General Patron Record Testing Instructions


Our main goal is to quickly verify that our Patron records migrated correctly.

As soon as we sign off on the Patron load, the Circulation Implementation team will begin entering the circulation matrices; we want to give them as much time as possible for their work.


Data Review


Do a broad analysis of the conversion changes in 10 - 15 of your favorite Patron records. 


1.  Display one of your Patron records in Orbis.


2.  Display the same Patron record in Voyager.  To display a Patron record in Voyager:


3.  Compare the Orbis Patron record with the Voyager Patron record.  Make sure that all expected Patron record information was migrated to Voyager (see the "How Patron Records are Migrated" section below).  For each record, check the following:


q       Patron Name

q       Patron Name Type (personal or institutional)

q       Patron Barcode (old Orbis Charge Id)

q       Correct Patron Group(s)

q       Correct Barcode Status, e.g. ‘Active’

q       Address information for all Addresses, including Permanent, Temporary, and Email

q       Registration Date (Orbis Activation Date)

q       Expiration Date

q       Patron Notes



Problem Reporting and Due Date


Report any problems via email to Kalee at  Include the patron name and barcode number along with a detailed description of the problem.


Please send me a final report of your data migration review by 11:30am today.



How Orbis Patron records are migrated


·                    All ‘Active’ Patrons are migrated

·                    All Patrons with items checked-out are migrated

·                    All Patrons with fines are migrated

·                    All Inactive Patrons less than 3 years old are migrated

·                    The Patron load includes base Patron information only; check-outs, holds/recalls, and fines/fees will be loaded the first week in April.



Specific fields are migrated as follows:


1)  Orbis Patron Categories / Groups are migrated to Voyager Patron Groups.  The Orbis to Voyager patron group map is available on the web at 


2)  The Endeavor Patron loader only allows one Charge Id per Patron Group in a patron record. If a record has more than one Charge Id per Patron Group, i.e. a TL/FAC and a PO/FAC, then the following rules apply:

a.       Keep the ‘Active’ Charge Id over the ‘Inactive’ Charge Id

b.      Keep the ‘TL’ Charge Id over the ‘PO’ Charge ID

c.       If all else is equal, keep the Charge ID with the highest number, i.e. Id 9999992 takes precedence over Id 9999991.

d.      If the dropped ID has items checked-out, map the checked-out items to the kept ID (as part of the April check-out load).


3)  The loader only allows up to 3 Charge Ids in a patron record.


4)  The Endeavor Patron loader requires the presence of a Social Security Number in each patron record.  Most of our departmental and visitor patrons, etc. do not have SSNs; we have copied the Charged ID into the SSN field for those patrons who do not have Social Security Numbers.


5)  All Orbis Patron Notes are currently loaded as a single Voyager ‘Pop-up’ note.  Individual notes are separated by semi-colons.


6)  The Patron record purge date is set to three years after the patron migration load (07/02/2005).


7)  The Institution Id and Patron Statistical Categories are currently empty.  A follow-up patron load from the Bursar will merge in NetId (used for security and access purposes) and selected statistical categories in these fields.