Sample Searches for WebVoyage Training


Simple Search


Title Search


1.         Benny Goodman Papers

show short, long and marc views

show information to access collection

show link to electronic finding aid


2.            Professor and the Madman

            show title different from uniform title, different British and American titles.


3.         The Great Gatsby

show non-Beinecke location


4.         Pride and Prejudice

            show record for video recording


5.         Atlas of African Prehistory

            show multiple locations, notes for each location


6.         Les Miserables

            limit search to French language and Beinecke library


Journal Title Search


1.         Nature

select second record (with dates 1869-9999)

show multiple holdings

show various formats

link-out to electronic version


2.            Atlantic Monthly

show title changes


3.            Political Theory

            display long view and show indexing information, etc.


4.            Working Papers

            look for Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials (#14 in headings list)

            show uniform title, other interesting things.

Keyword Search (Using Boolean)


1.            children and nutrition (select Palmer book, 40,000,000 guinea pig children)

show all views

show redirected search by clicking on subject heading –children-nutrition


2.         Does the library have any recordings of Evgeny Kissin playing Chopin?

chopin and kissin (select 1 record)

Select long view to show Kissin as performer.


3.         (russia not "soviet union") and economy

            show same search with economy truncated at econo? for comparison.


4.         Are there books by Kierkegaard about dread in English in CCL?

            kierkegaard and dread

            limit to English and CCL location.


5.         Does the library own Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, vol. 234?  What is the title of that volume?

“Advances in experimental medicine” and 234

click on series name to see all volumes


Keyword Search (Ranked Relevance)


1.         Search for criticism of Dante’s works in English, in the Cross Campus Library

+dante +criticism 

limit to English and cross campus library on limits page


2.            *"latin america?" +women +history

view a few records to show relevancy.  Re-sort by Publishing Date, Descending.


Keyword - Command line search


1.         skey “civil war” and tkey Lincoln

choose Abraham Lincoln and the union; a chronicle of the embattled North, by...record

Show multiple locations.


2.         nkey kingsolver and tkey "poisonwood bible"

show same search as author search for comparison of results screen, etc.


3.         Where can I find a Modern Library edition of “As I Lay Dying” by William Faulkner?

            tkey “as I lay dying” and kppd “modern library”

choose one and show results


4.         tkey (precocious and piggy)

            select first record and show long view


5.         What linguistics materials do we have published by Cambridge University Press?

            skey linguistics and kppd “cambridge university”


Author Search


1.         Joseph Campbell

select (1904-) heading

limit to videorecordings on limits page


2.            Mosheh Bar-Asher

select one, show Hebrew text (if working)


3.            American Chemical Society

limit to computer file show record and link out to it


4.            William H. Jackson

select Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942

select Photographic Views of North America and show extensive notes in long view


5.            Gabriel Garcia Marquez

            limit to SML and works before 1990


6.         W.G. Sebald

            limit to his works in German


Author/Composer Search


1.            William Shakespeare – search for Julius Caesar

show jumping through several screens to get to records.

choose one to display.


2.            Stephen King – search for The Green Mile – show record


3.            Charles Dickens – search for Bleak House – show record


4.            Wolfgang Mozart – search for an adagio – show record


5.         Fyodor Dostoyevsky – search for The Idiot – choose record to display

Subject Search


1.            morality plays (use see also to get at correct heading, moralities

choose Moralities, English

limit to Cross Campus Library


2.            Charles de Gaulle. 

post limit to French and German and SML

choose one record to display.


3.            peptides

            limit to English and Kline Science Library


Uniform Title, Main Entry search


1.         Aesops Fables

choose 1st record (37 items) and then post limit to location (hint:  this is a title search, no limits available.


2.            Gilgamesh

choose Gilgamesh, English, show records and view one


3.            Beowulf

            choose Beowulf (80 titles), show records and choose one


4.         El Cid

            choose Cid (epic cycle), show records and choose one


Complex Searching:


Single line complex search


1.         dime novels (select genre/form)

limit to French


2.         usmle (select local subjects)

            show record and show local Yale subject listing is used


3.         van vechten (select local subjects)

            select The cook not mad… as example


4.         “ms notes” (select notes)

            show examples of how notes are used

Multiple concept complex search


1.            Gertrude Stein (keyword anywhere)

and Alice B. Toklas papers [select as a phrase] (title)

show link to finding aids


2.         Does the library have the annual report from 1975 of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission?

Nucear regulatory commission[select as a phrase]  (author)

and annual report (title)

and 1975 (keyword anywhere)

show link out to electronic version.


3.         Does the library have any information about Andy Warhol exhibits that were held at the Whitney Museum?

Andy warhol (subject)

and Whitney Museum (keyword anywhere)


4.         What Yale theses on public health were written between 1960 and 1980?

Yale (keyword anywhere)

and theses or thesis [select any of these] (keyword anywhere)

and Public health (keyword anywhere)

post limit to date range 1960 – 1980


5.         What items published in Cambridge, but NOT by Cambridge University Press do we own related to philosophy?

            cambridge (publisher/place/date)

            not cambridge university press (publisher/place/date)

            and philosophy (subject)