Orbis 2  Systems Installation, Implementation and Operations Group  (SIIOG)

Meeting Notes: February 21, 2002


Present: Gail Barnett, Roy Lechich,  Ernie Marinko, Fred Martz, Karen Reardon



                Status: Servers, Oracle Databases,  Dress Rehearsal Data Migration

                Operation Standards

                Workstation Issues



Wes could not attend the meeting but sent a note describing the status of the servers he has been working on: the jumpstart server is complete, though the Clark server for some reason is unable to be jumpstarted; this will be looked into next week.  The development server is set up, with the Forte tools for the programmers, but we should expect some tweaking/tuning  to be done as programmers start to exercise it.


We discussed system announcement requirements, particularly the topic of  circulation units and the communications that should be in place for them to go into offline mode.  Fred stated that that the circ groups would decide how to use Voyager’s offline circulation capability, but that Systems should at least provide a web site showing current status of the system,  as well as information pertaining to any current problems,  including expected time for system return,  whom to call for more information, etc.


We discussed why going into offline circulation should not be invoked casually, as it by necessity allows transactions that might be normally blocked because of a patron’s status.  Also that we should check the Voyager maillist for any information, anecdotal or otherwise of how to handle and communicate potential problems regarding  My Library, Bookbag, retained searches and other information that could be lost by switching to a backup system in the event of an outage.


Some workstation issues were discussed.  Access to the Reporter client, even if it ends up on a workstation that doesn’t explicitly need it, can be controlled through the normal Voyager login mechanism.  The issue of copying templates and tag tables should not be a major issue, as long as these are identified for the Workstation Support Group.  The question of Voyager preferences, however, seemed a little more thorny.  Ernie described how these are maintained differently for different client modules.  Some use the Windows registry to store preferences, while others use ini (tialization) files.  The WSG has the expertise to automate the setting of these preferences whether by registry or by ini,  but again need to have those identified.  A simple screen shot of the various preference profiles would probably suffice.



Action Items and Questions:

1) Check Endeavor maillist for any info on lost bookbags, search results, etc.

2) Follow up  idea of a web site for Voyager system status.

3) We need to obtain a timeline for when the preferences, templates and tag tables can be identified so the   WSG has sufficient time to design their strategies for distributing/installing them.