Orbis2 (rev1)

Project Start:
Project Finish:
Wed 4/19/00
Tue 12/31/02


IDTask NameDurationStartFinishResource Names% Complete
1NOTIS production operation559 daysThu 4/13/00Mon 6/3/02 0%
2Migration planning meeting1 dayThu 4/13/00Thu 4/13/00LMC+100%
3Migration planning follow-up1 dayThu 4/27/00Thu 4/27/00LMC+100%
4EVALUATION AND SELECTION293 daysWed 4/19/00Thu 5/31/01 65%
5Migration Organization Established6 daysMon 5/1/00Mon 5/8/00 100%
6Migration Management Group (MMG) established1 dayMon 5/1/00Mon 5/1/00MMG100%
7Plan distributed to YULIB1 dayMon 5/1/00Mon 5/1/00PM100%
8Announcement distributed to vendors1 dayMon 5/1/00Mon 5/1/00PM100%
9Orbis2 website available1 dayMon 5/8/00Mon 5/8/00PM,Admin100%
10Threshold Requirements10 daysMon 5/1/00Fri 5/12/00 100%
11Threshold requirements established 10 daysMon 5/1/00Fri 5/12/00MMG100%
12Educational Demos52 daysWed 4/19/00Thu 6/29/00 100%
13Educational demo vendors determined10 daysMon 5/1/00Fri 5/12/00MMG100%
14Educational demos scheduled1 dayWed 4/19/00Wed 4/19/00PM100%
15Education demos (1 day / vendor)13 daysTue 6/13/00Thu 6/29/00Vendors,staff100%
16III1 dayTue 6/13/00Tue 6/13/00 100%
17Sirsi1 dayTue 6/20/00Tue 6/20/00 100%
18Endeavor demo1 dayThu 6/22/00Thu 6/22/00 100%
19Ex Libris (27th or 29th)3 daysTue 6/27/00Thu 6/29/00 100%
20Draft Criteria50 daysMon 5/1/00Fri 7/7/00 100%
21Establish draft criteria working groups & charge10 daysMon 5/1/00Fri 5/12/00MMG100%
22Draft criteria established 45 daysMon 5/1/00Fri 6/30/00MMG,staff,Criteria WGs100%
23Criteria WGs analyze needs,wants45 daysMon 5/1/00Fri 6/30/00Criteria WGs100%
24Staff submit criteria through webform45 daysMon 5/1/00Fri 6/30/00staff100%
25PM vacation5 daysMon 6/26/00Fri 6/30/00PM100%
26Draft criteria distributed1 dayFri 7/7/00Fri 7/7/00PM100%
27Test Scripts131 daysMon 6/19/00Fri 12/15/00 100%
28Establish test script working groups & charge5 daysMon 6/19/00Fri 6/23/00MMG100%
29Test scripts created125 daysTue 6/27/00Fri 12/15/00Script WGs100%
30Meetings With Sites @ ALA15 daysMon 6/5/00Fri 6/23/00 100%
31Schedule meetings @ALA with vendors15 daysMon 6/5/00Fri 6/23/00PM100%
32Staff visit vendor booths/demos and confer with colleagues at ALA15 daysMon 6/5/00Fri 6/23/00staff100%
33ALA1.5 daysMon 7/10/00Tue 7/11/00 100%
34Vendor meetings1.5 daysMon 7/10/00Tue 7/11/00MMG,PM100%
35Staff reports about ALA1.5 daysMon 7/10/00Tue 7/11/00staff100%
36Complete Criteria / Prequalification76 daysMon 7/24/00Mon 11/6/00 100%
37Complete criteria established 32 daysMon 7/24/00Tue 9/5/00MMG,Criteria WGs,PM100%
38Complete criteria distributed internally1 dayFri 9/1/00Fri 9/1/00PM100%
39Complete criteria distributed to vendors1 dayMon 9/18/00Mon 9/18/00PM100%
40Vendors' responses to criteria16 daysMon 10/16/00Mon 11/6/00Vendors100%
41Technical Meetings34 daysFri 8/11/00Wed 9/27/00 100%
42Arrnage technical meetings with each vendor22 daysFri 8/11/00Mon 9/11/00PM100%
43Conduct technical meetings13 daysMon 9/11/00Wed 9/27/00LSO,ITS100%
44Evaluation WG80 daysMon 10/2/00Fri 1/19/01 100%
45Establish Evaluation WG's & charge2 daysMon 10/2/00Tue 10/3/00MMG100%
46Organize / Prepare Evaluation WG58 daysWed 11/1/00Fri 1/19/01WG Chair,PM100%
47Site Visit WG71 daysFri 10/13/00Fri 1/19/01 100%
48Establish Site Visit WG1 dayFri 10/13/00Fri 10/13/00MMG100%
49Schedule site visits 29 daysMon 10/23/00Thu 11/30/00WG Chair100%
50Site visits36 daysFri 12/1/00Fri 1/19/01SIteVist WG100%
51Financial Analysis44 daysWed 10/4/00Mon 12/4/00 75%
52Vendors submit financial statements16 daysMon 10/16/00Mon 11/6/00Vendors100%
53Dun and Bradstreet reports14 daysWed 10/4/00Mon 10/23/00Scott,Carnes100%
54Israel: business environment report11 daysMon 11/20/00Mon 12/4/00Scott,Carnes50%
55Review vendors' financial statements19 daysWed 11/8/00Mon 12/4/00MMG50%
56****Decision: Shortlist 1 dayMon 12/4/00Mon 12/4/00 0%
57Shortlist established, library and vendors informed1 dayMon 12/4/00Mon 12/4/00 0%
58Evaluation demos65 daysMon 11/20/00Fri 2/16/01 25%
59Schedule evaluation demos15 daysMon 11/20/00Fri 12/8/00PM58%
60Evaluation demos10 daysMon 1/22/01Fri 2/2/01staff,MMG,Eval WGs0%
61Analysis of evaluation5 daysMon 2/5/01Fri 2/9/01WG,chair,PM0%
62Focus groups5 daysMon 2/12/01Fri 2/16/01WG Chair,PM,staff0%
63****Decision - Recommend System6 daysMon 2/19/01Mon 2/26/01MMG0%
64Analysis of evaluation5 daysMon 2/19/01Fri 2/23/01MMG0%
65Letter of intent1 dayMon 2/26/01Mon 2/26/01Scott0%
66Decision announced in library, @Yale, to vendors1 dayMon 2/26/01Mon 2/26/01Scott0%
67Contract Negotiation149 daysMon 11/6/00Thu 5/31/01 16%
68Get boiler-plate contracts from vendors32 daysMon 11/6/00Tue 12/19/00PM50%
69Identify contract issues84 daysMon 11/6/00Thu 3/1/01PM,Scott,MMG25%
70Criteria verification22 daysThu 3/1/01Fri 3/30/01MMG,vendor0%
71LMS contract review and modification66 daysThu 3/1/01Thu 5/31/01MMG0%
72Purchasing finalizes LMS contract terms23 daysTue 5/1/01Thu 5/31/01Purchasing,MMG0%
73LMS contract signed1 dayThu 5/31/01Thu 5/31/01 0%
74Hardware174 daysMon 10/2/00Thu 5/31/01 34%
75Hardware config options and pricing investigation55 daysMon 10/2/00Fri 12/15/00ITS75%
76Coordinate hardware config with LMS vendor85 daysMon 12/4/00Fri 3/30/01ITS,vendor25%
77Get contract from hardware vendor1 dayFri 3/30/01Fri 3/30/01ITS,LSO0%
78Hardware contract review and modification44 daysFri 3/30/01Wed 5/30/01ITS,LSO0%
79Hardware contract signed1 dayThu 5/31/01Thu 5/31/01 0%
80RETROSPECTIVE CONVERSION1 dayMon 3/4/02Mon 3/4/02 0%
81OCLC phase completed1 dayMon 3/4/02Mon 3/4/02OCLC0%
82IMPLEMENTATION390 daysMon 12/4/00Fri 5/31/02 0%
83Data Migration WG390 daysMon 12/4/00Fri 5/31/02 0%
84Establish Data Migration WG5 daysMon 12/4/00Fri 12/8/00MMG0%
85Identify Notis data to migrate58 daysMon 12/11/00Wed 2/28/01DataMig WG0%
86Indentify data clean-up58 daysMon 12/11/00Wed 2/28/01DataMig WG0%
87Get conversion documentation from vendor1 dayThu 3/1/01Thu 3/1/01MMG0%
88Conversion specification and testing327 daysThu 3/1/01Fri 5/31/02DataMig WG0%
89Configuration153 daysThu 3/1/01Mon 10/1/01 0%
90Establish configuration WGs & charge5 daysThu 3/1/01Wed 3/7/01MMG0%
91Get configuration documentation from vendor1 dayThu 3/1/01Thu 3/1/01PM0%
92System configuration153 daysThu 3/1/01Mon 10/1/01Config WGs0%
93Central Hardware44 daysThu 5/31/01Tue 7/31/01 0%
94Ordered1 dayThu 5/31/01Thu 5/31/01ITS0%
95Installed22 daysThu 5/31/01Fri 6/29/01ITS0%
96Demo system installed23 daysFri 6/29/01Tue 7/31/01ITS,vendor0%
97Testing240 daysMon 7/2/01Fri 5/31/02 0%
98Establish testing WGs & charge240 daysMon 7/2/01Fri 5/31/02MMG0%
99Testing designed240 daysMon 7/2/01Fri 5/31/02 0%
100Testing219 daysTue 7/31/01Fri 5/31/02Testing WGs0%
101Training130 daysMon 12/3/01Fri 5/31/02 0%
102Establish training WGs & charge1 dayMon 12/3/01Mon 12/3/01MMG0%
103Training designed130 daysMon 12/3/01Fri 5/31/02Training WGs,vendor0%
104Training conducted130 daysMon 12/3/01Fri 5/31/02Training WGs,vendor,staff0%
105Documentation130 daysMon 12/3/01Fri 5/31/02 0%
106Documentation working groups established and charged130 daysMon 12/3/01Fri 5/31/02MMG0%
107Documentation designed130 daysMon 12/3/01Fri 5/31/02Doc WGs,vendor0%
108Documentation distributed130 daysMon 12/3/01Fri 5/31/02Doc WGs,staff,public0%
109SYSTEM LIVE1 dayMon 6/3/02Mon 6/3/02 0%
110****Final conversion complete1 dayMon 6/3/02Mon 6/3/02 0%
111STABILIZATION152 daysMon 6/3/02Tue 12/31/02 0%
112Staff stress test65 daysMon 6/3/02Fri 8/30/02staff0%
113FY starts1 dayMon 7/1/02Mon 7/1/02staff0%
114Public stress test22 daysTue 10/1/02Wed 10/30/02public0%
115System stabilization152 daysMon 6/3/02Tue 12/31/02staff0%
116Notis maintenance152 daysMon 6/3/02Tue 12/31/02LSO,ITS0%