Circulation Implementation Group

Minutes August 30th, 2001

1. Patron Groups & categories - please bring your completed Excel spreadsheets (if you did not receive .xls file last week as an email attachment- let me know ASAP)

Sue Burdick suggested we treat this task similar to the way the Locations sub-group is treating their task: make a list of patron groups we KNOW we no longer need or use; then make a list of those we know we WILL need.


TO BE WEEDED, or accounted for by some other means:

2. Payment types

3. Statistical categories -


4. Summary of Endeavor Project Planning Mtg. (JP & SES)

Judy will pass her Monday notes to me, then I'll summarize for group. We were given a notebook outlining the process of implementation & tasks to be accomplished. Also in the notebook is the completed Data Migration Questionnaire (DMQ) detailing Yale and Endeavor responsibilities. If you would like to see this, let me know. I attended Day Two, along with Locations Sub-group. We began with a question & Answer period:

1. Acquisitions related items - pros & cons of loading order records as Pending or Approved; Fiscal Year Rollover what happens? (ALL modules except for webpac will be down for this -even Circ - due to traffic on server!! Also, this process must be monitered by staff - cannot be run on it's own!!)

2. Cataloging issue: LCRC - bibs and auths from LC will be loaded into it's own separate database. It's very easy to pull records into your OPAC because it's a "Voyager to Voyager connection".

3. What is impact of large numbers of Location Codes? Answer: They slow down response time in Acquisitions, Sys Admin, and Circulation modules, as well as OPAC access. *Each location has minimum of 80 links in relational database that makes up Endeavor Voyager.* (8/31 Clarification: response time is NOT affected. Modules may take a few milliseconds longer to open, which might not even be noticed.)

4. Item types - keep in mind that item types are across policy groups & not limited to use in only one. Policy groups can define item types - item types do not have to be the same system-wide!

5. Next topic of questions concerned searching & indexes... Browse vs. left-anchored searches, composite indexes vs, custom indexes (see me for details)

The last half of the meeting dealt with Data Migration issues - Kalee's group will be writing many of the specs for the Endeavor staff to prepare. On Audrey's draft implementation plan, Task #83 is "Identification and possible conversion of sensitive MARC tags" - an example of this would be donor information in the MARC record. Endeavor may be investigating the suppression of certain MARC tags in the wepac public display...

6. Audrey will be revising some portions of the Implementation schedule to allow for more in-depth testing between test loads and production loads in 2002.

Future Circ Impl. work-group meeting schedule will be discussed via email...

-notes distributed 8/30 by Shawn Steidinger.



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