Orbis 2  Systems Installation, Implementation and Operations Group  (SIIOG)

Meeting Notes: February 21, 2002


Present: Gail Barnett, Jeff Barnett, Yue Ji, Roy Lechich,  Fred Martz, Wes Most, Karen Reardon,



                Status: Dress Rehearsal Data Migration

                Patron Authentication for WebVoyage

                Workstation Issues




Jeff joined us to give us an overview of the Web Voyage authentication solution he has been involved in designing with Voyager.  Endeavor is calling this the “Web Service Authentication Adaptor” and describes it as “a facility that will enable any library to use a 3rd party authentication system is conjuction with WebVoyage patron login functionality to validate library patrons.”  Regarding the library’s responsibility in implementing this: “it can develop an Adaptor that will serve as a bridge between WebVoyage and the authenticator.  The Adaptor must be implemented in accordance with Endeavor’s specifications.”


Jeff described the model with us, with a particular emphasis on how this looks to the Endeavor side, stressing that the actual mechanism which we choose in developing our side of the process is transparent to Endeavor, which sees it as conceptually an exit point that ultimately returns to WebVoyage after our adaptor/mechanism updates one of their tables to enable it to match the current requesting user with the authenticated user information in that table (based on a process ID supplied by voyager in the initiating communication).


We discussed some of the workstation installation issues, in particular the question of how and when Orbis 2 implementers would be able to finalize client preferences profiles, so that WSG could develop the means to include these into the overall client installation processes.  WSG has set up a workstation in Room 507 that implementers can use to select the set of preferences per client module.  The current plan is for at least initial settings to be entered  by next Wednesday 3/6. Then WSG can start developing ways of automating these settings in the installation process.


Regarding the status of the dress rehearsal data migration, Gail and Wes reported that a few minor problems have cropped up, some of which will require fixes by Endeavor to their loading program, but overall it is going well and we don’t expect these minor glitches to have a significant impact on our schedule.