Summary of Circulation Implementation Group mtg, Thurs. Dec 6, 2001, SML 410:

  Attending: Marybeth Bean, John Gallagher, Cindy Greenspun, Judy Parker, Shawn Steidinger

 1. Intervals for each Circ Pol Grp Definition

        John Gallagher will create a spreadsheet to record our decisions regarding filling in the Intervals tab of each Circ Policy Group. These values will be hammered out at Monday's gathering at SCML.

 2.  Shelving/In-Transit interval for each Circulating Location in each Circ Pol Grp. Definition

        John will create a spreadsheet listing each circ happening loc (currently, one per group) with columns for recording decisions about Initial Item Type, Default Location, Shelving Interval, In-transit Interval (Sue C-P recommends no less than 72 hours), and whether or not this loc will be able to Collect Fines, perform Courtesy Discharges, print various types of slips, and whether or not to suppress items-on-the-fly in OPAC.

 3. Replacement cost for each item type in Circ Pol Grp Definitions (get Sue C-Pís views) According to the manual: "The system uses an Item Type replacement cost as the amount to charge a patron for a lost item if there is no price in the itemís item record."  Marybeth brought up the fact that perhaps we should talk to members of the Cat and Acq Implementation teams to discuss whether or not to add an item's cost to the Item Record IF that cost EXCEEDS the default replacement cost. Default replacement costs will be consistent across policy groups. In other words, a "circ" item type at Kline will have the same value as a "circ" item type at Mudd.

 4. Format of Name of Circ Happening Locations: 

        Should names be CIRC SML or SML CIRC? Or should they be "circ SML" or "SML circ"? If "CIRC" appears first, they group together for SysAdmin purposes. If the location appears first, it's easier to find the appropriate name when reading left to right down a drop-down list in the login of the Circ module.  Decision is to go with whatever the other Impl. teams decide... it really makes no difference to this group...

 5. Determine whether or not we will have Item Statistical categories (Cat has decided they don't need any) - This decision has been tabled for the next meeting on Monday.

 Next meeting will be an all-day-long affair, Monday, Dec 10th, at SCML.  Plan to arrive around 8:30AM.

 -summary submitted by Shawn Steidinger, 12/06/01

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