Orbis 2 Systems Installation, Implementation and Operations Group

Meeting Notes: October 18,2001

 Present: Gail Barnett, Roy Lechich, Wes Most, Ernie Marinko, Fred Martz

 Agenda: Discuss:

Results of the Programming Review meeting on 10/15.

Batch jobs as a category of activity, and which jobs we can test and how.

Our progress on data access via ODBC, and the use of SSL with WebVoyage


One main result of the Programming Review meeting was that we should add items to our project list to:

After the circ and acq workgroups have created appropriate test data, we will run these batches in initial tests to make sure we understand how to run them and that the results are as we would expect. These will be low-volume tests; after the "dress-rehearsal" data loads in 2002 we will be able to do further testing which can focus on performance and time requirements.

We also discussed whether we should implement a new patch for Voyager 2000.1.3; this will be a question for Audrey Novak.

 We discussed the patron record and the use of the Net ID field for authentication/authorization as opposed to the SSN; whether we can have the Net ID field in the record and if so, could it be an indexed field.

 We also discussed the Programming Groupís use of X-Windows as a Graphical User Interface; we have been basically "testing" it, but as it now appears that we definitely would like to use it, we asked Ernie to explore if the use of an X-Windows server on our workstations has any implications from the point of view of the Workstation Support Group. He will follow up and let us know.

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