Yale Record Customizations – Test Load 1

Bibliographic records

  1. Orbis Key migrated to 035$9.
  2. Convert provisional record 9xx tags to valid USMARC tags (unless a non-9xx tag, like an 035, is present in the record).
  3. Drop fields 927,928,940,950,955,998.
  4. Title level notes from the copy holdings record are loaded in a 948 field.
  5. Deleted and Suppressed bibliographic records are loaded as Suppressed; all other bibs should be visible in the OPAC.

Holdings records

  1. Map Notis Copy Holdings Statements to field 852 in a USMARC Format Holdings records (MFHDs). (See http://lcweb.loc.gov/marc/holdings/echdloca.html#mrch852)
  2. Convert semi-colons in Yale call numbers as follows:
    1. Eliminate semi-colon between first alpha sequence and first numeric; i.e. PS;1 becomes simply PS1
    2. Eliminate semis that directly preceed decimal points. i.e. BS191;.A1 becomes BS191.A1
    3. Replace all other semi-colons with spaces.
  3. Load CLASS ‘Z’ copy statements as suppressed holdings records. Sort suppressed holdings records after unsuppressed holdings.
  4. Load "UM=" and exploding Copy Statement notes into public note, 852|z. Coded notes exploded to full text.
  5. Regular Copy Statement notes loaded into non-public note, 852|x.
  6. Map Notis location codes to Voyager location codes.
  7. Current Order Receipts written to 866 holdings statements in the MFHD.
  8. Order record notes written to 852 |x
  9. Order record action date written to 852$d

Item records

  1. Map Notis Item Conditions to Voyager Item Statuses.
  2. Map Notis Loan Codes to Voyager Item Types.
  3. Map Notis Temp Locations to Voyager Location Codes.
  4. Split ‘Enum/Chron’ into two separate fields: Enumeration & Chronology.
  5. Charge counts in items with multiple subrecords should be added together and migrated to the charge field.
  6. Map Item Conditions to Item Statuses.
  7. Unlinked Items attached to brief bibliographic records.

Authority records

NOTIS specific Heading Use Code of ‘c’ is changed to its USMARC equivalent of ‘a’.

Still to Come in future loads…

  1. Overlay current Orbis records in non-roman languages with RLIN vernacular records, using the 035 RLIN number as a match point. The Orbis key of the matching records will be retained in 035$9.
  2. Map the Orbis 949 note field to a 948 note field.
  3. Replace ‘um=See K AAA0000" holdings notes with notes more meaningful in the Endeavor system. General criteria when doing a comparison on the Orbis "um=" notes:

e.g. K=AAA0000 or K[space] =AAA0000 or K[space] =[space] AAA0000)

*Yale question: the YL suffix in the substitution string assumes that Endeavor will migrate our Notis record keys with a YL suffix (YL is our one and only processing unit). Is the suffix optional?


"um=see k=AAA0000" becomes "um=do a Keyword search on AAA0000YL"

"um=For circulation information, type K=fjz1294" becomes

"um=For circulation information, do a Keyword search on FJZ1294YL"


"um= FOR CIRCULATION INFORMATION, do a Keyword search on PCC3121YL"