Implementation Group

Minutes September 18, 2001



The meeting started with a discussion of the Sample Closed Orders Database. Kalee explained to Amelia, Cindy, Jim, Mary Ellen, and consultants Edith Baradi and Janet Prochownik that Yale is considering buying an Access database of closed order information from Endeavor. Kalee needs to know if we want such a database and, if so, what fields we want included. Preliminary work which Suzanna had done indicated that staff did want as much order information as possible saved. The group started to compile a list of necessary fields at the meeting. Cindy will finish the list and send it out to the rest of the group for comment. Kalee needs the information by Friday, Sept. 21st.

We were then joined by Debbie, Fanny, and Roy for a discussion of the fund structures. Roy & Debbie still do not have access to the new test database, but Roy had mapped out the structure for part of the Area Collections Ledger (African and East Asian) on paper. Cindy reported that in her Medical Ledger, she had created an allocated fund for Medical (medmono02) and a reporting fund for videos (medmono768), but that when she used the video fund in a purchase order, she got the message "insufficient funds" and had to allocate money to the reporting fund. In the training session, this had not been necessary and the money had been deducted from the allocated fund. We need to test this further.

Action items:

Roy will enter the Area Collections Ledger in the test database & then we can start using those funds in purchase orders and invoices.

Cindy will get more information from Scott Wicks at Cornell about ledgers & funds.

Cindy & Jim will meet to plan a schedule for the Acq/Ser Group. The group will be working on setting up workflows.

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