Cat Memo No. 5

  1. A number of fields migrated from Notis (or RLIN for CJK records) and are no longer valid in Voyager.  These fields must be deleted before you can complete cataloging or update the record in any way.  Fields and subfields to delete are:


090 |h and |I


  1. It is important to remember to always use the Voyager delimiter sign (F9) and not the NOTIS | symbol.  If you use the NOTIS symbol, it affects searching and indexing in call numbers it corrupts the display and creates an error when printing the call number label.


  1. 035 Field - when loading bib records received from MARS, the Voyager loader automatically adds the Voyager ID in the 035 field. You must edit out this Voyager 035 field when using the "Record>Make a Copy" command when creating records for variant editions.


  1. When loading updated authority records received through MARS (or when importing auth records locally), the Voyager authority record merge profile causes some information in 64X fields in series records to be duplicated.  Staff should be aware of this and not get confused by it.  Review the description of the problem and example:


  1. The Endeavor loader program did not re-order fields as part of the migration. All bib fields migrated exactly in the same order. So, for example, a provisional-level NOTIS record that had a 949 tag followed by a 970 tag migrated to Voyager with a 948 field followed by a 700 field.

    910:1 : |a Parker, Louis Napoleon, |d 1852-1944
    924:14: |a The monkey's paw, |b a story in three scenes.
    926:0 : |a New York : S. French; [etc., etc., c1910].
    949/1: : |a 910 corrected sml,dbm 11/91
    970/1:10: |a Jacobs, W. W. |q (William Wymark), |d 1863-1943.

    035     __ |9 PAX3838YL
    100     1_ |a Parker, Louis Napoleon, |d 1852-1944
    245     14 |a The monkey's paw, |b a story in three scenes.
    260     0_ |a New York : S. French; [etc., etc., c1910].
    948     __ |a 910 corrected sml,dbm 11/91
    700     10 |a Jacobs, W. W. |q (William Wymark), |d 1863-1943.


  1. Call number labeling problems:
  1. It a title was cataloged in NOTIS on an A-V range record after the initial bibliographic load, the full catalog record did not migrate to Voyager.  The record must be recreated manually in Voyager.  If there was a charge attached to the record, the charge also did not migrate.
  2. Item record fields are exclusively for the use of typical enumeration and chronological data.  The free text note should not be used at this time. 



Joan Swanekamp


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