Orbis 2 Systems Installation, Implementation and Operations Group

Meeting Notes: September 6,2001

 Present: Gail Barnett, Roy Lechich, Wes Most, Fred Martz

 Agenda: Review new items added regarding telnet servers, testing z39.50 and access via proxy.

Report on movement on Course Reserves co-development project.


We discussed how to follow up the issues of telnet access via the old and new MPG (MultiProtocol Gateway) servers and Pancake. Fred suggested that the Bibliographic Access Group should be advised so they can decide about continuation/support of:

 Fred also suggested that the Catalog Management group play the same role regarding OCLC access via the old MPG Server.

 We also agreed that the Orbis 2 OPAC Workgroup should test remote access to restricted resources via the Remote Authentication Proxy server and the z39.50 server, in coordination with this group.

 Wes asked when new cataloging would be ceased on ORBIS; at this point it would seem to be sometime in early June, perhaps June 1.

 Wes updated the group regarding technical training: David Dempsey from Endeavor will be here on September 13 for technical training focusing on the maintenance of the Oracle database and the Voyager server application.

 Wes also asked whether the current "Hooper" sun server, used by the programming group, can be retired after the interim development server is set up with the programming environment. The answer was affirmative, pending confirmation from Jeff Barnett.

 The last part of the discussion dealt with planning when various test data would be available, based on the load schedules Audrey Novak informed us of in the previous meeting (Bib load in November 2001; full test load in February 2002, production load in May/June 2002). The question was raised: how can the programming group do any real testing, let alone development, of the projects in its task list until we have real data on which to operate? (Especially the projects which involve the non-Bib data, which ostensibly will not be in place until the full test load in February.) We need a target date from Audrey Novak for the resolution of location codes/loan codes/item types which the Location Code Subgroup is currently working on. Until these are resolved it would seem impossible to even concoct a small test dataset for testing.

 This led to a discussion of the relative merits of creating a utility which would allow us to extract logical and integrated subsets of Voyager data for testing by DBA and programming, much as we do now with Orbis. This would really be a number of utilities to allow the extraction of coherent data subsets for working with various areas of the LMS, such as bibliographic, circulation and acquisitions.

We agreed that this should be discussed with DBA for their input as to how valuable such a suite of utilities might be from their point of view.

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