General Testing Instructions


Our goal is to make sure that our records migrated perfectly from Notis to Voyager.   Ideally, we’d like to identify any problems as quickly as possible in order to come up with solutions before the cataloging go-live date, June 5.


You will need the following to complete your testing:




Please complete your review by Friday, May 31


To QA the Data Migration:


1)  Do a broad analysis of the conversion changes in 10 Bibliographic, Authority, Holdings, and Items. 






2)  Analyze your area of specialty in greater detail. 

Do a detailed analysis of 15 - 20 records in your record type. 









Problem Reporting and Due Date


Report any problems or questions to Kalee at 


Include the Orbis key of the problem record, and a detailed description of the problem or question.  Copy the other members of the testing group so that they are aware of the issue.


Please send me a final report of your data migration review by Friday, May 31.