ex Libris.

(9) Group settled on "branding" of the SFX service. We will be referring to it as: SFXLinks.

Revised timeline

Rollout SFXLinks on 2-4 interfaces for staff to learn about and absorb (1st week December)

Rollout SFXLinks on 3-4 interfaces for public consumption, publicity, training, etc. (Beginning of January)

Current action items:

--Karen is working on ensuring that our link to Orbis will be minimally functional, and hopefully slightly more functional than minimally.

--Karen and Richard will prepare a recommendation on "go-live" server configuration (any needed server enhancement) and a backup server configuration.

--Katie will resolve current Web of Science test configuration problems with ISI and Richard or Karen as needed.

--Matt will finish work to set up a test account/configuration for FirstSearch

--Matt and Katie will complete design customization of SFXLinks Menu window.

--Matt will arrange for design of SFX icon and logo for Menu window.

--Kim will complete automatable activation of fulltext targets, and begin long-term process of manual activations

--Matt will complete discussions with document delivery staff about customization choice for a document delivery/ILL link, and troubleshoot link setup.

--Katie, with Matt's help, will begin design of public training/publicity offerings for January.

--Group will plan forum for 1st week in December for Staff rollout.

--Group will construct recommendation for activities and personnel support needed after public roll-out to sustain SFX at minimal, satisfactory, and exemplary levels.




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