Work Restrictions

Meeting Notes

March 4, 2002




We reviewed the implementation timeline, gap extract plans, and module conversion dates. 


During this review we identified problem issues that had not surfaced earlier. See my original email for the complete timeline.



- Identify additional issues, i.e., workflows that will be interrupted or that need to be modified,   during the conversion period. 

- Think not only about SML departments, but also about circ, cat and acq departments throughout the system.  Contact these departments and find out what they do, i.e., whether a workflow interruption that you anticipate will also affect them.


New issues identified in today's meeting include:


1) Patron records after the patron extract - New patrons must be entered before the charges can migrate from Notis to Voyager.  We may want to pre-load Voyager with patron records so that at least the patron barcode is available.  Updating name, address, etc. in Voyager can take place after the patron migration.


2) Related issue is timing of June patron loads to NOTIS.


3) Status tracking.  Which libraries use status tracking w/in technical services?  This includes status tracking to bindery.  We can continue to status track until the week before the migration of circulation.  We should stop from 7/8 until 7/16.  If the item record that is being tracked did not exist in NOTIS before 5/13 it will need to be entered in Voyager (after 6/1) as well as in NOTIS.  The one exception is any item record attached to an X range NOTIS record. These will need to be entered in Voyager as well as in NOTIS after 7/1.


4) Serials checkin. After 5/13 receipt statements that are created in the OPR must be recreated as MFHD 866s in Voyager cataloging.  866 creation may begin in Voyager when the cataloging module goes live.


5) Receiving - okay to receive and not create item record until the orders are migrated in early July.  If item record created at time of receipt and item is not in X range, then item must be added to both NOTIS and Voyager.


6)  LSF requests - During circ conversion weekend we should ask MSS/A to hold large requests (plan in advance).  We need to implement an alternate way of requesting material from the LSF. Should explore continuing to use NOTIS on Friday, but not on Monday.  (Want to keep NOTIS down on Monday so nobody will make a mistake and start working in it).


7) ELI express - What do we do with the webform requests that come in over the circ conversion weekend?


8) Bursar transfer - Should plan the last one before 7/12 when the circ conversion starts.


9) Rush orders during order freeze in July (7/1-7/12).  Material can be ordered directly from vendor and orders can be created upon receipt.


10) Everyone will be holding some material for later processing in Voyager. Need to designate areas, booktrucks for this material.  Need to organize holdings areas.


11) Loss of productivity - we all recognize that productivity will drop this Summer because we are switching systems.  Change will slow us down.

Everyone needs to recognize that during the conversion period, 5/13-7/16, we will feel a big loss in productivity because we will have work restrictions.  We need to warn everyone about this drop in our numbers.



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