Acquisitions Testing Guidelines

June 17, 2002



General Testing Instructions


Our goal is to make sure that our Vendor records migrated perfectly from Notis to Voyager.  We have 1 day, June 17, to verify that our data migrated correctly.


To QA the extract, you will need:




How Orbis Vendor records are migrated


Since the Voyager vendor record has a different format than the Orbis vendor record, some fields will appear differently in Voyager.







Data Review


Do a broad analysis of the conversion changes in your 15 favorite Vendor records. 


1.  Display one of your Vendor records in Orbis.


2.  Display the same Vendor record in Voyager.  To display a vendor record in Voyager:


3.  Compare the Orbis vendor record with the Voyager vendor record.  Make sure that all vendor record information was migrated to Voyager.  Check each of the following:


q       Vendor Code

q       Vendor Name

q       Vendor Type

q       Institution ID

q       Notes

q       All addresses

q       Order, Pay, Return, Claim addresses marked correctly



Please send me a final report of your data migration review by 12:00am on Monday, June 17.