Fund Structure           


There are three types of funds in Voyager: summary funds, allocated funds, and reporting funds. The purpose of summary funds is to group similar funds together so that you can get a summary of expenditures for those funds (endowment funds, funds for a specific library, etc.). The money is actually assigned to the allocated funds. The allocated funds are broken down into reporting funds to keep track of how much money is spent on particular formats or kinds of materials (monographs, serials, binding, etc.) The money is initially assigned to the allocated fund, but the reporting funds expend money from that allocated fund.


Funds are grouped into ledgers. We will have seven ledgers based on the way the Orbis fund reporting is set up currently: Area Collections, Medical Collections, School & Departmental Libraries, Science Libraries, Social Science Library, Special Collections, and Sterling Library.


The fund structure in Voyager will look very familiar. Each fund has a name and a code. The allocated fund names will be the same ones you are used to, but without the year at the end (e.g. MEDHEUB02 will be MEDHEUB). The year is in the ledger name. Since there are no expenditure class codes in Voyager to track the different formats, we will be using reporting funds to do that. There is room for 10 characters in the fund code, so the 7 characters of the fund name will be followed by a 3-digit expenditure class code. The initial zero in the expenditure class code will be dropped.



Allocated fund name: MEDBARK

Expenditure class code: 0205 (serials)

In Voyager the reporting fund name will be MEDBARK Serials and the reporting fund code will be MEDBARK205.


When Endeavor migrated our fund information, they could only map the basic fund names or allocated funds (i.e. MEDMONO or MEDBARK). Since there is no equivalent of expenditure class codes in Voyager, Endeavor will not be able to map the expenditure class codes to the correct recording funds we have set up in Voyager. 



Endeavor can only map the basic fund “MEDMONO” to Voyager, not MEDMONO plus expenditure class code 0105


For the purpose of the migration, we will add the name “Conversion” after all the reporting fund names and map each fund to a dummy reporting fund ending in 999.



Fund name: MEDBARK

Migration reporting fund name:  MEDBARK Conversion

Migration reporting fund code: MEDBARK999


This will necessitate some clean-up in Voyager. When you go to pay for an item, you will need to change the dummy reporting fund code to a real reporting fund by replacing the 999 with a real expenditure class code or by selecting the correct fund from the ledger (e.g. MEDBARK105).