Cat Memo No. 3



MFHD Indicators


It is critical that MFHD 852 indicators be coded correctly.If you use a <blank> indicator in the first position the call number is not indexed.


First indicator values are:


††††††††† <blank> - No information provided

††††††††† 0 - Library of Congress classification

††††††††† 3 - Superintendent of Documents classification

††††††††† 7 - Source specified in subfield $2(Old Yale and other local schemes)

††††††††† 8 - Other scheme (For frontlog type materials, on order, in process, and suppressed records in which the LC, SuDoc, or local Yale number is not retained)


Second indicator value should be: 0 (zero) for single volume monographs

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††† 1 or 2 for multi-part monographs and serials



Reviewing Your Work


When you begin cataloging in Voyager, you should do two things:


1)      Search the title you just cataloged in the OPAC and make sure that everything displays correctly.The URL for production WebVoyage is

Reviewing your work in the OPAC is a good habit to develop.This is what patrons see, and it is often easier to spot your errors or omissions without all the MARC tags.


2)      Give you supervisor or department head a list of the Voyager IDís for the titles you cataloged during the first few weeks of Voyager implementation.They will review them one more time to make sure that your cataloging is complete.You should give your supervisor a list daily.


Procedures for Deletion, Suppression and Reuse


The Notis procedures for Deletion, Suppression and Reuse have been revised to incorporate Voyager functionality.Please view them as interim procedures.It is possible that there will be changes over the next couple of months as we learn more about Voyager and how it works.††††††††††† Begin using these procedures after July 15 --- no records should be deleted or suppressed in Voyager before that date.


Call number hierarchy for units cataloging in RLIN


Near East, East Asia and Hebraica cataloging units (who catalog in RLIN) should set up their preference for call number hierarchy according to the following:


Options > Preferences > General > Call Number Hierarchy > LCRLIN.


This preference uses the 090,050 hierarchy rather than 050, 090.



Joan Swanekamp

Chief Catalog Librarian and Head of the Catalog Department

June 10, 2002