Orbis2 Training Notes

January 30th, 2002



- share your mini-course outlines with everyone (if possible send to everyone in advance of meeting)
- bring draft list of documentation that we need to prepare for NELINET

Mini-course training outlines were distributed through email.  Please review and send comments to the pair who created them by Friday, 1 Feb.  If possible, send comments by mid-day which will give everyone a chance at making changes and sending revisions to Audrey by end-of-day Friday.  Otherwise, send revisions to Audrey on Monday.

Documentation needed by NELINET
Using the circ full-day outline as a guide, Audrey went through course content and identified some documentation what we may need to create.  This documentation falls into several general categories:

Lists of codes, tables of decisions from SysAdmin -- Audrey is responsible for Location code lists and Item type lists.  Circ will have a lot of these tables (notice schedules, block and limit rules, circ matrix).  Other modules may also need these lists of values.

Workstation preferences -- every module has preferences that need to be documented

Examples to use during Voyager training - e.g., records with multiple holdings and lots of items, bound with records, really good searches. We know our database, NELINET doesn't.  Find those records that make good examples for training.

NOTIS record examples for comparison between NOTIS and Voyager -- e.g., A NOTIS holdings records vs. Voyager MFHD record. 

Workflows -- when they aren't pre-defined by the Voyager module and are Yale-specific. Examples -- preferred first searches, ELI Express and LSF request routines, where we put selector's initials in POs.

Background -- stuff NELINET won't know about but needs some background about, e.g., how we update our vendor records, what we transfer to the bursar.

Policies -- when they relate directly to a training item.  E.g., the 852 |k is not a free-text field -- the prefix has to be from the approved list, patron notes can't be anything - we still maintain the policies we currently use.  This area is probably the most difficult to identify and it's very much a judgement call. Talk to the rest of the Imp Group to get feedback about what policy issues should be included w/in the training.  Remember, we are not writing a policy manual for acq, cat and circ -- if may be sufficient to say, for example that Yale policies govern what can go into this field and see the XYZ manual.

We discussed what level of staff searching should be included w/in each hands-on class.  We decided that it should be basic searching.  Audrey will talk to NELINET about preparing an advanced searching class.  The Advanced searching class may start in May for cataloging staff during the "down period". It will be scheduled regularly after we go live July -Dec 2002.

Prepare list of documentation we need to assemble.  Audrey suggests you work from your training outline.  Send list in advance of the meeting.

We will find areas of overlap and divide these up and then we'll start pulling the doc together.

Feel free to start creating the documentation now if it's something that clearly applies just to your module.  Make sure it's machine readable.  For example, don't print-off a NOTIS record. Capture the screen and put it in a MSWORD doc.  Also, be sure to include a header that explains what the doc is for, e.g., CIRC - example of patron address screen.


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