SIIOG Meeting Notes #4

July 26, 2001

Present: Gail Barnett, Jeff Barnett , Roy Lechich, Wes Most, Karen Reardon

Agenda: Discuss server-related issues as part of initial process to generate a plan/schedule.


Current plans call for 4 server instances (similar to our current regions on the production system) – Test/Training, Development, Production/Backup and Reporter

Setup for each server includes :

Current status:

    1. Test/Training server: nearly set up for the Oracle and Voyager install.
    2. Development server: configuration will be dependent to some extent on the results of the Certification Test at Sun (below) and the architecture of the production server.
    3. Production server: configuration determination will be continued after the California benchmark in order to purchase the production hardware around January 2002.
    4. Reporter server: will come later, after we have some information about the Production server’s performance.

Server Notes and Questions:

  1. Reporter will have only the Oracle database and not the Voyage application.
  2. The Development server will not be supported by Voyager.
  3. How will the database on the Reporter server be synched to the Production database?
  4. (What mechanism – mirroring or frequent updates? Instant Image? Oracle Parallel Server?)
    1. This is not yet detemined and the Reporter server will probably be the last one to be set up, as its function will be primarily to lessen the load on the Production server.
  5. When do we have to have the development server in place?
    1. this depends on the timeframe of initial Voyager-related development which needs to update Voyager data, since the Test server will not be available for this purpose.
    2. brief discussion about initial voyager-related programming efforts; the patron extract from NOTIS will not require programming that affects Endeavor data because Endeavor does provide the patron loader into Voyager, just not a patron extract from NOTIS. (Karen had earlier posted a question to the Voyager users list-serv regarding the availability of a NOTIS ->Voyager Patron extract program and received several responses; we will review these in the hope of avoiding writing our own.)
  6. according to Wes, we can expect about a two-week shipping period between ordering and delivery of hardware for the Development Server.
  7. should the Development Server have the same architecture as Production (scaled down but schematically equivalent)?

    Current and impending: ITS is exporting data from NOTIS (Bibliographic, Authority, Holdings) for Endeavor to use in initial setup of test server, and from there a test machine at the premises of Sun, for the purpose of a Certification Test, to see how a test machine will handle the application and a large database. This is not a real, quantitative suite of benchmark tests. David and Audrey will in California for this, along with Mark Wilson from Endeavor.

    Afterwards, ITS will uninstall the Voyager application and Oracle in preparation for the "real" installation by Endeavor and ITS staff at a not-yet-determined date, hopefully late August.

    The August 7-10 training session will not depend on the test server, so that is not an issue.

    Next Week: Review the information we have collected ove the last few weeks and work on proritizing and scheduling; also try to identify any other needs we may have in terms of information, training, etc.

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