Draft Location Mapping Table

ART/ARCHITECTURE art     art  
  art norm circ art  
  art bldg inbuilding art  
  art jour jour art  
  art jr81 jour art  
  art jr82 jour art  
  art jr83 jour art  
  art jr84 jour art  
  art jr85 jour art  
  art jr86 jour art  
  art jr87 jour art  
  art jr88 jour art  
  art jr89 jour art  
  art jr90 jour art  
  art jr91 jour art  
  art jr92 jour art  
  art jr00 jour01 art  
  art jr93 jour93 art  
  art jr94 jour94 art  
  art jr95 jour95 art  
  art jr96 jour96 art  
  art rstr nocirc art  
  art othr other art  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Birren, Locked art,birr     artbirr  
  art,birr norm nocirc artbirr  
  art,birr rstr nocirc artbirr  
  art,birr othr other artbirr  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Closed Reserve art,cr     artcr  
  art,cr othr other artcr  
  art,cr norm closres artcr  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Gallery art,gal     artgal  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Locked Case 1 art,lck1     artlck1  
  art,lck1 jour nocirc artlck1  
  art,lck1 norm nocirc artlck1  
  art,lck1 rstr nocirc artlck1  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Locked Case 2 art,lck2     artlck2  
  art,lck2 norm nocirc artlck2  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Librarian's Off 1 art,lo1     artlo1  
  art,lo1 norm nocirc artlo1  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Librarian's Off 2 art,lo2     artlo2  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Microfiche, Locked art,micl     artmicl  
  art,micl norm microform artmicl  
ART, Not Selected for the Collection art,nogo     artnogo  
ART, Out of Print -- Consult Staff art,op     artop  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Open Reserve art,or     artor  
  art,or norm reserve artor  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Periodicals 1 art,per1     artper  
  art,per1 norm nocirc artper  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Reference art,ref     artref  
  art,ref norm reference artref  
  art,ref rstr reference artref  
  art,ref jour refjour artref  
  art,ref jr94 refjour94 artref  
  art,ref jr96 refjour96 artref  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Reference, Biog art,refb     artrefb  
  art,refb norm reference artrefb  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Reference, Catalog art,refc     artrefc  
  art,refc norm reference artrefc  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Reference, Index art,refi     artrefi  
  art,refi norm reference artrefi  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Slides/Photos, Ref art,spr     artspr  
  art,spr norm reference artspr  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Slides/Photos art,sps     artsps  
  art,sps norm nocirc artsps  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Study 2 art,sty2     artsty2  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Tech Services art,ts     artts  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Uncataloged A art,unca     artunca  
  art,unca norm nocirc artunca  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Uncataloged D art,uncd     artuncd  
  art,uncd norm nocirc artuncd  
ART/ARCHITECTURE, Uncataloged I art,unci     artunci  
  art,unci norm nocirc artunci  
ASTRONOMY, Room 217 Gibbs ast     ast  
  ast lsfn circ ast  
  ast norm circ ast  
  ast jour jour ast  
ASTRONOMY, Reference, Room 217 Gibbs ast,ref     astref  
  ast,ref norm reference astref  
BRITISH ART, Prints/Drawings bac,pd     bacpd  
  bac,pd norm nocirc bacpd  
BRITISH ART, Rare Books bac,rb     bacrb  
  bac,rb bldg nocirc bacrb  
  bac,rb norm nocirc bacrb  
  bac,rb rstr nocirc bacrb  
BRITISH ART, Rare Books, Octavo bac,rb1     bacrb1  
BRITISH ART, Rare Books, Curator bac,rbcu     bacrbcu  
BRITISH ART, Reference bac,ref     bacref  
  bac,ref norm reference bacref  
  bac,ref othr reference bacref  
  bac,ref rstr reference bacref  
BRITISH ART, Reference, Conservation bac,refc     bacrefc  
  bac,refc norm reference bacrefc  
BRITISH ART, Reference, Ref Desk bac,refd     bacrefd  
  bac,refd norm reference bacrefd  
BRITISH ART, Ref, Librarian's Office bac,refl     bacrefl  
  bac,refl norm reference bacrefl  
BRITISH ART, Ref, Photo Archive bac,refp     bacrefp  
  bac,refp norm reference bacrefp  
BRITISH ART, Ref, Vertical File bac,refv     bacrefv  
BEINECKE, Elizabethan Club bein,eliz     beineliz  
  bein,eliz norm nocirc beineliz  
BEINECKE bein,gen     beingen  
  bein,gen bldg nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jour nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jr80 nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jr81 nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jr82 nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jr83 nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jr84 nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jr85 nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jr86 nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jr87 nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen jr88 nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen norm nocirc beingen  
  bein,gen rstr nocirc beingen  
BEINECKE bein,osb     beinosb  
  bein,osb norm nocirc beinosb  
BEINECKE, Reference bein,ref     beinref  
  bein,ref norm reference beinref  
  bein,ref rstr reference beinref  
BEINECKE, Stack Reference bein,sref     beinsref  
  bein,sref norm reference beinsref  
  bein,sref rstr reference beinsref  
BEINECKE bein,wa     beinwa  
  bein,wa bldg nocirc beinwa  
  bein,wa jour nocirc beinwa  
  bein,wa jr89 nocirc beinwa  
  bein,wa jr90 nocirc beinwa  
  bein,wa jr91 nocirc beinwa  
  bein,wa jr92 nocirc beinwa  
  bein,wa jr93 nocirc beinwa  
  bein,wa jr94 nocirc beinwa  
  bein,wa norm nocirc beinwa  
  bein,wa rstr nocirc beinwa  
BEINECKE bein,ycal     beinycal  
  bein,ycal bldg nocirc beinycal  
  bein,ycal jour nocirc beinycal  
  bein,ycal jr80 nocirc beinycal  
  bein,ycal jr81 nocirc beinycal  
  bein,ycal jr85 nocirc beinycal  
  bein,ycal jr88 nocirc beinycal  
  bein,ycal norm nocirc beinycal  
  bein,ycal rstr nocirc beinycal  
BEINECKE bein,ycgl     beinycgl  
  bein,ycgl jr82 nocirc beinycgl  
  bein,ycgl norm nocirc beinycgl  
  bein,ycgl rstr nocirc beinycgl  
CCL, Stacks ccl     ccl  
  ccl lsfn circ ccl  
  ccl norm circ ccl  
  ccl bldg inbuilding ccl  
  ccl jour jour ccl  
  ccl jr82 jour ccl  
  ccl jr84 jour ccl  
  ccl jr87 jour ccl  
  ccl jr88 jour ccl  
  ccl jr92 jour ccl  
  ccl jr00 jour00 ccl  
  ccl jr01 jour01 ccl  
  ccl jr93 jour93 ccl  
  ccl jr99 jour99 ccl  
  ccl rstr nocirc ccl  
  ccl othr other ccl  
CCL, Stacks, Two-Week Reserve ccl,2wkr     ccl2wkr  
CCL, Stacks, Three-Day Reserve ccl,3day     ccl3day  
  ccl,3day norm 3day ccl3day  
  ccl,3day othr other ccl3day  
CCL, Closed Reserve, Audiotape ccl,aud     cclaud  
CCL, Bindery, Inquire at CCL Circ ccl,bind     cclbind  
CCL RESERVE, Not Yet Available (B) ccl,borr     cclborr  
  ccl,borr norm nocirc cclborr  
CCL, Closed Reserve, CD-ROM ccl,cd     cclcd  
  ccl,cd norm cd cclcd  
CCL, Closed Reserve, Lower Level ccl,clos     cclclos  
  ccl,clos norm closres cclclos  
  ccl,clos othr closres cclclos  
CCL, Electronic Text, Closed Reserve ccl,etc     ccletc  
  ccl,etc norm 2hr ccletc  
CCL, German Reading Rm, Lower Level ccl,ger     cclger  
  ccl,ger norm circ cclger  
CCL, Closed Reserve, 2-Hour ccl,hr2     cclhr2  
CCL, Stacks, 24-Hour Reserve ccl,hr24     cclhr24  
  ccl,hr24 norm 24hr cclhr24  
CCL, Librarian's Office, Upper Level ccl,libn     ccllibn  
  ccl,libn norm 2hr ccllibn  
CCL, Mountaineering Coll, Upper Levl ccl,mtn     cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn norm circ cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn bldg inbuilding cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jour jour cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr85 jour cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr86 jour cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr90 jour cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr91 jour cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr92 jour cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr00 jour00 cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr93 jour93 cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr94 jour94 cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr95 jour95 cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr96 jour96 cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr97 jour97 cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr98 jour98 cclmtn  
  ccl,mtn jr99 jour99 cclmtn  
CCL, Stacks, Overnight Reserve ccl,nite     ccl  
CCL, Not Selected for the Collection ccl,nogo     cclnogo  
  ccl,nogo norm nocirc cclnogo  
CCL, Out of Print -- Consult Staff ccl,op     cclop  
  ccl,op norm nocirc cclop  
CCL, Poor Condition, Closed Reserve ccl,poor     cclpoor  
CCL, Inquire at Sml Preservation Off ccl,pres     cclpres  
CCL, Request Access, Closed Reserve ccl,ra1     cclra1  
CCL, Reference, Upper Level ccl,ref     cclref  
  ccl,ref bldg inbuilding cclref  
  ccl,ref rstr reference cclref  
  ccl,ref othr other cclref  
  ccl,ref norm reference cclref  
  ccl,ref jr91 refjour cclref  
  ccl,ref jr95 refjour95 cclref  
CCL, Ref Atlas Case, Upper Level ccl,refa     cclrefa  
CCL, Closed Reserve Software ccl,soft     cclsoft  
  ccl,soft norm software cclsoft  
CCL RESERVE, Not Yet Available (T) ccl,tran     ccltran  
CCL, Closed Reserve, Videotape ccl,vid     cclvid  
  ccl,vid norm video cclvid  
CCL, Non-Library Material ccl,zzz     cclzzz  
  ccl,zzz jour jour cclzzz  
  ccl,zzz jr80 jour cclzzz  
  ccl,zzz jr81 jour cclzzz  
  ccl,zzz jr82 jour cclzzz  
  ccl,zzz jr84 jour cclzzz  
  ccl,zzz norm nocirc cclzzz  
CHEMISTRY chem     chem  
  chem norm circ chem  
  chem bldg inbuilding chem  
  chem jour jour chem  
  chem jr88 jour chem  
  chem jr89 jour chem  
  chem jr94 jour94 chem  
CHEMISTRY, Reference chem,ref     chemref  
  chem,ref bldg reference chemref  
  chem,ref jour jour chemref  
  chem,ref norm reference chemref  
CHEMISTRY, Workstation Room chem,wkst     chemwkst  
  chem,wkst bldg inbuilding chemwkst  
  chem,wkst jour jour chemwkst  
  chem,wkst norm nocirc chemwkst  
CLASSICS clas     clas  
  clas norm circ clas  
  clas rstr circ clas  
  clas jour jour clas  
  clas jr86 jour clas  
  clas jr89 jour clas  
  clas jr90 jour clas  
  clas jr91 jour clas  
  clas jr93 jour93 clas  
  clas jr95 jour95 clas  
  clas jr97 jour97 clas  
CLASSIC, Out of Print--Consult Staff class,op     clas  
COWLES FOUNDATION cowl     cowl  
  cowl norm nocirc cowl  
DIVINITY, Stacks div     div  
  div lsfn circ div  
  div norm circ div  
  div bldg inbuilding div  
  div jour jour div  
  div jr79 jour div  
  div jr80 jour div  
  div jr81 jour div  
  div jr82 jour div  
  div jr83 jour div  
  div jr84 jour div  
  div jr85 jour div  
  div jr86 jour div  
  div jr87 jour div  
  div jr88 jour div  
  div jr89 jour div  
  div jr90 jour div  
  div jr91 jour div  
  div jr92 jour div  
  div jr00 jour00 div  
  div jr01 jour01 div  
  div jr02 jour02 div  
  div jr93 jour93 div  
  div jr94 jour94 div  
  div jr95 jour95 div  
  div jr96 jour96 div  
  div jr97 jour97 div  
  div jr98 jour98 div  
  div jr99 jour99 div  
  div rstr nocirc div  
DIVINITY, Three Day Reserve div,3day     div3day  
  div,3day norm 3day div3day  
DIVINITY, Annex, Stacks - Rm. 34 div,annx     divannx  
  div,annx lsfn circ divannx  
  div,annx norm circ divannx  
  div,annx bldg inbuilding divannx  
  div,annx jr93 jour93 divannx  
  div,annx rstr nocirc divannx  
DIVINITY RESERVE (Not yet available) div,borr     divborr  
DIVINITY, Circulation Desk div,cd     divcd  
  div,cd norm nocirc divcd  
  div,cd rstr nocirc divcd  
  div,cd othr other divcd  
DIVINITY, Day Missions Room div,dmr     divdmr  
  div,dmr norm circ divdmr  
MUDD LIBRARY, Divinity div,east     diveast  
  div,east norm circ diveast  
DIVINITY, 24-hour Reserve div,hr24     divhr24  
  div,hr24 norm 24hr divhr24  
DIVINITY, Librarian's Office div,lo     divlo  
  div,lo norm nocirc divlo  
DIVINITY, Ministry Resource Center div,mrc     divmrc  
  div,mrc norm ministry divmrc  
DIVINITY, Ministry Res Ctr Reference div,mrr     divmrr  
  div,mrr norm reference divmrr  
DIVINITY, Ministry Res Ctr Video div,mrv     divmrv  
  div,mrv norm video divmrv  
DIVINITY, Restricted Circulation div,rc     divrc  
  div,rc jr89 nocirc divrc  
  div,rc jr91 nocirc divrc  
  div,rc jr93 nocirc divrc  
  div,rc jr94 nocirc divrc  
  div,rc jr95 nocirc divrc  
  div,rc jr96 nocirc divrc  
  div,rc jr97 nocirc divrc  
  div,rc jr99 nocirc divrc  
  div,rc lsfn nocirc divrc  
  div,rc norm nocirc divrc  
DIVINITY, Reserve div,res     divres  
  div,res jr99 jour99 divres  
  div,res norm reserve divres  
DIVINITY, Ref Librarian's Office div,rlo     divrlo  
  div,rlo norm nocirc divrlo  
DIVINITY, Trowbridge Reading Room div,rr     divrr  
  div,rr bldg reference divrr  
  div,rr norm reference divrr  
  div,rr rstr reference divrr  
  div,rr jr79 refjour divrr  
  div,rr jr87 refjour divrr  
  div,rr jr88 refjour divrr  
  div,rr jr89 refjour divrr  
  div,rr jr90 refjour divrr  
  div,rr jr91 refjour divrr  
  div,rr jr92 refjour divrr  
  div,rr jr00 refjour00 divrr  
  div,rr jr01 refjour01 divrr  
  div,rr jr93 refjour93 divrr  
  div,rr jr94 refjour94 divrr  
  div,rr jr95 refjour95 divrr  
  div,rr jr96 refjour96 divrr  
  div,rr jr97 refjour97 divrr  
  div,rr jr98 refjour98 divrr  
  div,rr jr99 refjour99 divrr  
DIVINITY, Reserve - No overnight loan div,rsno     divrsno  
  div,rsno norm 2hr divrsno  
DIVINITY, Special Collections div,spc     divspc  
  div,spc norm nocirc divspc  
DIVINITY, Stack Reference div,sr     divsr  
  div,sr bldg reference divsr  
  div,sr jr87 refjour divsr  
  div,sr jr88 refjour divsr  
  div,sr jr89 refjour divsr  
  div,sr jr90 refjour divsr  
  div,sr jr91 refjour divsr  
  div,sr jr92 refjour divsr  
  div,sr jr00 refjour00 divsr  
  div,sr jr01 refjour01 divsr  
  div,sr jr93 refjour93 divsr  
  div,sr jr94 refjour94 divsr  
  div,sr jr95 refjour95 divsr  
  div,sr jr96 refjour96 divsr  
  div,sr jr97 refjour97 divsr  
  div,sr jr98 refjour98 divsr  
  div,sr jr99 refjour99 divsr  
  div,sr norm reference divsr  
DIVINITY, Technical Services div,ts     divts  
  div,ts jr91 nocirc divts  
  div,ts jr93 nocirc divts  
  div,ts norm nocirc divts  
DIVINITY, 7 day reserve div,wk1     divwk1r  
  div,wk1 norm 1week divwk1r  
DRAMA, LC Classification dra     dra  
  dra norm circ dra  
  dra bldg inbuilding dra  
  dra rstr nocirc dra  
DRAMA, Abel Thomas Collection dra,at     draat  
  dra,at norm nocirc draat  
DRAMA, B Boxes dra,bbx     drabbx  
  dra,bbx norm circ drabbx  
  dra,bbx bldg inbuilding drabbx  
  dra,bbx rstr nocirc drabbx  
DRAMA, Closed Reserve dra,cr     dracr  
  dra,cr norm closres dracr  
  dra,cr bldg closres dracr  
DRAMA, Folio, LC Classification dra,foll     drafoll  
  dra,foll norm nocirc drafoll  
  dra,foll rstr nocirc drafoll  
DRAMA, Folio, Non-LC Classification dra,folo     drafolo  
  dra,folo norm nocirc drafolo  
DRAMA, George Pierce Baker Coll dra,gpb     dragpb  
  dra,gpb norm nocirc dragpb  
  dra,gpb rstr nocirc dragpb  
DRAMA, Hall Closet dra,hcl     drahclc  
  dra,hcl norm circ drahclc  
  dra,hcl bldg inbuilding drahclc  
  dra,hcl rstr nocirc drahclc  
DRAMA, New Book Shelf dra,nbs     dranbs  
  dra,nbs norm circ dranbs  
DRAMA, Non-LC Classification dra,od     draod  
  dra,od norm circ draod  
  dra,od bldg inbuilding draod  
  dra,od rstr nocirc draod  
DRAMA, Open Reserve dra,or     draor  
  dra,or bldg reserve draor  
  dra,or norm reserve draor  
DRAMA, Periodicals dra,per     draperc  
  dra,per norm circ draperc  
  dra,per bldg inbuilding draperc  
  dra,per jour jour draperc  
  dra,per jr91 jour draperc  
  dra,per jr92 jour draperc  
  dra,per jr95 jour95 draperc  
  dra,per jr96 jour96 draperc  
  dra,per jr98 jour98 draperc  
  dra,per rstr nocirc draperc  
DRAMA, Reference, LC Classification dra,refl     drarefl  
  dra,refl bldg reference drarefl  
  dra,refl jr90 reference drarefl  
  dra,refl jr91 reference drarefl  
  dra,refl norm reference drarefl  
DRAMA, Reference, Non-LC Class dra,refo     drarefo  
  dra,refo norm reference drarefo  
DRAMA, Scripts, Locked Cage dra,scr     drascrc  
  dra,scr norm circ drascrc  
  dra,scr bldg inbuilding drascrc  
  dra,scr rstr nocirc drascrc  
DRAMA, Theses, Locked Cage dra,the     drathe  
  dra,the bldg nocirc drathe  
  dra,the norm nocirc drathe  
  dra,the rstr nocirc drathe  
ENGIN/APPL SCI engn     engn  
  engn lsfn circ engn  
  engn norm circ engn  
  engn bldg inbuilding engn  
  engn jour jour engn  
  engn jr91 jour engn  
  engn othr other engn  
ENGIN/APPL SCI, not yet available engn,borr     engnborr  
ENGIN/APPL SCI, 24-Hour Reserve engn,hr24     engnhr24  
ENGIN/APPL SCI, Librarian's Office engn,lo     engnlo  
  engn,lo norm nocirc engnlo  
ENGIN/APPL SCI engn,nonc     engnnonc  
  engn,nonc bldg inbuilding engnnonc  
  engn,nonc norm nocirc engnnonc  
ENGIN/APPL SCI, Periodicals engn,per     engnper  
  engn,per bldg inbuilding engnper  
  engn,per jour jour engnper  
  engn,per norm nocirc engnper  
ENGIN/APPL SCI, Periodicals, 1st Flr engn,per1     engnper1  
ENGIN/APPL SCI, Permanent Reserve engn,perm     engnperm  
  engn,perm norm reserve engnperm  
ENGIN/APPL SCI, Reference engn,ref     engnref  
  engn,ref bldg reference engnref  
  engn,ref norm reference engnref  
  engn,ref jour refjour engnref  
ENGIN/APPL SCI, Report Section engn,rep     engnrep  
  engn,rep norm circ engnrep  
ENGIN/APPL SCI, Reserve engn,res     engnres  
  engn,res norm reserve engnres  
EPH eph     eph  
  eph norm circ eph  
  eph jour jour eph  
  eph jr88 jour eph  
  eph jr89 jour eph  
  eph jr90 jour eph  
  eph jr91 jour eph  
  eph jr92 jour eph  
  eph jr93 jour93 eph  
  eph jr94 jour94 eph  
  eph jr95 jour95 eph  
  eph jr96 jour96 eph  
  eph jr97 jour97 eph  
EPH, U.S. Census eph,cens     ephcens  
  eph,cens norm nocirc ephcens  
EPH, Circulation eph,circ     ephcirc  
  eph,circ norm nocirc ephcirc  
EPH, Historical-Essays eph,hist     ephhist  
  eph,hist norm nocirc ephhist  
  eph,hist othr other ephhist  
EPH LIBRARY, 24-Hour Reserve eph,hr24     ephhr24  
EPH, NCHS Material eph,nchs     ephnchs  
  eph,nchs norm nocirc ephnchs  
EPH, Periodicals eph,per     ephper  
  eph,per bldg inbuilding ephper  
  eph,per norm nocirc ephper  
EPH, Reference eph,ref     ephref  
  eph,ref norm reference ephref  
EPH, Reserve eph,res norm reserve ephres  
  eph,res     ephres  
EPH LIBRARY, 3-day Reserve eph,res3     ephres3  
EPH, Reference Storage eph,sref     ephsref  
  eph,sref norm reference ephsref  
FILM STUDY CENTER, DVD film,dvd     filmdvd  
FILM STUDY CENTER, Video (VHS) film,fidv     filmfidv  
  film,fidv norm nocirc filmfidv  
FILM STUDY CENTER, Laserdisc film,lasr     filmlasr  
FILM STUDY CENTER, Reference film,ref     filmref  
FILM STUDY CENTER, Video (Beta) film,vidb     filmvidb  
FORESTRY for     for  
  for norm circ for  
  for bldg inbuilding for  
  for jour jour for  
  for jr81 jour for  
  for jr82 jour for  
  for jr83 jour for  
  for jr84 jour for  
  for jr85 jour for  
  for jr86 jour for  
  for jr87 jour for  
  for jr88 jour for  
  for jr89 jour for  
  for jr90 jour for  
  for jr94 jour94 for  
  for jr96 jour96 for  
  for jr97 jour97 for  
FORESTRY Reserve, not yet available for,borr     forborr  
FORESTRY, Folio Collection for,fol     forfol  
  for,fol norm nocirc forfol  
FORESTRY, Forest Service Collection for,fsc     forfsc  
  for,fsc jour nocirc forfsc  
  for,fsc norm nocirc forfsc  
FORESTRY, 2-Hour Reserve for,hr2     forhr2  
  for,hr2 norm 2hr forhr2  
FORESTRY, 24-Hour Reserve for,hr24     forhr24  
  for,hr24 norm 24hr forhr24  
FORESTRY, 3-Hour Reserve for,hr3     forhr3  
FORESTRY, Oversize Collection for,over     forover  
  for,over norm nocirc forover  
FORESTRY, Periodicals for,per     forper  
  for,per norm circ forper  
  for,per bldg inbuilding forper  
  for,per jour jour forper  
  for,per jr87 jour forper  
  for,per jr88 jour forper  
  for,per jr90 jour forper  
  for,per jr93 jour93 forper  
  for,per jr95 jour95 forper  
FORESTRY, Reference for,ref     forref  
  for,ref bldg reference forref  
  for,ref norm reference forref  
  for,ref jour refjour forref  
FORESTRY, Theses for,the     forthe  
  for,the norm circ forthe  
  for,the bldg inbuilding forthe  
GEOLOGY geo     geo  
  geo norm circ geo  
  geo bldg inbuilding geo  
  geo jour jour geo  
  geo rstr nocirc geo  
GEOLOGY, Computer Disk geo,dsk     geodsk  
  geo,dsk bldg inbuilding geodsk  
  geo,dsk norm cd geodsk  
GEOLOGY, Folio Collection geo,fol     geofol  
  geo,fol bldg nocirc geofol  
  geo,fol jour nocirc geofol  
  geo,fol norm nocirc geofol  
  geo,fol rstr nocirc geofol  
GEOLOGY, GIS COLL.(Ask at Circ. Desk) geo,gis     geogis  
GEOLOGY, 2-Hour Reserve geo,hr2     geohr2  
GEOLOGY, Map Room geo,map     geomap  
  geo,map norm nocirc geomap  
GEOLOGY, Microform (Noncirculating) geo,mic     geomic  
  geo,mic norm microform geomic  
GEOLOGY, Not selected for Collection geo,nogo     geonogo  
  geo,nogo norm nocirc geonogo  
GEOLOGY, Stacks geo,nonc     geononc  
  geo,nonc bldg nocirc geononc  
  geo,nonc jour nocirc geononc  
  geo,nonc norm nocirc geononc  
  geo,nonc rstr nocirc geononc  
GEOLOGY, Periodicals geo,per     geoper  
  geo,per bldg nocirc geoper  
  geo,per jour jour geoper  
  geo,per jr92 jour geoper  
  geo,per jr93 jour93 geoper  
  geo,per norm nocirc geoper  
  geo,per rstr nocirc geoper  
  geo,per othr other geoper  
GEOLOGY, Permanent Reserve geo,perm     geoperm  
GEOLOGY, Rare Book Cabinet geo,rbc     georbc  
  geo,rbc jour nocirc georbc  
  geo,rbc norm nocirc georbc  
  geo,rbc rstr nocirc georbc  
GEOLOGY, Rare Book Room geo,rbr     georbr  
  geo,rbr bldg nocirc georbr  
  geo,rbr jour nocirc georbr  
  geo,rbr norm nocirc georbr  
  geo,rbr rstr nocirc georbr  
GEOLOGY, Reference geo,ref     georef  
  geo,ref bldg reference georef  
  geo,ref rstr nocirc georef  
  geo,ref norm reference georef  
  geo,ref jour refjour georef  
GEOLOGY, Reserve geo,res     geores  
  geo,res norm reserve geores  
GEOLOGY, Reserve Reading Room geo,rrr     georrr  
  geo,rrr bldg inbuilding georrr  
  geo,rrr jour jour georrr  
  geo,rrr norm nocirc georrr  
GEOLOGY, Thesis Cabinet geo,the     geothe  
  geo,the norm nocirc geothe  
  geo,the rstr nocirc geothe  
GEOLOGY, Technical Services geo,ts     geots  
  geo,ts norm nocirc geots  
GEOLOGY, Non-Library Material geo,zzz     geozzz  
KLINE SCIENCE ksl     ksl  
  ksl norm circ ksl  
  ksl bldg inbuilding ksl  
  ksl jour jour ksl  
  ksl jr87 jour ksl  
  ksl jr96 jour96 ksl  
  ksl rstr nocirc ksl  
  ksl othr other ksl  
KLINE, Abstracts And Indexes ksl,abs     kslabs  
  ksl,abs bldg inbuilding kslabs  
  ksl,abs jour jour kslabs  
  ksl,abs norm nocirc kslabs  
KLINE, ANTHROPOLOGY ksl,ant     kslant  
  ksl,ant norm antcirc kslant  
  ksl,ant bldg antinbldg kslant  
  ksl,ant jour antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr80 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr81 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr82 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr83 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr84 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr85 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr86 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr87 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr88 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr89 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr91 antjour kslant  
  ksl,ant jr93 antjour93 kslant  
  ksl,ant jr94 antjour94 kslant  
  ksl,ant jr96 antjour96 kslant  
  ksl,ant othr other kslant  
KLINE, ANTHROPOLOGY, Locked Cage ksl,antc     kslantc  
  ksl,antc norm antnocirc kslantc  
KLINE, ANTHROPOLOGY, Microforms ksl,antm     kslantm  
KLINE, ANTHROPOLOGY, Oversize ksl,anto     kslanto  
  ksl,anto norm antcirc kslanto  
  ksl,anto bldg antinbldg kslanto  
KLINE, ANTHROPOLOGY, Periodicals ksl,antp     kslantp  
  ksl,antp bldg antinbldg kslantp  
  ksl,antp jour antjour kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr83 antjour kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr85 antjour kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr87 antjour kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr88 antjour kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr89 antjour kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr90 antjour kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr91 antjour kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr92 antjour92 kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr93 antjour93 kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr94 antjour94 kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr95 antjour95 kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr96 antjour96 kslantp  
  ksl,antp jr97 antjour97 kslantp  
  ksl,antp norm antnocirc kslantp  
KLINE, ANTHROPOLOGY, Reference ksl,antr     kslantr  
  ksl,antr bldg antinbldg kslantr  
  ksl,antr norm antref kslantr  
  ksl,antr jour antrefjour kslantr  
KLINE Reserve, not yet available ksl,borr     kslborr  
KLINE, Locked Cage (Ask Circ Desk) ksl,cage     kslcage  
  ksl,cage norm 2hr kslcage  
  ksl,cage bldg inbuilding kslcage  
  ksl,cage jour jour kslcage  
KLINE, Closed Reserve Books ksl,clb     kslclb  
  ksl,clb norm closres kslclb  
KLINE, Closed Reserve Pamphlets ksl,clp     kslclp  
  ksl,clp norm closres kslclp  
KLINE, Herbarium Collection ksl,herb     kslherb  
  ksl,herb bldg inbuilding kslherb  
  ksl,herb norm nocirc kslherb  
KLINE, Shelved in Office ksl,koff     kslkoff  
  ksl,koff bldg inbuilding kslkoff  
  ksl,koff jr91 jour kslkoff  
  ksl,koff norm nocirc kslkoff  
KLINE, Librarian's Office ksl,loff     kslloff  
  ksl,loff norm nocirc kslloff  
KLINE, Microform Area ksl,mic     kslmic  
KLINE, New Book Shelf ksl,new     kslnew  
  ksl,new norm nocirc kslnew  
KLINE, Not Selected for Collection ksl,nogo     kslnogo  
KLINE, Out of Print -- Consult Staff ksl,op     kslop  
KLINE, Open Reserve ksl,open     kslopen  
KLINE, Oversize Collection ksl,over     kslover  
  ksl,over norm circ kslover  
  ksl,over bldg inbuilding kslover  
  ksl,over jour jour kslover  
KLINE, Periodicals ksl,per     kslper  
  ksl,per bldg inbuilding kslper  
  ksl,per jour jour kslper  
  ksl,per jr93 jour93 kslper  
  ksl,per jr99 jour99 kslper  
  ksl,per norm nocirc kslper  
  ksl,per othr other kslper  
KLINE, Permanent Reserve ksl,perm     kslperm  
  ksl,perm bldg inbuilding kslperm  
  ksl,perm norm reserve kslperm  
KLINE, Sample Journal Shelves ksl,pers     kslpers  
KLINE, Recommended Reading Shelf ksl,rec     kslrec  
KLINE, Reference ksl,ref     kslref  
  ksl,ref bldg reference kslref  
  ksl,ref norm reference kslref  
KLINE, Atlas Case ksl,refa     kslrefa  
  ksl,refa bldg reference kslrefa  
  ksl,refa norm reference kslrefa  
KLINE, Database Help Collection ksl,refd     kslrefd  
  ksl,refd norm reference kslrefd  
KLINE, Ref Journal Info Section ksl,refj     kslrefj  
  ksl,refj bldg reference kslrefj  
  ksl,refj norm reference kslrefj  
KLINE. Reference Oversize ksl,refo     kslrefo  
  ksl,refo bldg reference kslrefo  
  ksl,refo norm reference kslrefo  
KLINE, Reference Office ksl,roff     kslroff  
  ksl,roff bldg reference kslroff  
  ksl,roff norm reference kslroff  
KLINE, Not Selected for Collection ksl,sngo     kslsngo  
KLINE SCIENCE ksl,stks     kslstks  
  ksl,stks bldg inbuilding kslstks  
  ksl,stks jour jour kslstks  
  ksl,stks jr80 jour kslstks  
  ksl,stks jr87 jour kslstks  
  ksl,stks norm nocirc kslstks  
  ksl,stks othr other kslstks  
KLINE, Technical Services Office ksl,toff     ksltoff  
  ksl,toff bldg inbuilding ksltoff  
  ksl,toff norm nocirc ksltoff  
KLINE SCIENCE, Video Collection ksl,vid     kslvid  
  ksl,vid norm video kslvid  
KLINE, Non-Library Material ksl,zzz     kslzzz  
  ksl,zzz bldg nocirc kslzzz  
  ksl,zzz norm nocirc kslzzz  
LAW, Stacks law     law  
  law jour nocirc law  
  law jr87 nocirc law  
  law jr96 nocirc law  
  law norm nocirc law  
  law rstr nocirc law  
LAW, Acquisitions law,acq     law  
  law,acq norm nocirc law  
LAW, Annex Collection law,anx     law  
  law,anx bldg nocirc law  
  law,anx norm nocirc law  
LAW, Annex Collection 2 law,anxx     law  
LAW, Catalogue Department law,cat     law  
  law,cat norm nocirc law  
LAW, Closed Stacks law,cs     law  
  law,cs norm nocirc law  
LAW, Faculty Collection law,facc     law  
  law,facc norm nocirc law  
LAW, Faculty Lounge law,facl     law  
  law,facl norm nocirc law  
LAW, Reference law,ref     law  
  law,ref norm nocirc law  
LAW, Reference Annex law,refa     law  
  law,refa bldg nocirc law  
  law,refa norm nocirc law  
LAW, Reserves law,res     law  
LAW, Reading Room law,rr     law  
  law,rr jr87 nocirc law  
  law,rr norm nocirc law  
LAW, Reading Room Annex law,rra     law  
  law,rra norm nocirc law  
BEINECKE, Rare Law Collection law,vlt     law  
  law,vlt norm nocirc law  
LINGUISTICS SEMINAR, Room 302 HGS ling     ling  
  ling jour nocirc ling  
  ling jr81 nocirc ling  
  ling jr82 nocirc ling  
  ling jr83 nocirc ling  
  ling jr84 nocirc ling  
  ling jr85 nocirc ling  
  ling jr86 nocirc ling  
  ling jr87 nocirc ling  
  ling jr88 nocirc ling  
  ling jr89 nocirc ling  
  ling jr92 nocirc ling  
  ling norm nocirc ling  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,artc     lsfart  
  lsf,artc lsfn lsfc lsfart  
  lsf,artc norm lsfc lsfart  
  lsf,artc othr lsfc lsfart  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,arti     lsfart  
  lsf,arti lsfn lsfi lsfart  
LSF-Request for Use at A&A library lsf,artr     lsfartr  
  lsf,artr lsfn lsfr lsfartr  
  lsf,artr norm lsfr lsfartr  
LSF-Request for Use at Beinecke Lib lsf,beir     lsfbeir  
  lsf,beir bldg lsfr lsfbeir  
  lsf,beir lsfn lsfr lsfbeir  
  lsf,beir norm lsfr lsfbeir  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,chei     lsfche  
  lsf,chei jour lsfi lsfche  
  lsf,chei lsfn lsfi lsfche  
  lsf,chei norm lsfi lsfche  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,divc     lsfdiv  
  lsf,divc jr98 lsfc lsfdiv  
  lsf,divc lsfn lsfc lsfdiv  
  lsf,divc norm lsfc lsfdiv  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,divr     lsfdivr  
  lsf,divr lsfn lsfr lsfdivr  
  lsf,divr norm lsfr lsfdivr  
  lsf,divr rstr lsfr lsfdivr  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,drac     lsfdra  
  lsf,drac lsfn lsfc lsfdra  
  lsf,drac norm lsfc lsfdra  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,engc     lsfeng  
  lsf,engc lsfn lsfc lsfeng  
  lsf,engc norm lsfc lsfeng  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,engi     lsfeng  
  lsf,engi lsfn lsfi lsfeng  
  lsf,engi norm lsfi lsfeng  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,geoc     lsfgeo  
  lsf,geoc lsfn lsfc lsfgeo  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,geor     lsfgeor  
  lsf,geor lsfn lsfr lsfgeor  
  lsf,geor norm lsfr lsfgeor  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,judc     lsfjud  
  lsf,judc lsfn lsfc lsfjud  
  lsf,judc norm lsfc lsfjud  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,kslr     lsfkslr  
  lsf,kslr lsfn lsfr lsfkslr  
  lsf,kslr norm lsfr lsfkslr  
LSF-Request for Use at Map Coll, SML lsf,mapr     lsfmapr  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,medi     lsfmed  
  lsf,medi lsfn lsfi lsfmed  
  lsf,medi norm lsfi lsfmed  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,mssr     lsfmssr  
  lsf,mssr lsfn lsfr lsfmssr  
  lsf,mssr norm lsfr lsfmssr  
  lsf,mssr rstr lsfr lsfmssr  
LSF-Request for Use at Music Library lsf,musr     lsfmusr  
  lsf,musr bldg lsfr lsfmusr  
  lsf,musr lsfn lsfr lsfmusr  
  lsf,musr norm lsfr lsfmusr  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,neac     lsfnea  
  lsf,neac lsfn lsfc lsfnea  
  lsf,neac norm lsfc lsfnea  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsf,sslc     lsfsslc  
  lsf,sslc lsfn lsfc lsfssl  
  lsf,sslc norm lsfc lsfssl  
  lsf,sslc othr lsfc lsfssl  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsfc     lsf  
  lsfc bldg lsfc lsf  
  lsfc jour lsfc lsf  
  lsfc jr82 lsfc lsf  
  lsfc jr83 lsfc lsf  
  lsfc lsfn lsfc lsf  
  lsfc norm lsfc lsf  
  lsfc rstr lsfc lsf  
LSF-Request for Use at Any Yale Libr lsfi     lsf  
  lsfi lsfn lsfi lsf  
  lsfi norm lsfi lsf  
LEWIS / WALPOLE, Farmington, CT lwl     lwl  
  lwl jour jour lwl  
  lwl norm nocirc lwl  
LEWIS / WALPOLE, Ref, Farmington, CT lwl,ref     lwlref  
MATH math     math  
  math norm circ math  
  math bldg inbuilding math  
  math jour jour math  
  math jr80 jour math  
  math jr81 jour math  
  math jr82 jour math  
  math jr83 jour math  
  math jr84 jour math  
  math jr85 jour math  
  math jr86 jour math  
  math jr87 jour math  
  math jr88 jour math  
  math jr89 jour math  
  math jr97 jour97 math  
  math jr99 jour99 math  
  math othr other math  
MATH, Reference, Room 227 math,ref     mathref  
  math,ref bldg inbuilding mathref  
  math,ref norm reference mathref  
MEDICAL med     med  
  med norm circ med  
  med bldg inbuilding med  
  med jour jour med  
  med rstr nocirc med  
  med othr other med  
MEDICAL, Three-Day Reserve med,3day     med3day  
MEDICAL, Cataloguing med,cat     medcat  
MEDICAL, Circulation med,circ     medcirc  
  med,circ norm nocirc medcirc  
MEDICAL, Circulation Desk med,cird     med,circ  
MEDICAL, Course Reserve med,cres     med.circ  
  med,cres norm reserve medcres  
MEDICAL, Training & Consultation Ctr med,css     medcss  
  med,css norm nocirc medcss  
MED/HISTORICAL, 16th Century, Locked med,h16c     medhsl  
  med,h16c norm nocirc medhsl  
MED/HISTORICAL, 17th Century, Locked med,h17c     medhsl  
  med,h17c norm nocirc medhsl  
MED/HISTORICAL, 18th Century, Locked med,h18c     medhsl  
  med,h18c norm nocirc medhsl  
MED/HISTORICAL, 19th Century, Locked med,h19c     medhsl  
  med,h19c norm nocirc medhsl  
MED/HISTORICAL, Archives, Locked med,harc     medhsl  
  med,harc norm nocirc medhsl  
  med,harc rstr nocirc medhsl  
MED/HISTORICAL, Biography, Stacks med,hbi     medhs  
  med,hbi norm nocirc medhs  
MED/HISTORICAL, Collect Biog, Stacks med,hcb     medhs  
  med,hcb norm nocirc medhs  
MED/HISTORICAL, Cushing Room, Locked med,hcus     medhsl  
  med,hcus norm nocirc medhsl  
MED/HISTORICAL, Harvey, Locked med,hhar     medhsl  
  med,hhar norm nocirc medhsl  
MED/HISTORICAL, Incunabula med,hinc     med,hsl  
MED/HISTORICAL, Periodicals med,hper     medhper  
  med,hper norm nocirc medhper  
MEDICAL, 24-hr loan med,hr24     medhr24  
MEDICAL, 4 Hour loan med,hr4     medhr4  
MED/HISTORICAL, Reference med,hrf     medhrf  
  med,hrf othr other medhrf  
  med,hrf norm reference medhrf  
MED/HISTORICAL, Reference, Stacks med,hrfs     medhrf  
  med,hrfs norm reference medhrf  
MED/HISTORICAL, Stacks med,hs     medhs  
  med,hs bldg inbuilding medhs  
  med,hs jour jour medhs  
  med,hs norm circ medhs  
  med,hs othr other medhs  
  med,hs rstr nocirc medhs  
MED/HISTORICAL, Histories, Locked med,hsl     medhsl  
  med,hsl jour nocirc medhsl  
  med,hsl norm nocirc medhsl  
  med,hsl othr other medhsl  
  med,hsl rstr nocirc medhsl  
MEDICAL, Interlibrary Loan Office med,ill     medill  
  med,ill othr other medill  
  med,ill norm ill medill  
MEDICAL, Journal Reserve med,jres     medcres  
MEDICAL, Microfiche med,mfic     medmic  
MEDICAL, Microfilm med,mfil     medmic  
MEDICAL, Microfiche Periodical med,mper     medmic  
  med,mper norm microform medmic  
NURSING LIBRARY, Reference med,nref     mednref  
  med,nref norm reference mednref  
NURSING LIBRARY, Reserve med,nres     mednres  
NURSING LIBRARY med,nurs     med  
  med,nurs norm nocirc med  
MED, Out of Print -- Consult Staff med,op     med,zzz  
MEDICAL, Periodicals med,per     medper  
  med,per bldg inbuilding medper  
  med,per jour jour medper  
  med,per jr80 jour medper  
  med,per jr81 jour medper  
  med,per jr82 jour medper  
  med,per jr83 jour medper  
  med,per jr84 jour medper  
  med,per jr85 jour medper  
  med,per jr86 jour medper  
  med,per jr87 jour medper  
  med,per jr88 jour medper  
  med,per jr89 jour medper  
  med,per jr90 jour medper  
  med,per jr91 jour medper  
  med,per jr92 jour medper  
  med,per jr93 jour93 medper  
  med,per jr94 jour94 medper  
  med,per jr98 jour98 medper  
  med,per norm nocirc medper  
MEDICAL, Reference med,ref     medref  
  med,ref bldg reference medref  
  med,ref rstr reference medref  
  med,ref othr other medref  
  med,ref norm reference medref  
  med,ref jour refjour medref  
  med,ref jr84 refjour medref  
MEDICAL, Reserve med,res     medres  
  med,res norm reserve medres  
MEDICAL, Reference, Stacks med,sref     medsref  
  med,sref norm reference medsref  
MEDICAL, Theses, Locked med,thes     medthes  
  med,thes bldg inbuilding medthes  
  med,thes norm nocirc medthes  
  med,thes othr other medthes  
MEDICAL, Tech Services med,ts     medts  
  med,ts norm nocirc medts  
MEDICAL, Video/Audio Tape (1 WK) med,wk1     medwk1  
MEDICAL, Non-Library Material med,zzz     medzzz  
MUDD, Stacks mudd     mudd  
  mudd lsfn circ mudd  
  mudd norm circ mudd  
  mudd bldg inbuilding mudd  
  mudd jour jour mudd  
  mudd jr79 jour mudd  
  mudd jr80 jour mudd  
  mudd jr81 jour mudd  
  mudd jr82 jour mudd  
  mudd jr83 jour mudd  
  mudd jr84 jour mudd  
  mudd jr85 jour mudd  
  mudd jr86 jour mudd  
  mudd jr87 jour mudd  
  mudd jr88 jour mudd  
  mudd jr89 jour mudd  
  mudd jr90 jour mudd  
  mudd jr91 jour mudd  
  mudd jr92 jour mudd  
  mudd jr00 jour00 mudd  
  mudd jr01 jour01 mudd  
  mudd jr02 jour02 mudd  
  mudd jr93 jour93 mudd  
  mudd jr94 jour94 mudd  
  mudd jr95 jour95 mudd  
  mudd jr96 jour96 mudd  
  mudd jr97 jour97 mudd  
  mudd jr98 jour98 mudd  
  mudd jr99 jour99 mudd  
  mudd rstr nocirc mudd  
MUDD, Art/Architecture Coll, 3rd Fl mudd,art     muddart  
  mudd,art norm circ muddart  
  mudd,art bldg inbuilding muddart  
  mudd,art jour jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr80 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr81 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr82 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr83 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr84 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr85 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr86 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr87 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr88 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr89 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr90 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr91 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr92 jour muddart  
  mudd,art jr93 jour93 muddart  
  mudd,art jr95 jour95 muddart  
  mudd,art jr97 jour97 muddart  
  mudd,art rstr nocirc muddart  
  mudd,art othr other muddart  
MUDD, Basement, Range 24 mudd,b24     muddb24  
MUDD, Basement, Range 68 mudd,b68     muddb68  
MUDD, Basement, Range 69 mudd,b69     muddb69  
MUDD, Folio Shelves, 2nd Floor mudd,big2     muddbig2  
MUDD, Folio Shelves, 3rd Floor mudd,big3     muddbig3  
MUDD, Stacks, Basement mudd,bsmt     muddbsmt  
  mudd,bsmt norm circ muddbsmt  
MUDD, Chemistry Collection, Basement mudd,chem     muddchem  
MUDD LIBRARY (Closed Stacks) mudd,clsd     muddclsd  
MUDD LIBRARY, Divinity mudd,div     mudddiv  
  mudd,div lsfn circ mudddiv  
  mudd,div norm circ mudddiv  
  mudd,div bldg inbuilding mudddiv  
  mudd,div jr89 jour mudddiv  
  mudd,div jr91 jour mudddiv  
  mudd,div jr92 jour mudddiv  
  mudd,div jr93 jour93 mudddiv  
  mudd,div jr94 jour94 mudddiv  
  mudd,div jr95 jour95 mudddiv  
  mudd,div jr96 jour96 mudddiv  
  mudd,div jr97 jour97 mudddiv  
MUDD, Divinity, Restricted Use mudd,divr     mudddivr  
  mudd,divr norm nocirc mudddivr  
MUDD, Engineering Coll, 3rd Floor mudd,engn     muddengn  
  mudd,engn norm circ muddengn  
  mudd,engn bldg inbuilding muddengn  
  mudd,engn jour jour muddengn  
  mudd,engn jr88 jour muddengn  
MUDD, Engn/ApplSci,Periodicals mudd,engp     muddengp  
  mudd,engp bldg inbuilding muddengp  
  mudd,engp jour jour muddengp  
  mudd,engp norm percirc muddengp  
MUDD, Engineering Coll, 3rd Floor mudd,ennc     muddennc  
  mudd,ennc bldg inbuilding muddennc  
  mudd,ennc norm nocirc muddennc  
MUDD, Forestry Collection, 3rd Floor mudd,for     muddfor  
  mudd,for norm circ muddfor  
  mudd,for bldg inbuilding muddfor  
  mudd,for jour jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr81 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr82 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr83 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr84 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr85 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr86 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr87 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr88 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr89 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr90 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr91 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr92 jour muddfor  
  mudd,for jr93 jour93 muddfor  
  mudd,for jr94 jour94 muddfor  
  mudd,for rstr nocirc muddfor  
MUDD, Govt Documents Center mudd,gdc     muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc bldg inbuilding muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jour jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr81 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr82 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr83 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr84 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr85 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr86 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr87 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr88 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr90 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr91 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr92 jour muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc jr93 jour93 muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc norm nocirc muddgdc  
  mudd,gdc rstr nocirc muddgdc  
MUDD, Gov't Docs Ctr, CD_ROM (3-DAY) mudd,gdc3     muddgdc3  
  mudd,gdc3 norm cd muddgdc3  
MUDD, Govt Documents, Stacks Bsmt mudd,gdcb     muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb bldg inbuilding muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb jr89 jour muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb jr90 jour muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb jr91 jour muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb jr92 jour muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb jr93 jour93 muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb jr95 jour95 muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb jr96 jour96 muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb norm nocirc muddgdcb  
  mudd,gdcb rstr nocirc muddgdcb  
MUDD, GDC Reading Room mudd,gdcd     muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd bldg inbuilding muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jour jour muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jr88 jour muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jr89 jour muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jr91 jour muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jr92 jour muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jr93 jour93 muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jr94 jour94 muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jr95 jour95 muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jr96 jour96 muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd jr97 jour97 muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd norm nocirc muddgdcd  
  mudd,gdcd rstr nocirc muddgdcd  
MUDD, Govt Documents, EGC Section mudd,gdce     muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce norm circ muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jour jour muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jour jour muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jour jour muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jour jour muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jour jour muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jour jour muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jour jour muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jr97 jour97 muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jr98 jour98 muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce jr99 jour99 muddgdce  
  mudd,gdce othr other muddgdce  
MUDD, Govt Documents, Indexes mudd,gdci     muddgdci  
  mudd,gdci norm nocirc muddgdci  
MUDD, Govt Documents, Microform mudd,gdcm     muddgdcm  
  mudd,gdcm norm nocirc muddgdcm  
mudd,gdco norm nocirc muddgdco  
MUDD, Govt Documents, SSL Section mudd,gdco     muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco bldg nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jour nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr81 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr82 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr83 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr84 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr85 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr86 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr87 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr89 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr91 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco jr97 nocirc muddgdco  
  mudd,gdco othr other muddgdco  
MUDD, Govt Documents, Reference mudd,gdcr     muddgdcr  
  mudd,gdcr bldg reference muddgdcr  
  mudd,gdcr rstr nocirc muddgdcr  
  mudd,gdcr norm reference muddgdcr  
  mudd,gdcr jour refjour muddgdcr  
MUDD, Govt Documents, Stacks 1st Flr mudd,gdcs     muddgdcs  
MUDD, Govt Documents, Seminar Room mudd,gdcw     muddgdcw  
  mudd,gdcw norm nocirc muddgdcw  
MUDD, GDC Basemt, SSLRef-Ask staff mudd,gdsr     muddgdsr  
  mudd,gdsr norm reference muddgdsr  
MUDD, Geology Collection, 3rd Floor mudd,geo     muddgeo  
  mudd,geo norm circ muddgeo  
  mudd,geo bldg inbuilding muddgeo  
  mudd,geo jour jour muddgeo  
  mudd,geo jr83 jour muddgeo  
  mudd,geo othr other muddgeo  
MUDD, Kline Collection, 3rd Floor mudd,ksl     muddksl  
  mudd,ksl bldg inbuilding muddksl  
  mudd,ksl jour inbuilding muddksl  
  mudd,ksl jr97 inbuilding muddksl  
  mudd,ksl norm inbuilding muddksl  
  mudd,ksl rstr inbuilding muddksl  
  mudd,ksl othr other muddksl  
MUDD, Latin American Coll, 3rd Floor mudd,lamc     muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc norm circ muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc bldg inbuilding muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jour jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr80 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr81 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr82 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr83 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr84 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr85 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr86 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr87 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr88 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr89 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr90 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr91 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr92 jour muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr00 jour00 muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr93 jour93 muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr94 jour94 muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr95 jour95 muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr96 jour96 muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr97 jour97 muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr98 jour98 muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc jr99 jour99 muddlamc  
  mudd,lamc rstr nocirc muddlamc  
MUDD, Law Collection, Basement mudd,law     muddlaw  
  mudd,law bldg nocirc muddlaw  
  mudd,law norm nocirc muddlaw  
MUDD, Linonia and Brothers Coll mudd,lnb     muddlnb  
  mudd,lnb norm circ muddlnb  
MUDD, Locked Cage (Ask at Circ Desk) mudd,lock     muddlock  
  mudd,lock norm nocirc muddlock  
  mudd,lock rstr nocirc muddlock  
MUDD, Mathematics Coll, 3rd Floor mudd,math     muddmath  
  mudd,math norm circ muddmath  
  mudd,math bldg inbuilding muddmath  
  mudd,math jour jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr80 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr81 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr82 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr83 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr84 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr85 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr86 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr87 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr88 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr89 jour muddmath  
  mudd,math jr99 jour99 muddmath  
mudd,med norm inbuilding muddmed  
MUDD, Medical Collection, Basement mudd,med     muddmed  
  mudd,med bldg inbuilding muddmed  
  mudd,med rstr inbuilding muddmed  
MUDD, Music Collection, 3rd Floor mudd,mus     muddmus  
  mudd,mus norm circ muddmus  
  mudd,mus bldg inbuilding muddmus  
  mudd,mus jour jour muddmus  
  mudd,mus rstr nocirc muddmus  
MUDD, NASA Reports, Basement mudd,nasa     muddnasa  
  mudd,nasa norm nocirc muddnasa  
MUDD, New Journals, 2nd Floor mudd,new2     muddnew2  
MUDD, New Journals, 3rd Floor mudd,new3     muddnew3  
MUDD, Newspaper Collection, Basement mudd,news     muddnews  
  mudd,news bldg inbuilding muddnews  
MUDD, Numismatics Collection mudd,num     muddnum  
  mudd,num norm circ muddnum  
  mudd,num bldg inbuilding muddnum  
  mudd,num jour jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr80 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr81 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr82 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr83 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr84 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr85 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr86 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr87 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr88 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr89 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr90 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr91 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr92 jour muddnum  
  mudd,num jr00 jour00 muddnum  
  mudd,num jr93 jour93 muddnum  
  mudd,num jr94 jour94 muddnum  
  mudd,num jr95 jour95 muddnum  
  mudd,num jr96 jour96 muddnum  
  mudd,num jr97 jour97 muddnum  
  mudd,num jr98 jour98 muddnum  
  mudd,num jr99 jour99 muddnum  
  mudd,num rstr nocirc muddnum  
MUDD, Preservation mudd,pr18     muddpr18  
MUDD, Preservation mudd,pres     muddpres  
MUDD, Stacks, 2nd Floor mudd,s2     mudds2  
  mudd,s2 norm circ mudds2  
  mudd,s2 bldg inbuilding mudds2  
  mudd,s2 jour jour mudds2  
  mudd,s2 jr89 jour mudds2  
  mudd,s2 jr90 jour mudds2  
MUDD, Stacks, 3rd Floor mudd,s3     mudds3  
  mudd,s3 norm circ mudds3  
  mudd,s3 bldg inbuilding mudds3  
MUDD, Social Science Collection mudd,ssl     muddssl  
  mudd,ssl norm circ muddssl  
  mudd,ssl bldg inbuilding muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jour jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr80 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr81 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr82 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr83 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr84 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr85 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr86 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr87 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr88 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr89 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr90 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr91 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr92 jour muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr93 jour93 muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr94 jour94 muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr95 jour95 muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr96 jour96 muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr97 jour97 muddssl  
  mudd,ssl jr98 jour98 muddssl  
  mudd,ssl rstr nocirc muddssl  
  mudd,ssl othr other muddssl  
MUDD, Tibetan Collection, Basement mudd,tib     muddtib  
  mudd,tib norm circ2 muddtib  
MUDD LIBRARY, Zeta Collection mudd,zeta     muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta bldg inbuilding muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jour jour muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jr92 jour muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jr00 jour00 muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jr01 jour01 muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jr94 jour94 muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jr95 jour95 muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jr96 jour96 muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jr97 jour97 muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jr98 jour98 muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta jr99 jour99 muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta norm nocirc muddzeta  
  mudd,zeta rstr nocirc muddzeta  
SML, MUSIC LIBRARY mus   mus  
  mus norm circ mus  
  mus bldg inbuilding mus  
  mus jour jour mus  
  mus jr91 jour mus  
  mus jr92 jour mus  
  mus rstr nocirc mus  
  mus othr other mus  
SML, MUSIC LIBRARY Circulation mus,circ     muscirc  
  mus,circ norm 24hr muscirc  
SML, MUSIC LIBRARY, HSR mus,hsr     mushsr  
  mus,hsr bldg histsound mushsr  
  mus,hsr norm histsound mushsr  
MUSIC, Stacks, Basement mus,mb     mus  
MUSIC, Microforms, Basement mus,mic     musmic  
  mus,mic bldg inbuilding musmic  
  mus,mic norm microform musmic  
  mus,mic othr other musmic  
SML, MUSIC, Arhvies and Manuscripts mus,mss     musrar1  
  mus,mss bldg inbuilding musrar1  
  mus,mss norm nocirc musrar1  
SML, MUSIC, Librarian's Ofc, ML 107M mus,off1     musoff1  
  mus,off1 norm nocirc musoff1  
  mus,off1 bldg inbuilding musoff1  
SML, MUSIC, Librarian's Ofc, ML 106M mus,off2     musoff2  
  mus,off2 bldg inbuilding musoff2  
  mus,off2 norm nocirc musoff2  
SML, MUSIC LIBRARY, Office, ML 112 mus,off3     musoff3  
  mus,off3 bldg inbuilding musoff3  
  mus,off3 norm nocirc musoff3  
  mus,off3 rstr nocirc musoff3  
SML, MUSIC, Periodicals, ML102M mus,per     musper  
  mus,per bldg inbuilding musper  
  mus,per jour jour musper  
  mus,per jr90 jour musper  
  mus,per jr92 jour musper  
  mus,per jr94 jour94 musper  
  mus,per jr96 jour96 musper  
  mus,per jr98 jour98 musper  
  mus,per norm nocirc musper  
  mus,per othr other musper  
BEINECKE, Rare Music Collection mus,rar1     musrar2  
  mus,rar1 norm nocirc musrar2  
BEINECKE, Rare Music Collection mus,rar2     musrar2  
  mus,rar2 bldg inbuilding musrar2  
  mus,rar2 norm nocirc musrar2  
  mus,rar2 rstr nocirc musrar2  
SML, MUSIC LIBRARY, Rare Music Coll mus,rar3     musrar1  
  mus,rar3 norm nocirc musrar1  
SML, MUSIC, Reference Room , ML 101M mus,ref     musref  
  mus,ref bldg reference musref  
  mus,ref rstr nocirc musref  
  mus,ref othr other musref  
  mus,ref norm reference musref  
SML, MUISC LIBRARY, Closed Reserve mus,res1     musres  
  mus,res1 bldg inbuilding musres  
  mus,res1 norm reserve musres  
SML, MUSIC, Carrel Rsrv, Ask at Desk mus,res2     muscar  
SML,MUSIC,Closed Rsrv, Recordings mus,res3     musres  
SML, MUSIC LIBRARY, Recordings Coll mus,res4     musrec  
  mus,res4 bldg inbuilding musrec  
  mus,res4 norm recordings musrec  
SML, MUSIC LIBRARY, Yale Collection mus,yale     mus  
  mus,yale norm circ mus  
  mus,yale bldg inbuilding mus  
  mus,yale othr other mus  
MUSIC, Non-Library Material mus,zzz     muszzz  
  mus,zzz norm nocirc muszzz  
ORNITHOLOGY orn     orn  
  orn norm circ orn  
  orn jour jour orn  
  orn othr other orn  
ORNITHOLOGY, Reference orn,ref     ornref  
Hewitt Library, Diagnostic Radiology rad     rad  
SML, Stacks, LC Classification sml     sml  
  sml lsfn circ sml  
  sml norm circ sml  
  sml bldg inbuilding sml  
  sml jour jour sml  
  sml jr79 jour sml  
  sml jr80 jour sml  
  sml jr81 jour sml  
  sml jr82 jour sml  
  sml jr83 jour sml  
  sml jr84 jour sml  
  sml jr85 jour sml  
  sml jr86 jour sml  
  sml jr87 jour sml  
  sml jr88 jour sml  
  sml jr89 jour sml  
  sml jr90 jour sml  
  sml jr91 jour sml  
  sml jr92 jour sml  
  sml jr00 jour00 sml  
  sml jr01 jour01 sml  
  sml jr93 jour93 sml  
  sml jr94 jour94 sml  
  sml jr95 jour95 sml  
  sml jr96 jour96 sml  
  sml jr97 jour97 sml  
  sml jr98 jour98 sml  
  sml jr99 jour99 sml  
  sml rstr nocirc sml  
  sml othr other sml  
SML, African Collection, Room 317 sml,afr     smlafr  
  sml,afr bldg nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jour nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr86 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr87 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr88 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr89 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr91 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr00 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr93 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr95 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr97 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr98 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr jr99 nocirc smlafr  
  sml,afr norm nocirc smlafr  
SML, Andrews History Study Rm 214-15 sml,and     smland  
  sml,and bldg inbuilding smland  
  sml,and jr91 jour smland  
  sml,and jr92 jour smland  
  sml,and jr95 jour95 smland  
  sml,and jr96 jour96 smland  
  sml,and jr97 jour97 smland  
  sml,and jr98 jour98 smland  
  sml,and jr99 jour99 smland  
  sml,and norm nocirc smland  
  sml,and rstr nocirc smland  
SML, Annex (Ask at Circ Desk) sml,anx     mudd,bsmt  
  sml,anx bldg inbuilding mudd,bsmt  
  sml,anx norm nocirc mudd,bsmt  
  sml,anx rstr nocirc mudd,bsmt  
SML, Arts of the Book sml,aob     smlaob  
  sml,aob bldg nocirc smlaob  
  sml,aob jour nocirc smlaob  
  sml,aob jr94 nocirc smlaob  
  sml,aob norm nocirc smlaob  
  sml,aob rstr nocirc smlaob  
SML, American Oriental Soc, Room 329 sml,aos     smlaos  
  sml,aos bldg inbuilding smlaos  
  sml,aos jour jour smlaos  
  sml,aos jr80 jour smlaos  
  sml,aos jr81 jour smlaos  
  sml,aos jr82 jour smlaos  
  sml,aos jr83 jour smlaos  
  sml,aos jr84 jour smlaos  
  sml,aos jr86 jour smlaos  
  sml,aos jr94 jour94 smlaos  
  sml,aos jr95 jour95 smlaos  
  sml,aos norm nocirc smlaos  
  sml,aos rstr nocirc smlaos  
SML, Arabic/Islamic Reading, Rm 508 sml,aris     smlaris  
  sml,aris bldg nocirc smlaris  
  sml,aris jour nocirc smlaris  
  sml,aris jr80 nocirc smlaris  
  sml,aris jr95 nocirc smlaris  
  sml,aris jr00 nocirc smlaris  
  sml,aris norm nocirc smlaris  
  sml,aris rstr nocirc smlaris  
SML, Asia Reading, Room 219 sml,asi     smlasi  
  sml,asi norm circ smlasi  
  sml,asi bldg inbuilding smlasi  
  sml,asi jr87 jour smlasi  
  sml,asi jr88 jour smlasi  
  sml,asi jr89 jour smlasi  
  sml,asi jr90 jour smlasi  
  sml,asi jr91 jour smlasi  
  sml,asi jr93 jour93 smlasi  
  sml,asi jr94 jour94 smlasi  
  sml,asi jr95 jour95 smlasi  
  sml,asi jr96 jour96 smlasi  
  sml,asi jr97 jour97 smlasi  
  sml,asi jr98 jour98 smlasi  
  sml,asi jr99 jour99 smlasi  
  sml,asi rstr nocirc smlasi  
SML, Asia Reading, Room 207 sml,asi2     smlasi2  
  sml,asi2 norm circ smlasi2  
  sml,asi2 bldg inbuilding smlasi2  
  sml,asi2 jr89 jour smlasi2  
  sml,asi2 jr95 jour95 smlasi2  
  sml,asi2 jr96 jour96 smlasi2  
  sml,asi2 jr97 jour97 smlasi2  
  sml,asi2 jr98 jour98 smlasi2  
  sml,asi2 jr99 jour99 smlasi2  
  sml,asi2 rstr nocirc smlasi2  
SML, Amer. Studies Reading, Rm 608 sml,asrr     smlasrr  
  sml,asrr bldg inbuilding smlasrr  
  sml,asrr jr97 jour97 smlasrr  
  sml,asrr jr99 jour99 smlasrr  
  sml,asrr norm nocirc smlasrr  
SML, Babylonian Collection, Room 322 sml,bab     smlbab  
  sml,bab bldg inbuilding smlbab  
  sml,bab jour jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr80 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr81 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr82 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr83 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr84 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr85 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr86 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr87 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr88 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr89 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr91 jour smlbab  
  sml,bab jr95 jour95 smlbab  
  sml,bab norm nocirc smlbab  
  sml,bab rstr nocirc smlbab  
SML, Bibliography Room sml,bib     smlbib  
  sml,bib bldg inbuilding smlbib  
  sml,bib jr88 jour smlbib  
  sml,bib jr89 jour smlbib  
  sml,bib jr90 jour smlbib  
  sml,bib jr91 jour smlbib  
  sml,bib jr93 jour93 smlbib  
  sml,bib jr95 jour95 smlbib  
  sml,bib jr96 jour96 smlbib  
  sml,bib norm nocirc smlbib  
  sml,bib rstr nocirc smlbib  
SML, Bindery (Ask at Circ Desk) sml,bind     smlbind  
SML, Stacks, In-Building Use Only sml,bldg     smlbldg  
SML, Catalogue Department sml,cat     smlcat  
  sml,cat norm nocirc smlcat  
SML, Card Catalogue Reference Shelf sml,catr     smlcatr  
  sml,catr norm nocirc smlcatr  
  sml,catr rstr nocirc smlcatr  
SML, CD-ROM Reference Center sml,cd     smlcd  
  sml,cd norm cd smlcd  
  sml,cd bldg inbuilding smlcd  
  sml,cd rstr nocirc smlcd  
  sml,cd othr other smlcd  
SML, Chinese Reference Coll, Rm 219 sml,chir     smlchir  
  sml,chir bldg reference smlchir  
  sml,chir rstr nocirc smlchir  
  sml,chir norm reference smlchir  
  sml,chir jr95 refjour95 smlchir  
  sml,chir jr96 refjour96 smlchir  
  sml,chir jr97 refjour97 smlchir  
  sml,chir jr98 refjour98 smlchir  
  sml,chir jr99 refjour99 smlchir  
SML, Circulation Office sml,coff     smlcoff  
SML, Conservation Studio, Room 106M sml,con     smlcon  
  sml,con norm nocirc smlcon  
SML, Circulation Desk sml,desk     smldesk  
  sml,desk norm ill smldesk  
  sml,desk bldg inbuilding smldesk  
  sml,desk othr other smldesk  
SML, Circulation Desk (IN-BLDG USE) sml,dskn     smldskn  
SML, East Asian Offices, Room 213 sml,easo     smleaso  
  sml,easo bldg nocirc smleaso  
  sml,easo norm nocirc smleaso  
Electronic Classroom - CCL sml,ec     smlec  
  sml,ec norm nocirc smlec  
SML, Electronic Text Center, Rm 509 sml,etc     smlcd  
  sml,etc norm cd smlcd  
SML, Franklin Collection, Room 230 sml,fra     smlfra  
  sml,fra bldg inbuilding smlfra  
  sml,fra jour jour smlfra  
  sml,fra jr90 jour smlfra  
  sml,fra jr00 jour00 smlfra  
  sml,fra jr97 jour97 smlfra  
  sml,fra jr98 jour98 smlfra  
  sml,fra jr99 jour99 smlfra  
  sml,fra norm nocirc smlfra  
  sml,fra rstr nocirc smlfra  
Sterling Memorial Library (SML) sml,gen     smlgen  
  sml,gen norm circ smlgen  
  sml,gen bldg inbuilding smlgen  
  sml,gen jr91 jour smlgen  
  sml,gen rstr nocirc smlgen  
SML, Room 214, Historical Reference sml,htxt     smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt bldg reference smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt rstr nocirc smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt norm reference smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt jour refjour smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt jr90 refjour smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt jr91 refjour smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt jr92 refjour smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt jr93 refjour93 smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt jr96 refjour96 smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt jr97 refjour97 smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt jr98 refjour98 smlhtxt  
  sml,htxt jr99 refjour99 smlhtxt  
SML, Interlibrary Loan Office sml,ill     smlill  
  sml,ill norm ill smlill  
  sml,ill bldg inbuilding smlill  
  sml,ill rstr nocirc smlill  
  sml,ill othr other smlill  
SML, Japanese Reference Coll, Rm 219 sml,jpnr     smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr bldg reference smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr rstr reference smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr norm reference smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jour refjour smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr82 refjour smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr88 refjour smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr89 refjour smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr90 refjour smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr91 refjour smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr92 refjour smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr93 refjour93 smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr94 refjour94 smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr95 refjour95 smljpnr  
  sml,jpnr jr96 refjour96 smljpnr  
SML, Judaica Collection sml,jud     smljud  
  sml,jud lsfn circ smljud  
  sml,jud norm circ smljud  
  sml,jud bldg inbuilding smljud  
  sml,jud jour jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr80 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr81 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr82 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr83 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr84 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr85 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr86 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr87 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr88 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr89 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr90 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr91 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr92 jour smljud  
  sml,jud jr00 jour00 smljud  
  sml,jud jr01 jour01 smljud  
  sml,jud jr93 jour93 smljud  
  sml,jud jr94 jour94 smljud  
  sml,jud jr95 jour95 smljud  
  sml,jud jr96 jour96 smljud  
  sml,jud jr97 jour97 smljud  
  sml,jud jr98 jour98 smljud  
  sml,jud jr99 jour99 smljud  
  sml,jud rstr nocirc smljud  
  sml,jud othr other smljud  
SML, Judaic Studies Ref, Room 607 sml,judr     smljudr  
  sml,judr bldg reference smljudr  
  sml,judr rstr reference smljudr  
  sml,judr norm reference smljudr  
  sml,judr jr89 refjour smljudr  
  sml,judr jr97 refjour97 smljudr  
  sml,judr jr98 refjour98 smljudr  
  sml,judr jr99 refjour99 smljudr  
SML, Judaic Studies Seminar, Rm 607 sml,juds     smljudr  
  sml,juds bldg nocirc smljudr  
  sml,juds norm nocirc smljudr  
SML, Korean Reference Coll, Room 219 sml,korr     smlkorr  
  sml,korr bldg reference smlkorr  
  sml,korr jr80 refjour smlkorr  
  sml,korr jr96 refjour96 smlkorr  
  sml,korr jr97 refjour97 smlkorr  
  sml,korr norm reference smlkorr  
SML, Latin American Coll, Room 316 sml,lamc     smllamc  
  sml,lamc norm nocirc smllamc  
SML, Linonia and Brothers, 1st Floor sml,lnb     smllnb  
  sml,lnb norm circ smllnb  
  sml,lnb bldg inbuilding smllnb  
  sml,lnb jour jour smllnb  
  sml,lnb rstr nocirc smllnb  
SML, Linonia and Brothers, Travel Coll sml,lnbt     smllnbt  
  sml,lnbt norm nocirc smllnbt  
  sml,lnbt bldg inbuilding smllnbt  
  sml,lnbt jour jour smllnbt  
  sml,lnbt jr00 jour00 smllnbt  
  sml,lnbt jr93 jour93 smllnbt  
  sml,lnbt rstr nocirc smllnbt  
SML, Locked Cage (Ask at Circ Desk) sml,lock     smllock  
  sml,lock bldg inbuilding smllock  
  sml,lock rstr nocirc smllock  
SML, Map Collection, Room 708 sml,map     smlmap  
  sml,map bldg nocirc smlmap  
  sml,map jour nocirc smlmap  
  sml,map jr00 nocirc smlmap  
  sml,map jr98 nocirc smlmap  
  sml,map norm nocirc smlmap  
  sml,map rstr nocirc smlmap  
SML, Map Collection--Atlases, Rm 708 sml,mapa     smlmapa  
  sml,mapa bldg nocirc smlmapa  
  sml,mapa norm nocirc smlmapa  
  sml,mapa rstr nocirc smlmapa  
SML, Map Coll--Atlas Ref, Room 708 sml,mapb     smlmapb  
  sml,mapb norm reference smlmapb  
SML, Map Collection--Locked, Rm 708 sml,mapl     smlmapl  
  sml,mapl norm nocirc smlmapl  
SML, Map Collection Ref, Room 708 sml,mapr     smlmapr  
  sml,mapr bldg reference smlmapr  
  sml,mapr rstr reference smlmapr  
  sml,mapr othr other smlmapr  
  sml,mapr norm reference smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr88 refjour smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr89 refjour smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr90 refjour smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr91 refjour smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr92 refjour smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr00 refjour00 smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr94 refjour94 smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr95 refjour95 smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr96 refjour96 smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr97 refjour97 smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr98 refjour98 smlmapr  
  sml,mapr jr99 refjour99 smlmapr  
SML, Map Coll--Uncataloged, Rm 708 sml,mapu     smlmapu  
SML, Microform sml,mic     smlmic  
  sml,mic bldg inbuilding smlmic  
  sml,mic jour micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr80 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr81 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr82 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr83 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr85 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr86 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr87 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr88 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr89 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr90 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr91 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr92 micjour smlmic  
  sml,mic jr93 micjour93 smlmic  
  sml,mic jr96 micjour96 smlmic  
  sml,mic jr99 micjour99 smlmic  
  sml,mic norm microform smlmic  
  sml,mic rstr nocirc smlmic  
  sml,mic othr other smlmic  
SML, Microform Reference sml,micr     smlmicr  
  sml,micr bldg reference smlmicr  
  sml,micr rstr reference smlmicr  
  sml,micr norm reference smlmicr  
  sml,micr jour refjour smlmicr  
  sml,micr jr90 refjour smlmicr  
  sml,micr jr96 refjour96 smlmicr  
  sml,micr jr97 refjour97 smlmicr  
  sml,micr jr98 refjour98 smlmicr  
SML, 6th floor-Not Classified sml,mlc     smlmlc  
  sml,mlc norm circ smlmlc  
SML, Manuscripts and Archives sml,mss     smlmss  
  sml,mss bldg inbuilding smlmss  
  sml,mss lsfn nocirc smlmss  
  sml,mss norm nocirc smlmss  
  sml,mss rstr nocirc smlmss  
SML, Manuscripts and Archives sml,mssb     smlmssb  
SML, Manuscripts and Archives sml,mssf     smlmssf  
SML, Manuscripts and Archives sml,mssr     smlmssr  
  sml,mssr jr90 jour smlmssr  
  sml,mssr jr97 jour97 smlmssr  
  sml,mssr jr98 jour98 smlmssr  
  sml,mssr norm nocirc smlmssr  
  sml,mssr rstr nocirc smlmssr  
SML, Near East Coll, 3rd Mezzanine sml,nea     smlnea  
  sml,nea lsfn circ smlnea  
  sml,nea norm circ smlnea  
  sml,nea bldg inbuilding smlnea  
  sml,nea jour jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr80 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr81 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr82 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr83 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr84 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr85 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr86 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr87 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr88 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr89 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr90 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr91 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr92 jour smlnea  
  sml,nea jr00 jour00 smlnea  
  sml,nea jr93 jour93 smlnea  
  sml,nea jr94 jour94 smlnea  
  sml,nea jr95 jour95 smlnea  
  sml,nea jr96 jour96 smlnea  
  sml,nea jr97 jour97 smlnea  
  sml,nea jr98 jour98 smlnea  
  sml,nea jr99 jour99 smlnea  
  sml,nea rstr nocirc smlnea  
SML, Negative Film (Staff Use Only) sml,neg     smlneg  
  sml,neg norm nocirc smlneg  
SML, Dupl Neg Film (Staff Use Only) sml,negd     smlnegd  
SML, Newspaper Room sml,news     smlnews  
  sml,news norm nocirc smlnews  
SML, Not Selected for the Collection sml,nogo     smlnogo  
  sml,nogo norm nocirc smlnogo  
SML, No Room Collection, 4th Fl Wing sml,nrc     smlnrc  
SML, Numismatics Library, Room 331B sml,num     muddnum  
  sml,num norm circ muddnum  
  sml,num jour jour muddnum  
  sml,num jr80 jour muddnum  
  sml,num jr81 jour muddnum  
  sml,num jr82 jour muddnum  
  sml,num jr83 jour muddnum  
  sml,num jr85 jour muddnum  
  sml,num jr87 jour muddnum  
  sml,num rstr nocirc muddnum  
SML, Out of Print -- Consult Staff sml,op     smlop  
SML, Parliamentary History, Rm 333 sml,parl     smlparl  
  sml,parl norm nocirc smlparl  
SML, Franke Periodical Reading Room sml,per     smlper  
  sml,per bldg inbuilding smlper  
  sml,per jour jour smlper  
  sml,per jr79 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr81 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr82 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr83 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr85 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr86 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr87 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr88 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr89 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr90 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr91 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr92 jour smlper  
  sml,per jr00 jour00 smlper  
  sml,per jr01 jour01 smlper  
  sml,per jr93 jour93 smlper  
  sml,per jr94 jour94 smlper  
  sml,per jr95 jour95 smlper  
  sml,per jr96 jour96 smlper  
  sml,per jr97 jour97 smlper  
  sml,per jr98 jour98 smlper  
  sml,per jr99 jour99 smlper  
  sml,per norm nocirc smlper  
  sml,per rstr nocirc smlper  
  sml,per othr other smlper  
SML, Philosophy Study, Room 609-10 sml,phi     smlphi  
  sml,phi bldg inbuilding smlphi  
  sml,phi jour jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr82 jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr85 jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr86 jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr87 jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr88 jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr89 jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr90 jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr91 jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr92 jour smlphi  
  sml,phi jr00 jour00 smlphi  
  sml,phi jr01 jour01 smlphi  
  sml,phi jr93 jour93 smlphi  
  sml,phi jr94 jour94 smlphi  
  sml,phi jr95 jour95 smlphi  
  sml,phi jr96 jour96 smlphi  
  sml,phi jr97 jour97 smlphi  
  sml,phi jr98 jour98 smlphi  
  sml,phi jr99 jour99 smlphi  
  sml,phi norm nocirc smlphi  
  sml,phi rstr nocirc smlphi  
SML, Preservation Office sml,pres     smlpres  
  sml,pres bldg inbuilding smlpres  
  sml,pres norm nocirc smlpres  
  sml,pres rstr nocirc smlpres  
SML, Main Reference Room sml,ref     smlref  
  sml,ref bldg reference smlref  
  sml,ref rstr reference smlref  
  sml,ref lsfn reference smlref  
  sml,ref norm reference smlref  
  sml,ref jour refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr80 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr81 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr82 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr83 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr84 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr85 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr86 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr87 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr88 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr89 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr90 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr91 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr92 refjour smlref  
  sml,ref jr00 refjour00 smlref  
  sml,ref jr93 refjour93 smlref  
  sml,ref jr94 refjour94 smlref  
  sml,ref jr95 refjour95 smlref  
  sml,ref jr96 refjour96 smlref  
  sml,ref jr97 refjour97 smlref  
  sml,ref jr98 refjour98 smlref  
  sml,ref jr99 refjour99 smlref  
SML, Main Reference Room, Atlas Case sml,refa     smlrefa  
  sml,refa rstr reference smlrefa  
  sml,refa norm reference smlrefa  
SML, Reference Desk sml,refd     smlrefd  
  sml,refd bldg reference smlrefd  
  sml,refd rstr reference smlrefd  
  sml,refd norm reference smlrefd  
SML, Main Reference Room, Hist Ref sml,refh     smlrefh  
  sml,refh norm reference smlrefh  
SML, Main Reference Room, Index Case sml,refi     smlrefi  
  sml,refi bldg reference smlrefi  
  sml,refi rstr reference smlrefi  
  sml,refi norm reference smlrefi  
  sml,refi jr86 refjour smlrefi  
  sml,refi jr89 refjour smlrefi  
  sml,refi jr90 refjour smlrefi  
  sml,refi jr91 refjour smlrefi  
  sml,refi jr93 refjour93 smlrefi  
  sml,refi jr95 refjour95 smlrefi  
  sml,refi jr96 refjour96 smlrefi  
  sml,refi jr97 refjour97 smlrefi  
  sml,refi jr98 refjour98 smlrefi  
SML, Reference Librarians Office sml,refl     smlrefl  
SML, Reserve Shelves, Room 214 sml,res     smlres  
SML, Reference Dept, Admin Office sml,rfof     smlrfof  
SML, Stacks, Restricted Use sml,rstr     smlrstr  
SML, Southeast Asia Ref, Room 315 sml,sea     smlsea  
  sml,sea bldg reference smlsea  
  sml,sea norm reference smlsea  
  sml,sea rstr reference smlsea  
  sml,sea jour refjour smlsea  
  sml,sea jr85 refjour smlsea  
  sml,sea jr86 refjour smlsea  
  sml,sea jr87 refjour smlsea  
  sml,sea jr88 refjour smlsea  
  sml,sea jr89 refjour smlsea  
  sml,sea jr90 refjour smlsea  
  sml,sea jr91 refjour smlsea  
  sml,sea jr92 refjour smlsea  
  sml,sea jr00 refjour00 smlsea  
  sml,sea jr93 refjour93 smlsea  
  sml,sea jr94 refjour94 smlsea  
  sml,sea jr95 refjour95 smlsea  
  sml,sea jr96 refjour96 smlsea  
  sml,sea jr97 refjour97 smlsea  
  sml,sea jr98 refjour98 smlsea  
  sml,sea jr99 refjour99 smlsea  
SML, Semitic Reference, Room 314A sml,sem     smlsem  
  sml,sem bldg reference smlsem  
  sml,sem rstr reference smlsem  
  sml,sem norm reference smlsem  
  sml,sem jour refjour smlsem  
SML, Serials Cataloguing sml,ser     smlser  
  sml,ser norm circ sml  
SML, Sinological Seminar sml,sin     smlsin  
  sml,sin norm nocirc smlsin  
SML, Slavic Reading, Room 406 sml,sla     smlsla  
  sml,sla bldg nocirc smlsla  
  sml,sla jour nocirc smlsla  
  sml,sla jr88 nocirc smlsla  
  sml,sla jr90 nocirc smlsla  
  sml,sla jr91 nocirc smlsla  
  sml,sla jr92 nocirc smlsla  
  sml,sla norm nocirc smlsla  
  sml,sla rstr nocirc smlsla  
SML, Slavic Miniatures, Room 406 sml,slam     smlslam  
  sml,slam bldg nocirc smlslam  
  sml,slam norm nocirc smlslam  
SML, Slavic Reading Ref, Room 406 sml,slar     smlslar  
  sml,slar bldg reference smlslar  
  sml,slar rstr reference smlslar  
  sml,slar norm reference smlslar  
  sml,slar jr90 refjour smlslar  
  sml,slar jr93 refjour93 smlslar  
SML, Subject Bibliography (L and B) sml,sub     smlsub  
  sml,sub bldg inbuilding smlsub  
  sml,sub jr92 jour smlsub  
  sml,sub jr93 jour93 smlsub  
  sml,sub jr96 jour96 smlsub  
  sml,sub rstr nocirc smlsub  
  sml,sub norm nocirc smlsub  
SML, Systems Office sml,syst     smlsyst  
SML, Holocaust Testimonies, Rm 331C sml,vaht     smlvaht  
SML, Stacks, Yale Classification sml,y     smly  
  sml,y lsfn circ smly  
  sml,y norm circ smly  
  sml,y bldg inbuilding smly  
  sml,y jour jour smly  
  sml,y jr79 jour smly  
  sml,y jr80 jour smly  
  sml,y jr81 jour smly  
  sml,y jr82 jour smly  
  sml,y jr83 jour smly  
  sml,y jr84 jour smly  
  sml,y jr85 jour smly  
  sml,y jr86 jour smly  
  sml,y jr87 jour smly  
  sml,y jr88 jour smly  
  sml,y jr89 jour smly  
  sml,y jr90 jour smly  
  sml,y jr91 jour smly  
  sml,y jr92 jour smly  
  sml,y jr00 jour00 smly  
  sml,y jr01 jour01 smly  
  sml,y jr93 jour93 smly  
  sml,y jr94 jour94 smly  
  sml,y jr95 jour95 smly  
  sml,y jr96 jour96 smly  
  sml,y jr97 jour97 smly  
  sml,y jr98 jour98 smly  
  sml,y jr99 jour99 smly  
  sml,y rstr nocirc smly  
  sml,y othr other smly  
SML, Manuscripts and Archives sml,yal     smlyal  
  sml,yal bldg inbuilding smlyal  
  sml,yal jour jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr82 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr83 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr84 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr85 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr86 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr87 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr88 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr89 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr90 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr91 jour smlyal  
  sml,yal jr93 jour93 smlyal  
  sml,yal jr98 jour98 smlyal  
  sml,yal lsfn nocirc smlyal  
  sml,yal norm nocirc smlyal  
  sml,yal rstr nocirc smlyal  
SML, Mss & Arch., Cowles Ref Ctr sml,yalc     smlyalc  
  sml,yalc rstr reference smlyalc  
  sml,yalc norm reference smlyalc  
SML, Zeta--Locked (Ask at Circ Desk) sml,zeta     smlzeta  
  sml,zeta bldg inbuilding muddzeta  
  sml,zeta jr93 nocirc muddzeta  
  sml,zeta norm nocirc muddzeta  
  sml,zeta rstr nocirc muddzeta  
SML, Non-Library Material sml,zzz   smlzzz  
  sml,zzz bldg nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jour nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr80 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr81 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr82 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr83 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr84 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr85 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr91 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr92 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr93 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz jr94 nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz norm nocirc smlzzz  
  sml,zzz rstr nocirc smlzzz  
SOCIAL SCIENCE (SSL) ssl     ssl  
  ssl norm circ ssl  
  ssl bldg inbuilding ssl  
  ssl jour jour ssl  
  ssl jr80 jour ssl  
  ssl jr81 jour ssl  
  ssl jr82 jour ssl  
  ssl jr83 jour ssl  
  ssl jr84 jour ssl  
  ssl jr85 jour ssl  
  ssl jr86 jour ssl  
  ssl jr87 jour ssl  
  ssl jr88 jour ssl  
  ssl jr89 jour ssl  
  ssl jr91 jour ssl  
  ssl jr92 jour ssl  
  ssl jr00 jour00 ssl  
  ssl jr96 jour96 ssl  
  ssl jr98 jour98 ssl  
  ssl rstr nocirc ssl  
  ssl othr other ssl  
SSL, 3-day Reserve ssl,3day     ssl3day  
  ssl,3day norm 3day ssl3day  
  ssl,3day othr other ssl3day  
SSL, Computer File ssl,cd     sslcd  
  ssl,cd norm cd sslcd  
  ssl,cd othr other sslcd  
SSL, 2-Hour Reserve ssl,clr     sslclr  
  ssl,clr othr other sslclr  
  ssl,clr norm closres sslclr  
SSL, Social Science Data Archive ssl,dar     ssldar  
  ssl,dar norm data ssldar  
  ssl,dar othr other ssldar  
SSL, Econ Growth Center ssl,egc     sslegc  
  ssl,egc norm egc sslegc  
  ssl,egc jour egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr80 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr81 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr82 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr83 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr84 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr85 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr88 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr89 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr90 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr91 egcjour sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr93 egcjour93 sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr94 egcjour94 sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr95 egcjour95 sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr96 egcjour96 sslegc  
  ssl,egc jr97 egcjour97 sslegc  
  ssl,egc othr other sslegc  
MUDD, Gov Doc Ctr, EGC Microforms ssl,egcm     mudd,egcm  
  ssl,egcm norm egc mudd,egcm  
SSL, Econ Growth Center, Reference ssl,egcr     sslegcr  
  ssl,egcr norm reference sslegcr  
SSL, 24-Hour Reserve ssl,hr24     sslhr24  
  ssl,hr24 norm 24hr sslhr24  
  ssl,hr24 othr other sslhr24  
SSL, Microtext Room ssl,mic1     sslmic1  
  ssl,mic1 norm microform sslmic1  
MUDD, Gov Doc Ctr, SSLIS Microforms ssl,mic2     mudd,sslm  
SSL, Permanent 2-Hour Reserve ssl,P2     sslP2  
  ssl,p2 norm 2hr sslp2  
SSL, Permanent 24-Hour Reserve ssl,P24     sslP24  
  ssl,p24 jour 24hr sslp24  
  ssl,p24 norm 24hr sslp24  
SSL, Opinion Pamphlet File ssl,pam1     sslpam1  
  ssl,pam1 norm nocirc sslpam1  
SSL, Periodical Pamphlet File ssl,pam2     sslpam2  
  ssl,pam2 norm nocirc sslpam2  
SSL, Periodicals ssl,per     sslper  
  ssl,per bldg inbuilding sslper  
  ssl,per jour jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr80 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr81 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr82 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr83 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr84 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr85 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr86 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr87 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr88 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr89 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr90 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr91 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr92 jour sslper  
  ssl,per jr00 jour00 sslper  
  ssl,per jr93 jour93 sslper  
  ssl,per jr94 jour94 sslper  
  ssl,per jr95 jour95 sslper  
  ssl,per jr96 jour96 sslper  
  ssl,per jr97 jour97 sslper  
  ssl,per jr98 jour98 sslper  
  ssl,per jr99 jour99 sslper  
  ssl,per norm nocirc sslper  
  ssl,per rstr nocirc sslper  
  ssl,per othr other sslper  
SSL, Reference ssl,ref     sslref  
  ssl,ref bldg reference sslref  
  ssl,ref rstr reference sslref  
  ssl,ref othr other sslref  
  ssl,ref norm reference sslref  
  ssl,ref jour refjour sslref  
  ssl,ref jr80 refjour sslref  
  ssl,ref jr82 refjour sslref  
  ssl,ref jr85 refjour sslref  
  ssl,ref jr90 refjour sslref  
SSL, Ref, Index Section 1 ssl,ref1     sslref1  
  ssl,ref1 norm reference sslref1  
SSL, Ref, Index Section 2 ssl,ref2     sslref2  
  ssl,ref2 norm reference sslref2  
  ssl,ref2 jr90 refjour sslref2  
SSL, Ref, Financial Services ssl,ref3     sslref3  
  ssl,ref3 norm reference sslref3  
SSL, Ref, Indexes And Abstracts ssl,ref4     sslref4  
  ssl,ref4 norm reference sslref4  
SSL, Ref, Working Papers ssl,ref5     sslref5  
  ssl,ref5 othr other sslref5  
  ssl,ref5 norm reference sslref5  
  ssl,ref5 jour refjour sslref5  
SSL, Ref, Atlas Collection ssl,ref6     sslref6  
  ssl,ref6 norm reference sslref6  
SSL, Ref, Statistical Series ssl,refs     sslrefs  
  ssl,refs norm reference sslrefs  
SSL, Roper Collection ssl,rop     sslrop  
SSL, Technical Services ssl,tec     ssltec  
  ssl,tec norm nocirc ssltec  
SSL, Video Collection ssl,vid     sslvid  
  ssl,vid othr other sslvid  
  ssl,vid norm video sslvid  
SSL, Non-Library Material ssl,zzz     sslzzz  
  ssl,zzz norm nocirc sslzzz  
  ssm,mic2 norm nocirc mudd,sslm  
STATISTICS stat     stat  
  stat norm circ stat  
  stat jour jour stat  
STATISTICS, Stacks, 1st Floor stat,flr1     statflr1  
STATISTICS, Periodicals stat,per     statper  
  stat,per norm circ statper  
  stat,per bldg inbuilding statper  
  stat,per jour jour statper  
  stat,per jr94 jour94 statper  
STATISTICS, Reference stat,ref     statref  
  stat,ref norm reference statref  
Yale University Library yul     yul  
  yul bldg nocirc yul  
  yul norm nocirc yul  
  yul othr nocirc yul  
  yul rstr nocirc yul  
Yale Digital Resources yul,dig     yuldig  
Internet yul,int     yuldig  
  yul,int norm nocirc yuldig  
Yale University Library, Multivolume yul,vols     yulvols  
  yul,vols jour nocirc yulvols  
  yul,vols jr92 nocirc yulvols  
  yul,vols norm nocirc yulvols  

Last Updated on 11/6/01
By Jeong Min Park