UNICODE Task Group


SML, room 411

Present: Jerry Anne Dickel, Keiko Suzuki, Audrey Novak, Xinkai Kong, Dajin Sun, Joan Swanekamp, Calvin Hsu, Tony Oddo, Rich Richie, Daniel Lovins, Steven Bernstein, Patricia Thurston.

Absent: Patrick Salmon

The group came together as a task group for the first time. Steven Bernstein volunteered to be Chair.

Audrey gave a report on the Endeavor UNICODE Task Force Meeting at the end of October. We will be previewing three versions of the Glyph server in December. In preparation we will submit 50 records each in Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Hebrew, and Yiddish. We are especially interested in submitting records that have script and language specific characteristics. These characteristics include cases of mixed punctuation, mixed spacing (Asian and Roman), ligature differences in Arabic, use of characters mapped to the private use area in UNICODE, mixed scripts and languages, Hebrew records with mixed vocalized and non-vocalized script, CJK characters with aggregators, simplified and regular Chinese characters.

The Finnish Library Consortium (LINNEA2) will provide Cyrillic scripts. Cambridge (UK) is providing Greek, Tibetan (Very interesting. We have no idea how they're doing this language), and CJK. Princeton is providing CJK and Arabic. Pittsburgh is providing CJK. Library of Congress is providing Hebrew, Arabic and transliterated Indic. Hawaii is providing Romanized Vietnamese, Thai and CJK. The Getty is providing Arabic.

The records will be mounted on the Endeavor server in Chicago. We will receive viewing instructions when the records are ready for viewing.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Thurston

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