Orbis2 Serials Control Implementation Group


28 Feb 02



The Yale Libraries do not use the NOTIS serials checkin module (lser).  Because we do not use lser, we do not have serials checkin data, policies and procedures that can be migrated from our current environment to Voyager.  With the serials checkin component of the Voyager acquisitions module we are starting from scratch.


At its meeting on 29 January the Migration Management Group determined that the Yale Libraries should implement serials checkin in phases.  The MMG decided that the Serials Support Team (SST) in SML and the Medical library will constitute Phase I. Libraries not using the Voyager module for serials control immediately will checkin issues using the 866 tag of the MFHD record.  The MMG also called for the creation of a Serials Control Implementation team.  This team, consulting closely with the Chief Acquisitions Librarian and the Chief Catalog Librarian, and working with the SST and the Medical Library will create a serials checkin infrastructure within the Yale Libraries.


Charge Details:

Based on the experience of the SST and Medical library and the requirements outlined by the Chief Acquisitions and Catalog Librarians, the Serials Control Implementation team will:


-          Develop, test, and document policies and procedures regarding the application of existing holdings standards (ANSI/NISO Z39.71 and the MARC Format for Holdings) in Voyager.


-          Establish serials control processing priorities.


-          Establish a plan to phase in pattern creation, subscription maintenance and serials checkin throughout the Yale Libraries (which may include centralized processing, decentralized processing or a combination of both). Identify training requirements.  Assist in the creation of documentation especially of our policies and procedures.


-          Determine clean-up requirements, procedures and priorities for MFHD 866 tags created from migrated OPR receipt statements.


-          Determine checkin record collapsing procedures.


-          The Serials Control Implementation Group will consult with and keep informed the Acquisitions Support Group and the Cataloging Coordinating Committee.


-          The Serials Control Implementation Group will forward policy recommendations to the appropriate bodies (e.g., Chief Acquisitions and Catalog Librarians, MMG, LMC, etc.) for final approval. 



The Serials Control Implementation group will begin their work immediately.  They will continue to guide the implementation of the Voyager serials control module in the Yale Libraries until the Orbis2 project ceases in December 2002.



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