Orbis 2 Systems Installation, Implementation and Operations Group

Meeting Notes: August 16,2001

 Present: Gail Barnett, Jeff Barnett , Roy Lechich, Wes Most, Karen Reardon, Fred Martz

 Agenda: Review schedule of programming tasks to determine a date on which a development server is needed.

Discuss new items added to the plan: Possible Co-development efforts w/endeavor: Unicode & Course Reserves DBA programming specs and QA


Fred reported on Audrey Novak's impression of the Unicode Task Force work at Endeavor earlier this week; Endeavor's efforts to handle Unicode are behind schedule, particularly in the areas of Arabic right-to-left script and glyphs. Not only does this impact internal Voyager functions, but loaders and extract functions as well. This may end up affecting where we are after our implementation data loads; right now we are planning an intitial January load and a May/June load; it's unclear what the level of Unicode support may be at those times.

  We reviewed the programming section of the plan, which currently shows that with an assumed due date of 2/15 for all the programming tasks, the programming group would need a server in place effectively as soon as possible. The assumed due date will have to be confirmed; also unclear at this time is the time needed by DBA to provide program specificiations and quality assurance, so this is a preliminary conclusion for now.

  Depending on how these questions are clarified, we may want to explore the possibility of an interim solution; a system the programming group can use at least for the initial establishment and familiarization with the new programming environment, API's and data and perhaps for some of the initial development tasks as well.

We also discussed the very feasible possiblity that the task list for programming is not exhaustive, and in fact cited several Orbis functions which Suzanna Lengyel currently provides, such as rollover of funds, various reports and the html export of new books for publication on various Web sites. These need to be explored as well.

We discussed a current thread in the Voyager mail list in which Karen participated. The current installation of Voyager client modules under Windows 2000, though it may well work, is unsatisfactory in that it requires a higher level of security than we would like, and requires read/write to the \winnt directory, which is also undesirable. Karen is waiting for a satisfactory response from Endeavor personnel.

Next week Audrey Novak and David Gewirtz are going to Sun's testing facility for the Certification Test. Again, this is not a strict quantitave benchmarking test, but should be quite helpful in determining an optimal configuration for our servers.

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