Orbis2 Location Group

Meeting Notes

November 9th, 2001



Audrey gave a brief tutorial to members about how to navigate through the NOTIS tables (lsys). Location group members have access to the orbdev7 version of these tables. Any member not present at today's meeting should contact Audrey to arrange a tutorial.


Members should review the breakdown of loan codes by location for their assigned libraries. Check the breakdown for Active (status=A) items. Check the lsys tables to see what the circ policies are for those location + loan code combinations.

Typically you'll find a loan code breakdown where the majority of the items share the same code, but several other loan codes have been used for smaller numbers of items. Like this:

norm big number

bldg small number

rstr really small number

othr yet another small number

And when you check the circ situations you might find that bldg and rstr aren't in the tables - only norm is defined and it circulates only to departmental patrons.

What seems obvious when you look at the numbers is that the small counts represent mistakes. Your mission is to contact your libraries and find out if, in fact, they are mistakes. One important note -- loan code othr is not a mistake. It is used by libraries to create exceptions to the normal circulation situation.

If your assigned libraries agree that they spurious loan codes are mistakes, find out what is the correct loan code, e.g., should they all be treated like norm.

Here is an example from one of my libraries:

Loc = ksl,per (Kline Peridicals)

Breakdown by loan code =

bldg 262

jour 19005

norm 19895

othr 2

I suspect that Kline does not really want to use both jour and norm for this location. I also suspect that with a turnover in staff or some oother event, they switched from using one to the other. If they confirm that they only want to use one loan code for this material, e.g., jour, we can correct all the other loan codes during the migration by setting up the NOTISloc+loancode-to-itemtype+Voyloc mapping correctly, e.g., like this:



ksl,per bldg jour ksl,per

ksl,per jour jour ksl,per

ksl,per norm jour ksl,per

ksl,per othr other ksl,per

That would correct over 20,000 data entry problems!

Contact Audrey if you have any questions about this loan code assignment.

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