SEARCHING GUIDELINES - __________________________________________________________________________________________


1. The following Resource Files should be used for searching when the title is not yet in ORBIS.


a) LCDB - has records from the Library of Congress - updated weekly.

b) RLIN - has member, vendor, Library of Congress and foreign library

records - continuous update.

c) OCLC - is bigger than RLIn and has one record per title.


2. Pre-order searchers and post-order receivers should prefer using:


a) OCLC for Africana and Latin American titles.

b) RLIN for Art materials.


3. The following is the preferred sequence for searching databases in pre-order

and/or receiving units:


a) ORBIS - search by ISBN, title, author - Stop. Duplicate title/order in hand.

b) LCDB- search by ISBN, title, author - Stop. Derive record.

c) OCLC - search by ISBN, (non-English material) - Stop. Derive record.

d) RLIN - search by title - Stop. Derive record if found. Create a provisional

if negative result.


4. Access points - 1XX, 245, 4XX, 7XX should be carefully checked. Headings

should be verified. Accept LC headings unless there is information to the

contrary in ORBIS.


5. Proper filing indicators should be used [the=14; a=12, etc].


6. Proper punctuation and delimiters [represented here by the $ sign] should be used in required fields:

020:: International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

100:: Author's name, $d for birth/death dates.
245:: Title : $b[sub-title] /$c statement of responsibility.

246:: Alternate title (follow guidelines for indexing).

260:: Place : $b publisher, $c date of publication.

300:: 260 p. :$b ill. ; $c 24 cm.

440:: Series statement ; $v [volume number]

700:: Use for editors, when there is no main entry [same as 100 field]






7. Staff in acquisitions should not:


a) Catalog volumes for Multi-Part-Monographs.

b) Update volume holdings for Multi-Part-Monographs.

c)      Derive authority records from utilities to ORBIS.


8.      Local subject headings (690) should not affect Acquisitions staff.

The local subject heading 690:04: Staff Resource Library should be used

for Staff Resource Library materials.


04/17/02- Revised

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