21 August 2001



Audrey Novak, PM report:

- David Gewirtz is in California at the SUN test center with Endeavor hardware specialists.  They are conducting a certification test of the servers we want to purchase for the production system. These servers are a new SUN line and have not been used at an Endeavor site to date.

- Audrey attended a 2 day Unicode task force meeting at Endeavor. The next phase of the implementation of support for non-roman scripts will be the conversion of the Endeavor database (now in the RLIN character set) to Unicode (specifically, to UTF-8).  Endeavor hopes to have this conversion in beta by Jan and in production this Spring.  In addition to converting the database, the cataloging client will include the ability to create non-roman script characters. Culturally appropriate indexing of the 880s is not part of this phase of Unicode development.

- Next Monday-Tuesday representatives from Endeavor will be here for a 2-day planning meeting.  They will meet with Audrey and the Chairs of each of the Imp groups.  Additionally, on Tuesday morning they will meet with the Location sub-group and the new indexing sub-group.  The main focus of the meeting is to review the project plan. Endeavor is sending a draft plan in advance of the meeting.

Patricia Thurston,  Cataloging/Authorities Implementation Group:

The Cat group is working on: policy groups (1 or 2), owning libraries (1 or 2), happening locs, Marc Tag Tables and workflow 

Shawn Steidinger,  Circulation Implementation Group:

This group is addressing: Patron groups/patron categories  relationship and deciding if patron categories can be merged

Ellen Cordes,  OPAC Implementation Group:

The OPAC group took at look at other Endeavor catalogs to determine what they like and donít like in OPAC design.

They are also looking at the new design of our current Orbis-on-the-Web pages with the hope that these design changes can be carried over to WebVoyage.

Gail Barnett (for Roy Lechich), Systems Group

Systems is expanding their task list paying particular attention to the local development projects such as all of the transfers from the library system to the University systems, patron loads, LSF programs, etc.

Cindy Crooker,  Acquisitions Implementation Group:

The Acq group is hammering out fund structures. Since Voyager is set up differently from Notis, they will need to talk to selectors. They also need to start thinking about acquisitions policy groups.

Audrey mentioned that fund structure and location code mapping are our two big issues  it will be hard to make changes to these once in place.


Kalee Sprague gave presentation of data migration progress.  For details see:


- Audrey asked everyone to send to her this week (before the Endeavor Planning meetings) any issues that surfaced during Voyager training.

- Audrey asked the Chairs of the Acq, Cat, Circ and OPAC groups to send her 2 names for participation in the indexing sub-group.  Identify one person as the primary member, another as the secondary.  Please send names by Wed, 22 August.