Cat Memo No. 4



Records that did not migrate to Voyager


It appears that some records were updated in NOTIS when acquisitions staff received a title for an open order in the A-V range after May 13.  As a result, the record is in NOTIS but not in Voyager.  In this situation:

Please keep statistics on these and forward those numbers directly to me on a weekly basis.


035 Field


Do not delete 035 $9, the NOTIS ID number.

A document outlining 035 usage and which ones to delete will be issued shortly.


Oversize Document


The oversize document mentioned in Cat Memo #2 has been revised.  Please bookmark the correct link:


Old (obsolete) link:


The current link is:


ExportQ Update


ExportQ no longer affects OCLC response time, so OCLC Passport does not need to be closed when using OCLC.  Staff must however, disconnect from OCLC when not in use. 




Joan Swanekamp

Chief Catalog Librarian

July 12, 2002